Game of Thrones Live Concert - Appropriate for 12 year olds?

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Thanks much for prompt replies!

I have tickets to "Game of Thrones Live" (concert) in Tampa.

My wife isn't feeling well, and I'm thinking of taking my son (12 years old).

For anyone who has been to "Game of Thrones Live", would you consider the content (of the concert) appropriate for a 12 year old?

My wife and I have read the books, and watched the series.  I would NOT recommend the books or the HBO series for my kids (at 11 and 12 years old).  I love the books and series, but it's ok to say that our kids will have to wait a few years to be able to enjoy GoT.

That being said, the reason I'm asking...  I know during the concert video clips and some live-action is shown during the performance.  My son would LOVE the music.  But I wouldn't be keen on some of the explicit sexual material.

Again, your replies are much appreciated, the concert is Sunday!

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I just saw it in Los Angeles (hope I'm not late to reply) - it's amazing by the way! I don't remember if they showed nudity in it but he won't be seeing the murders. They cut it just before the blood squirts out, or the neck is sliced, or beheading occurs. If there is any nudity (which I really don't recall it being shown) it may be during the walk of shame. Enjoy the concert!

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Honestly, if your children haven't been exposed to it yet, why would you want to spoil them? Either they'll learn key spoilers at the concert and it would diminish their surprise at some of the more epic scenes, and/or they would be so into it, that you would be put into the position of being the bad guy by insisting they wait after you were the one that exposed them to it.

It's great that you want to share your love of the show and books with them, especially while they're still at the age where anything their parents like isn't automatically uncool, but it might be better to wait a bit longer. Either way, I wish you luck with it and hope you enjoy the concert.

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