Anyone else see Dany as becoming evil?

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If Daenerys somehow loses all her advisers who are counseling her against Mad King-like actions in the next season then yes, otherwise I doubt it.

The books are a different story. In the books Daenerys still hates the Starks, Lannisters, & all the people who wronged her family over in Westeros. I wouldn't be surprised if George fucks with all of us and in the Winds of Winter and when Tyrion gets broguth before Dany she has him burnt alive on the spot without hearing a single word he has to say.

In general Daenerys isn't an "evil" person but she is extremely naive & stubborn. When she finally came around to trying to work with the former slave masters, it was too late. Crucifying them was the dumbest thing she could of done. If she was gonna crucify them, she should of waited until they gave her a reason to AFTER she conquered the city. If we're gonna call The Masters evil then Khal Drogo was evil as well. He enslaved, pillaged, & plundered all across Esso, Which is just as bad, if not worse.


give me a fucking break...

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Depends on what you mean by evil.. she is definetely a very gray character. Will she be an antagonist who all the Starks will heroically join together and defeat? Nah lol. Popular theory but not happening


She'll still be one of the main protagonists regardless of whether readers consider a bad guy or not

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