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Maester Saramello

Why Isn't Pentos More Powerful? (SPOILERS ALL)

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Seriously, why isn't Pentos the most powerful free city? It is located farther away from any free cities than any other free city. It has Thousands of miles of flatlands and gentle hills, stretching from Andalos to a branch of the Rhoyne to a giant peninsula the size of Cape Wrath. Don't get me wrong, I understand the Braavosi likely won their wars with the Pentoshi because they blockaded Pentos, but still, why couldn't pentos have mustered a larger fleet? Everything works in their favor, even their personalities.  

As the Pentoshi Magisters are called Cheese Mongers, I would think that they gain a large amount of their wealth from cows and other produce. This is understandable given their enormous flatlands. I basically imagine a city full of Ambros Butterwells(which is hillarioius when you think about it "hullo, good day to you milord. Why, of course I didn't try to overthrow your whole house!" A bunch of fat, greedy bastards who care more about power through trade than military. But still, JUST LOOK AT THE LOCATION!

Pentos is located at the back of a natural harbor rivaling Braavos. The city is hundreds of miles closer to Kings Landing(the largest city in Westeros), located almost directly across the bay. Why aren't they the major transcontinental trading hub instead of Braavos? When Tommen sailed to Dorne he stopped at Braavos. It would be so much more convenient for him to stop at Pentos! And Pentos certainly had time to develope, as it is older than every other free city(hold Lorath) predating the Valyrian expansion. T hey are very close to the giant forests of the Kingswood and Cape Wrath and are down stream, not up(like Braavos) from the forest of Qohor.

The Pentoshi have the greed of Tyrosh, the wealth of Volantis, and the resources of Braavos.

Basically, they have the money, the location, the land, and the resources at their disposal to have the mightiest fleet east of the Narrow Sea. 


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