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Acrophobia 29 - ASOIAF Dating - ROUND ONE voting - Round TWO

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1 hour ago, Fragile Bird said:

Lol, I wondered who the 2nd person was! Glad you joined us, DG!

I first wrote a more conventional entry, but then it struck me that, considering Tyrion spends all the books wondering where whores go, social media would be something he'd love to use. DG, you made it as my first pick at one point, along with both the others, lol, eventually taking third as I tossed and turned over which order the 3 I picked should end up in. :) 

Thanks for the vote, I was just happy to have come up with something reasonable very quickly and in a jet-lagged state  :D

Oddly, I probably put less effort into this round, for reasons I won't expand upon.

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8 hours ago, Dolorous Gabe said:

Thanks for the delay that allowed me to join the 1st round after returning home from my trip away, or more likely thanks to @rocksniffer for being so lovable that everyone was happy to wait for him, allowing me to sneak in as well  :lol:

Twas tough to come up with something quickly that could compete with such a strong opening round. Well done all!

so lovable am i....i hope you used your time wisely...


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