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Hugo time! Awards Announced Aug. 11th

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As a point of interest.

"Seasons of Glass and Iron" by Amal El-Mohtar has now won Nebula, Locus and Hugo awards, and is still on the ballot for the World Fantasy Award.

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On 12/08/2017 at 0:38 AM, Contrarius+ said:

I was laughing at the vote breakdowns -- VD only got 32 votes on the final ballot, while the next lowest number was 168. Gotta be embarrassing.

The interesting thing, Puppy-wise, is that we pretty much know for a fact how many nominating ballots they submitted because of the new nominating system. Remember, if you nominate only one thing in a category, that nominee gets a whole point. Puppy nominators therefore nominated only one thing in each category to concentrate their fire* and indeed, we can see from the stats that Wright, Day and the rest got scores identical or nearly identical to the number of nominating ballots. This allows us easily to calculate that there were 80-90 Puppies nominating.

When it comes to actual votes, though, 32 first preference votes for Vox Day was actually quite high for a Puppy nominee. The others got around 15-20. The exception was Wright, who got 58. I'm willing to believe that some portion of Wright's were from voters who genuinely liked the story: I haven't read it, but I can imagine such a thing. So probably half or more of the Puppy nominators disappeared before the vote, for one reason or another.


* had they not done this, the nominating stats suggest they'd have struggled to get on the ballot in at least two cases: Day and Wright. In fact, EPH seems to have helped the Puppies.

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