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Why Aerys killed Brandon?

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10 minutes ago, King Ned Stark said:

I have thought for some time that Martin has engaged in some misdirection where Brandon is concerned.  We have only a few disparaging remarks about him from unreliable people, and Ned seemed to think highly of him.  @sweetsunray may have the right of it; that Brandon decided to seek redress personally, leaving his father with two other heirs and the ability to declare war or sue for peace.

Jaime's drunken tale to Catelyn is something else that I have serious doubts about anymore.  He claims that Brandon was shouting for Rhaegar to "come out and die", but never said that he was there or actually heard what Brandon said when he arrived in Kings Landing.  Perhaps Brandon sought redress in a calm and legal manner.  Jaime did tell Cat that Brandon was more like him than his own brother Ned, perhaps he was projecting how he would of reacted had someone kidnapped Cersei.

After all, we don't know how Brandon found out about the abduction, or why Ethan Glover was spared.


Lady Dustin seems reliable to me. 


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