[Poll] How would you rate episode 706?

How would you rate episode 706?   360 members have voted

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I gave it a 3 - easily the worst episode yet this season, and worst episode to date. The only other episodes I gave a 3 were Battle of the Bastards, and Sons of the Harpy; the latter initially a 5 until it turned out that Barristan was magically dead next episode.

There were only two bits I thought were kind-of cool: (1) Arya being suitably creepy with her faces, and (2) The Night King resurrecting the dead dragon as his steed. Otherwise:

- Everything else Arya made no sense, I thought she acted like a complete moron in this episode, which she started doing in the previous episode. I thought Sandra explained herself perfectly well about being forced to write the letter yet Arya could not let it go and refused to listen. I don't buy the theory that Arya was only pretending this, to fool Littlefinger, because (1) Arya does not know much about LF at this stage, and (2) It's not like anyone's overhearing what Arya is saying. Also (3) Arya started behaving like this towards her sister before she ever saw the letter. I'm quite prepared to believe that it's (4) Arya was killed by the Waif offscreen in the episode 'No One' and this is really the Waif wearing Arya's face. 

- The Winterfell scenes felt like filler. Littlefinger (and Bran) continues to hardly be shown at all, in favour of those boring Stark sisters. Why did Sandra send Brienne away? I thought LF was advising her to keep her close as protection from Arya. Apparently it was so Brienne couldn't protect Arya from Sandra.

- Unlike most episodes, I didn't find the dialogue in the Wight Hunt very interesting at all. The whole thing came across as pretty bland.

- It is again blatantly obvious how all the important characters have thick plot armour, especially Jon. Of the ten who went on the expedition, the three extras are killed off plus Thoros, probably the least important named character there.

- Dany travelling thousand miles in a few minutes with her dragons is a tad implausible.

- For the second time, Benjen ex machina. The writers decide that they won't need him again so they have him killed off this time, even though he could easily have escaped too. There's no suspense when you know that Jon is going to be miraculously rescued again because he's the hero.

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