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4 hours ago, Mexal said:

I bought it recently for $65 here in NYC where prices are jacked up. It's delicious. 

I currently have bourbon, rye, American, scotch, Irish, Japanese and Taiwanese. What are some other countries/distilleries that makes an excellent bottle? I like an eclectic mix.

Yeah, I double checked online and the price here is $67.  I know there's no way it was that expensive in college, because I wouldn't have paid that much for a bottle of whiskey in college.  I pretty much topped out at buying Black Label for around $40.  I did buy one bottle of Blue Label in school, but that was when I got my first internship paycheck (making twenty an hour for the first time in my life) and wanted to celebrate.

In North Carolina we have ABC stores and all the prices are jacked up since they can charge whatever they want and there's no competition.  I usually go down to South Carolina when I need to buy in bulk because it saves me so much money and is only about a fifteen to twenty minute drive most days.

Just to show how significant the price differences can be...I usually use Evan Williams 1783 as my mixing whiskey of choice for whiskey and cokes, so I usually keep a jug of it on hand.  At Frugal MacDoogal, which is the closest store just over the border in South Carolina that I typically go to, this costs about 20-22 dollars (I don't remember the exact amount, but I know it was just over 20).  At the ABC stores near me, it costs 30 dollars.  Damn near a ten dollar price difference and 50% more expensive.

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