Was the warning Ned gave Cersei to leave KL later leading to his demise motivated by Jon

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While reading Ned's POV in A Game of Thrones after he figures out the true parentage of Joffrey, Myrcella and Tommen he seems very conflicted. The thoughts of the Targaryen children murdered and that being okay with Robert is what seems to motivate Ned to warn Cersei that he is going to tell him. So my question is now that we know Jon is a Targaryen, was Ned thinking of Jon all that time, imagining him as one of those children, does that makes him sympathize or was it Ned just doing the honourable thing or a little of both??

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I want to go re-read that part again now.


I wonder if Ned was going to play a Game of Thrones & reveal Jon's identity and put him on the throne? Could have saved us 5000 pages & 20 years of waiting... I kid! 

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