Sansa's Ultimate Fate

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I've suspected for years, and suspect still to this day, that Sansa's storyline will have a bittersweet fairytale ending of a dark kind. I very much DO NOT CLAIM I'm right or that I have any knowledge you guys don't, this is just my honest gut feeling after several re-reads and lots and lots of late night pondering with coffee. Your theories and ideas sound great to me and I'm amazed on the amount of proof and citations you have and i have nothing like that to offer. Here are my best guesses:

Sansa will meet her magical true knight - that'll be Sandor Clegane, though, and he'll die in Sansa's arms after slaying a dragon. 

Sansa will be a queen - too bad it has to be the queen of a kingdom with collapsed infrastructure ridden with pestilence, famine and disarray.

Sansa will be a fine lady like her mother like she always dreamed - That just happens to include a husband she marries out of duty and children she gives birth to and cares for out of duty. Maybe she will indeed learn to love her husband in time (like Ned and Cat) but there will not be a passionate lovestory.

And I honestly do believe there will be songs telling about Sansa's life, just like the ones she adored when she was a child: an imprisoned maiden, a forbidden love, an enchanted hero, a magical castle, a dragon and all of that you can possibly name. Too bad that when those songs are sung, she'l know all the dirty details and bloody facts and she'l hate those songs from the first syllable to the last note.

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