Best acted scene in the series

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Tyrion's trial

Oberyn becomes Tyrion's champion

Stannis.... ' can't just pick one. Stephen Dillane f*cking nailed it.

Tywin and Jaime, their first scene.

Varys and Littlefinger "chaos is a laddah"

Jon Snow's death. They all did an amazing job.


GOT has many things wrong...acting is not one of them. Kit Harington, for example, has really grown as an actor playing Jon. The same for Maisie or Sophie. The only actor I think got worse is Aidan.

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Aiden definitely got worse, I also think Sophie has been hit or miss since season 5.  I agree Kit has improved.  Emelia is still also, not that great.

I don't think I can pick a best acted scene, there are too many.  

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On 18/2/2017 at 3:45 AM, Lady Sansa's Direwolf said:

Wow, I don't think I can narrow down to just one best acted scene.

Jamie's confession to Brienne was the first scene where I first felt there was more to the character and the actor.

Ned and Jon, especially now in light of the fact it is a conversation we know will never happen, and how much could have avoided/changed if it had happened.

Cat and the motherless bastard story.

Tyrion and Oberyn 

Tywin and so many people

No matter what the flaws some people may see in this show, the actors across the board have been amazing. With a few exception, I cannot think of a one who I would replace.

I absolutely agree, especially about Tywin.


For me two of my favourite scenes are with Charles Dance.

The first is when Tywin skins the stag while talking to Jaime and then he caresses him with his hand (still soaked in blood).


Then the scene when Tywin holds a council and everyone is trying to be as close to him as possible is hilarious. All the actors are brilliant. He awaits the people who are suppossed to help him win the war against the Starks, Stannis and Greyjoys. And what happens?

He sits.

Varys first walks towards him but LF steps forward and the look of polite indignation on Varys' face is priceless. LF, then Varys and then Pycelle (who already had Tywin's favour) sit on Tywin's right.

Then Cersei arrives while Tyrion is still standing. Everyone is looking at the Lannister kids.

She pulls a heavy chair next to Pycelle and carries it to the other side. on her father's left. LF seems to be thinking- damn, she is as close to him as I am - whereas Varys is about to burst in laughter.

Then everyone is gazing at Tyrion, who is still standing still.

He drags the last chair, while making as much noise as possible, Varys looks at Tywin terrified. Tyrion places the chair right across Tywin and finally sits. Tywin's look-I am surrounded by idiots.  



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Gotta go with Davos confronting Melisandre over burning Shireen, for the reasons others have said. Carice van Houten was great, but oh my God, Liam Cunningham.

Oberyn telling Tyrion why he'll be his champion is a close second.

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One of the best non-verbal acting scenes in the whole damn show in my view is Maisie Williams as Arya just after killing Walder Frey. The camera focused on her for nearly 30 seconds her expressions were perfect, from the focus of her eyes to the subtle movements of her mouth, etc. Brilliant.

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