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Sand Snakes in S7, any prediction?

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9 minutes ago, Nocturne said:

I honestly hope they just disappear completely, even their death's would be a waste of screen time. Just pretend like they didn't happen, works for me.

They should die in an explosion. Four at a time, no words wasted on their death.

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On 4/20/2017 at 6:56 PM, Pink Fat Rast said:

Nah I was referring to the "human vs. human plotlines" - as in, why spend all this time on developing these complicated political conflicts and personal grievances etc. just to "clear them away" when the WWs come?

I'd expect those to play an essential role in how society is gonna react to the cataclysm, at least that would be a proper pay-off.

Yeah pretty much this I think - they just need to actually fill in all those gaps that they should've done in S5 and 6; it could still be salvaged and end up amounting to a proper storyline.

Obviously if they keep avoiding and fleeing from the Dorne plot because of the negative reactions (instead of retroactively invalidating those criticisms by filling in the gaps), they'll achieve the exact opposite :D

I agree with a lot of that.

I believe the showrunners rushed through a lot of stuff, and left a lot of potentially really great material out.

I believe the 6 seasons we have seen could very easily have been stretched into at least 7 or 8 full seasons, and the story would have been more complete, AND they would not have run out of material so soon.

But no, they rushed through it, chopped out a lot of stuff that would have been great, and ran out of material prematurely.

Oh well.  I try to remain focused on the many things they HAVE done right. and am extremely grateful for what we got.

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I think it is more that GRRM gave them the end, but since he hasn't written the last two or three books needed to get to that end....they ran out of material from which to draw, and their own original stories are to put it mildly, a little shaky.  And based on their own comments, they've been sick of GOT for a long time, so this truncated ending makes sense.  They are rushing to the end that GRRM gave them, thereby minimizing the amount of story and level of distortion between GRRM version and theirs, that is even assuming we get a final end from GRRM.  

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