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Reforming police, the Blue Wall of Silence

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1 hour ago, Knight Of Winter said:

While not going into an in-depth analysis, these stories I've heard over a last couple of years lead me to believe that US police basically has a license to murder anyone they wish with complete impunity. Being unarmed, complying with police instructions or even being a kid are not guarantees you'll survive the encounter with trigger-happy officers. Afterwards, they'll use some ridiculous justifications, usually in lines of "following the procedure", "we maybe thought (s)he was armed" or "resisting the arrest" and walk away scot-free, most of the times not even losing their job, rarely going to trial and even more rarely actually getting convicted on said trial.

We scoff at the historical times, where one class (usually nobles) could freely humiliate or sometimes even kill ordinary folk with impunity, but I don't see how situation nowdays is any better.


Our Society has created an entire class of people who can kill with impunity and face little or no likelihood of criminal culpability for having taken someone’s life.  The deck is stacked in favor of the officers even in the most egregious incidents.

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