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17 hours ago, mormont said:

Why would you lose that?

Unless you have a second generation Asian-American that goes back to Asia, gets orphaned, and spends over half his life in K'un Lun, then comes back to America, I'm not sure how you emphasize the K'un Lun connection. You could do it, it's not any more contrived than the Iron Fist backstory as it stands, but it undermines the "-American" connection. I'd rather just see an immigrant/first generation narrative.

6 hours ago, SpaceChampion said:

What if the show had embraced the white privilege aspect and made Danny the Iron Fist not because he earned it, but that he literally appropriated it?

I don't remember the details, but was there a comic storyline where Danny was chosen over Davos because the Iron Fist is destined to die young, so the outsider was selected as a throwaway? I do know there's some storyline where a Rand ancestor made the Rand fortune off K'un Lun somehow. Been a few years though.

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An Asian adoptee story would have worked very nicely for a non-white Danny Fisk.

There are a lot of ways to do the story, really.  A lot of better ways, for sure.  There are even really good ways to keep the Danny Fisk character white and make it better and keeping it in line with Marvel's progressive streak. How they chose to do it was just terrible, insensitive, and very uncomfortable for people who care.

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I am usually that guy who always tries to focus on why things are good over why things are bad. I have a hard time doing that with this show -- it's a total struggle for me to find any redeeming qualities, though I developed an affinity for Colleen, Ward, and enjoyed seeing Claire again. I actually don't agree that the critics exaggerated how bad the show is. I think the reviews are fair, even ignoring the controversy.

You can forgive a lot of plot holes when a show is good. Because I struggled so much with getting behind Danny, all of the plot holes were almost unbearable to me. The Colleen reveal came out of nowhere, and not in a good way. It's one thing to make her a Hand agent, but the randomness of her bumping into Danny in episode 1 was utterly ridiculous. You can't even say she was a plant. She was set up in NY, had a dojo, and was coaching kids for a long enough period to develop strong bonds with her students. The utter convenience of having her develop a relationship with Danny is such a huge reach. When Danny confronted her on their first meeting, she even denied she ever marked him. If I liked the show enough, maybe I'd be willing to think about how that whole thing could've worked.

Then, the end with Davos and Joy? Whhhyyyy the hell would Joy "listen" to Davos plot Danny's murder? Joy finding out that her father framed Danny was one of the reasons why she peaced out on everyone. You were this guy's biggest cheerleader, literally, about 20 minutes before you sat down with someone to plot his murder. WTF?

I had so many issues with this season. I do not want it renewed, and I am not looking forward to seeing Finn Jones' Danny Rand taint the Defenders. Even if they wanted to cast a white guy in the role, Finn Jones was bad...whiney and completely unbelievable as a kung fu master.

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