In the the show can the others lose ?

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The others can raise the undead and the undead are very hard to kill. I find it hard to believe any military unit in Westroes can survive one undead human charge. If the others want to add more power they can even raise any animals to fight for there cause. In addition whereever the others go, winter comes so most people will die of starvation. 

It seems to me that without PIS even the dragons should easily lose to the others even without any more dragon counters (Ie Dragons couldnt beat 100k undead birds ect)

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I think humans would be better off using small numbers.  Some people with two torches, others with obsidian arrowheads to target the WW's following behind the torch holders.  Leaf kills a dozen wights herself with a single torch, they seem to catch on fire very quickly.  If we look at when the NW lost at the fist, it was due to lack of discipline.  They tried to use steal, had they only used fire and the dragonglass arrowheads, even if they lost the wights/ww's would have taken so many losses it would've been a defeat for them. 

I just realized I'm thinking of the books.  The wights are slow in the books, idk how you beat the ones in the show without wildfire and dragons.  I think you underestimate the dragons.  They could very quickly incinerate thousands of wights.

Edit:  I just realized again this is a book forum, so my initial statement stands and the 2nd statement is irrelevant.

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