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Who did Howland sacrifice?

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Just now, White Ravens said:

For sure we are all just speculating here but I find it easier to assume that Lyanna (or Benjen) assumed  the role of the KotLT to defend Howland than Howland needing a miracle and performing a blood sacrifice to magic himself up. 

You may be right but it's way cooler if Howland used blood sacrifice to magic himself up.  That's his Powerade.  

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On 5/14/2017 at 0:58 AM, Unchained said:

It was Jojen.  I actually just finished a long post on the Killing Word thread about it.  It is a theme running through the books.  Cersei sacrifices Joffrey for her savior Tyrion without knowing just like Dany sacrifices Rheago without knowing.  It is the story of Rumpelstilskin, although I did not mention him and I just realized I should have.  Take a look if interested.  

I agree.  And it all begins with a 'Killing Word'...

A prayer to the gods (for help which is usually combined with swearing bloody vengeance...e.g. the pregnant woman arising like the NQ from the black pool)...

The prayer usually made to, and/or in the vicinity of, a tree somehow... I don't know if Edd is correct in saying 'there's always a bear,' but there's certainly always a tree -- provided you look carefully (e.g. Sam even 'tripped over a root' before he appealed to the Mother, the old gods, and the demons, before killing the Other)

The supplicant -- Jojen here

The answer to the prayer in the form of an assassin for hire  - let's call this figure 'the saviour with baggage' -- Lyanna

The ostensible price for the service, usually a matter of money or dedication of other resources -- fealty to the Starks, e.g. accompanying Ned to TOJ

The actual, ultimate price (the 'cashing in' of this 'promissory note' is sometimes delayed), always in blood, frequently a child according to your Rumpelstilskin model -- Jojen

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