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Recruiting: Myles Hightower

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Ser Myles Hightower is well-respected among the court as a companion of Prince Aegon Targaryen. Born a bastard as Myles Flowers, he was legitimised upon the wedding of his parents, Lord Lyonel Hightower and Lady Samantha Tarly. Though he is the youngest of their three sons, he is his the favourite, and has been granted lands with his own income, a lucrative court position, and a splendid betrothal to the Lord of Highgarden's eldest sister: Lady Rylla Tyrell. 
Myles has been a character in play before, and has a well-established history that is easy to jump into. Additionally, roleplay is very easy to find as he is to wed Rylla Tyrell within the month, and many events are being held beforehand. He also has quite a few active PCs as relatives, including his betrothed Rylla Tyrell, his sister Melarra Connington, his nephew Malwyn Hightower, and his good-brother Victor Reyne. 
If you want guaranteed roleplay and a character that is easy to step in to, you should definitely pick Myles.

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