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Jon was rightfully "terminated" by the Watch

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11 hours ago, sweetsunray said:

It appears that Gared had a trial. Bran was young and George obfuscated what actually was asked to Gared and said by Gared. But Ned asked Gared questions, and Gared gave answers. It's but a few lines in Bran's first chapter that covers it, but I'd say that was indeed a trial. Bran simply wasn't focused on it, and George didn't want us to know what Gared said exactly.

A trial or an interrogation?

I don'y mean to be picky, but there's a difference between the two.

I'm trying to get a feel about just how deserters and traitors to the NW vows are seen and just what their legal standing is?

Can they demand a trial by combat, for example?

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