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Managed to improve my PB fo 10k yesterday in the Independence Race in Warsaw, even if only by a mere 3 seconds. Current time is 48:43. I'm more than satisfied since I haven't planned attacking PB this time.

It also happened to be the biggest 10k race in Poland, after more than 13 thousand runners (out of almost 18 thousnad who signed up) made it to the finnish line. And it looked really awesome

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Seems like it was a great race! Glad to hear you enjoyed it.

Speaking of running, my hometown (Belgrade) already has a marathon/half-marathon/fun run combo that takes place mid-April, but the organizers have decided to have one more, a half-marathon/quarter-marathon combo. As you can imagine, I have registered for it despite not having run more than 1.5km since half-marathon I ran in April. Remember the one after which I said I'm done with distance running for a while? :lol:

It should be fun, I already have some friends I'll be running with. Now the only thing left to do is to actually do some distance running before the race so I don't feel completely drained after the race.

One more thing, did I mention that the race is in three weeks? :lol: 

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