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Adam Targaryen

Artist behind the most famous Targaryen sigil version??

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Hello, haven't really been in here before so sorry if this thread is redundant or anything. I was wondering if anyone knows where the h*ll the arguably most famous version of the Targaryen sigil comes from? You know, this one: and similar versions of it. In case the link doesn't work, it's the one where the dragon forms a circle and has ears, white tongues and white claws. I think you all know which one I mean - It's pretty much the first and most common result that comes up when you google "House Targaryen sigil" and has even been used in canon-context several times, for example on one or several flags in Meereen in the show (like the big flag on top of the pyramid or the flag in the arena when Daenerys flies off on Drogon at the end of season 5, IIRC). As far as I understand, it's in itself an edit of a previous version - the four-legged one. This one: When I did a somewhat clumsy Google image search the oldest picture of the four-legged one (which should reasonably be the original one) was from like October 2010 or something, but I couldn't find out where it came from. Do any of you guys know?? Who's the original artist? And who turned the four-legged original pic into the new two-legged canon one? It would be amazing if it turns out it's some random amateur artist who's had his/her work spread, copied, changed and diluted over the Internet over the years and then one day finds out that it's being used for official merch products and the likes.

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