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Imagine you sit on the Iron throne and you must chose your own Kingsguard. Time is begining of first book events so everyone who was alive at that moment can be chosen. Chose them based on their skills,reputation and political influence.

I would chose one from each of 7 kingdoms.

1. Barristan Selmy as captain

2. Jaime Lannister

3. Brynden Tully

4. Oberyn Martell

5. Lyn Corbray

6. Randyll Tarly

7. Greatjon Umber

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1. Barristan Selmy as captain - Most experienced, wise, talented fighter, and wholly committed to the job at hand.

2. Jamie Lannister - Great fighter, motivated by honor and fairly clever.

3. Loras Tyrell - Youthful and a solid fighter.

4. Brienne of Tarth - Beastly fighter and Extremely loyal.

5. Hotah - Strong and cool weapons.

6. Jon Connington - Courageous, dedicated and less likely to be seduced for obvious reasons.

7.  Mandon moore - Would have to pay him well. Good fighter nonetheless.

I didn't go for Oberyn because he is too much of an unpredictable loose canon and I didn't pick Jorah because he is far too easily seduced.

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Seven hells this was difficult. So far, I'm only on the first book and I tried not to base it on the show as much as I could but I have;

1. Barristan Selmy - Lord commander. He's incredibly brave, loyal, honourable and an excellent fighter. 

2. Sandor Clegane - Sandor is my favourite character so perhaps I'm being biased but I think he's skilled and he has an honour code and he's wonderful ok. 

3. Jaime Lannister 

4. Oberyn Martell - He's very quick and agile and whilst he may lack honour (fighting with poisoned blades and I'm not sure if he'd handle the celibacy vow very well.)

5. Brienne of Tarth - She's very honourable and loyal when it comes to a lord or lady she believes in and I think she's incredible. 

These are my top 5 but for my other two I suppose Loras Tyrell and I really want to say Jon Snow. Am I allowed to say Jon Snow? I pick Jon Snow. 

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