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BWB Meet & Greet at MACII on Thursday

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I just got confirmation from the programming staff that the BWB Meet and Greet at WorldCon this year is on Thursday at 2pm. I'll update this thread with the room number much closer to the date, but I'm sure it'll also be posted in the convention program. :)

Show up, say hi to old friends and new. Get your t-shirt and any ribbons that I've decided to print (yes, there will be Tingle-themed ribbons), and generally be merry!

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If this is your first time at a WorldCon (or just your first time coming to hang out with the BWB at a WorldCon), the Meet & Greet is a great opportunity to connect with a whole big pile of boarders all at once, which will definitely help you be involved with all the other formal and informal BWB gatherings and excursions throughout the weekend. Maybe that's because you'll get contact info for coordinating outings, or maybe that's because you'll learn a bunch of faces to look out for when passing through gathering spots and bars over the course of the weekend.

So come on out! 

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The con schedule now lists the BWB Meet and Greet at 2 P.M.  Room 2205.

Thursday Aug 18   02:00 PM to 03:00 PM (1 hour)
Do you love Game of Thrones, Wild Cards, or A Song of Ice and Fire? So do we! Come meet fellow fans in the Brotherhood Without Banners, a George R. R. Martin fan group active since 2001.




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