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14 hours ago, Lord Friendzone said:

I think this where show might mirror it a bit. We know Shireen will die and she is at Castle Black along with Selyse and Mel. So unlike show, Stannis won't be burning her alive. They'll do it. Mel might see in her visions that Azor Ahai is dead and sacrifice must be made. Show did not wanted Jon to be brought back at the expense of an innocent girl but George can do that. Showing that price for second life is steep.

On the show Ramsay were lured away and who knows he might do that again on the books. He's not as smart and can make mistakes, might even kill Roose. 

I think he'll die but defeat the Boltons is what I think will happen with the help of other northern houses - Manderlys and co who are planning to put Rickon as KITN, Davos is with them. On top of it the Vale with Sansa and resurrected Jon with large number of willdings.

Definitely the show is mirroring. Shireen will die, but I agree Stannis won't be involved. Her death would be a terrible price for Jon's resurrection, haunt him forever.

Stannis: Again, idk how he can take WF. His men are demoralized and starving. Adding more mouths (Manderly's men) isn't likely to help. They don't have siege engines. It's winter. Winterfell is not KL; it's a well-fortified, walled castle that's never been taken (I think). Jon was skeptical about Stannis's ability to take it, and I think he had a point. Anyway, I think the novels might come down to a Jon vs Ramsay battle, as the show did, but that battle might take place near CB instead of at WF; in the PL, Ramsay says he's coming for Jon at the Wall. I think Ramsay will kill Roose; he may have already done so before writing the PL.

But we'll see :)

Anyhow, Stannis isn't coming back on the show, and I doubt that he's got long to go in the novels. It's a shame, as he's a great character.

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