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Crouching Tiger Woman, Hidden Dragonlord

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Just got my copy of The World of Ice and Fire and upon reading the pages on Yi Ti and the Bloodstone Emperor I was reminded of a passage in A Dance with Dragons that may hint at the identity of the tiger-woman the Bloodstone Emperor married. 

To start with, The tiger and the dragon are depicted in Chinese culture as yin and yang. Yin, Tiger, Female, Moon. Yang, Dragon, Male, Sun. Two opposite yet complimentary forces. 

Historically, I'd imagine people and dragons would be competing for resources and would fight as both species are creatures of fire and eat meat. The humans would take on the role as being the tiger to the literal dragons. 

But if the two similar species were to join forces, they could outcompete other dragons and people. These dragon riders would look intertwined with the dragons much like they are depicted in yin/yang symbology. 

A form of this joining does occur in A Dance with Dragons in the chapter "The Dragontamer" on page 983.

after shooting Viserion with an arrow and drawing blood...

"The crossbowman was fumbling for another quarrel as the dragon's teeth closed around his neck. The man wore the mask of a Brazen Beast, the fearsome likeness of a tiger. As he dropped his weapon to try and pry apart Viserion's jaws, flame gouted from the tiger's mouth."

and then "... The burning corpse collapsed to the floor."

Perhaps to rise again.

After drawing out the blood of the dragon, the tiger man gains the ability to breathe fire. This results in his death but... Symbology!

The man posing as a tiger (a symbol of the moon as is amethyst) is killed by the dragon (a symbol of the sun) and brings forth fire (lightbringer/dragons?). Perhaps the Amethyst Empress was resurrected by the Bloodstone Emperor as the tiger-woman? Bloosdstone is associated with resurrection and this mirrors Azor Ahai and Nissa Nissa. 

Lots of tinfoil, I know. Thoughts?

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