Star Wars Rebels: How Does the Force Really Work? (spoilers for everything Star Wars)

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Totally hated it. It started so well with Kanan's sacrifice, but after that it was shit IMO.

Twice they played the animals ex machina card. Once might have been okay, but twice, it is just too much.

What pissed me off mostly was that yet again we don't get an ending for Ezra or Ahsoka. Being honest, I never cared as much for Rebels original characters, but just skipping over Ezra was too stupid. Same about Thrawn and Ahsoka. Main protagonist of the show, arguably main protagonist of the other cartoon show and probably the most famous EU character just didn't participate in the war for whatever reasons.

Expect them to get back in some form, and this is becoming ridiculous now. A story should have an ending, not leave everything open for some other potential story in the future.

My love for Star Wars is rapidly changing to hate. Since Disney bought the franchise, I have only bad words about it.

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On 3/7/2018 at 2:03 PM, felice said:

They made it clear that they were acting independently of the "official" Rebel Alliance, so it technically doesn't count as a Rebel victory. A bit of a stretch, but I can live with it. And I'm not entirely sure that removing two Jedi from the fight doesn't count as a net Imperial victory!

So, you're saying what they said about Scarif being their first victory is true, from a certain point of view...

I loved the show overall and thought they ended it well, with great resolutions to the story lines and characters, while keeping things open for future stories.

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