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Theory: Little Sam has a big role [SPOILERS]

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Hum... at first glance, it seemed so ridiculous to me, but kept growing sense after some seconds. Although you are infering from data off the TV series, that in my opinion could and will force the storyline through unexpected twists not caring about such elaborate theories.

Nevertheless, I'm attracted to every theory that explains as well as this one the circumstances of the born of TPTWP, pretty interesting on that matter, pad, I should read again some pages just to be sure.

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I have also wondered what Little Sam's role will be in the future books...I have thought that maybe the whole thing with Gilly's sister having greyscale, could have something to do with his role, maybe greyscale is going to be another sort of war that is going to be important, I know that greyscale will play some kind of role in the asoiaf universe...i would love to know what makes him so, "unclean", as Melissandre puts it, and maybe he has some dormant form of the disease...it's also possible that he is marked by the Night's King, and that rather than Bran being NKs ticket past the wall, that little Sam is somehow, or that little Sam is the eyes of the NK, via warging, or something like that... IDK, but Little Sam's role in the future books, is a definite curiosity of mine...Great topic!

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