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Hi! I'm new to this board and to the book series (though I've read enough spoilers to know what-is-what) :) I have the books with me for years but didn't feel like finishing them until recently. Now I'm on chapter 56 in ASOS but I feel like taking a break and share opinion with you guys.

Here are some of my favorite chapters so far:

ARYA VI, because I've been obsessed with Beric Dondarion and his whereabouts for quite some time already (I'm not The Mountain, though). The duel between him and The Hound was intense and strangely captivating but that's not all. We got to see Beric D. slain and witness an emotional whirlwind that was The Hound begging for help, showing his vulnerability as his arm caught fire. That has cast a new light on this character for me. Amidst the drama and chapter ended with the resurrection of Beric D. in the coolest, almost Hollywood-esque manner, and I'm never the same since. 

Daenerys IV, here we got to see Dany being her badass self once again (after quite a few of YAWNworty chapters). I love the subtle way Greyworm was introduced (and why he kept the name).  The emotional outburst between her and Jorah was savage (someone's gonna cry in his sleep tonight). And the ending where the crowd started chanting "mother" in numeros languages was extremely powerful, making her journey reached a memorable point for once after a long while. 

Jaime VI, I love the little details like how Jamie thought of Brienne a lot when they're apart. When he said "I dreamed of you" at the end it felt like something in the story just shifted and I finally saw Jaime in a new light.

Catelyn VII,  The Red wedding. Well, the writing was superb in this one. In fact I did groan and mutter "fuqqqqqqq" multiple times throughout the chapters, making the lady sitting next to me on the bus looking at me with a funny look on her face. Cat's suspicion made this chapter very uncomfortable and extremely intense to read. The tension has been built  continuously from the previous chapters, and now it was compressed to the point where everything broke to pieces, leaving only shards in your eyes. At the end we could see how Catelyn just snapped and gone insane RIGHT.THERE. It was terrifying, it was brilliant. It was one of the best literary experience I've ever had in a while. 


So...what about you guys?? What are your favorite chapters? the chapters that scared you, changed you emotionally toward something? I know I'm now the most prodigious writer compare to most of you here ( I mean, I really can't come up with such detailed theories and insightful thoughts on the characters. Those are awesome btw) so those are just my opinions and nothing else. Feel free to discuss. Looking forward to hear your thoughts on this one!


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I just finished re-reading all the Jaime's chapters and probably they're my fav parts. :rolleyes: But I loved the Weddings and The Hound part too. 

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Im doing a reread as well and im about halfway through. Im flying through this book compared to ACOK. The wildlings and their humor are interesting. Im working on a theory regarding mance rayder. And with the brotherhood without banners, jaime and brienne, the arrival of Oberyn, man so much is going on. Cant yet choose my favorite chapters but I will lol.

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