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Varys has no purpose

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On 15.9.2017 at 10:22 PM, jcmontea said:

My only guess is whatever final purpose he has is tied up with the voice he heard in the flame all those years ago. 

What if the ritual the sorcerer performed with his reproductive organs was used to reawaken the NK and Varys saw what happened but didn't fully understand it? He was only five years old at the time. Castration is a life-negating act, it would fit thematically.

I think it would also fit the timeline. Craster sacrificed his sons for years but we don't know how long exactly or if he was the only one who made such a deal with the Others. The NK had been dormant for thousands of years, but he could have been active and gaining power again for the stretch of Varys lifetime in order to get to the point where he is now: with a number of lieutenants and a big enough army of the dead to bring down the Wall and march south.

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20 hours ago, jcmontea said:

possible for sure. 

we are getting to the point in the story where characters do complete their arcs and there is no real point focusing on them. I recall in the final Sopranos season we stopped checking on characters as it went along since there was no point, literally their arc was done. they had made their final choice to be irredeemable. 

however, the vision in the flames during his castration has come up too much and too recently for that not to have some payoff. 

Season 3 he tells Tyrion about it. 

Season 6 Kinvara talks about. 

Season 7 Mel talks about him dying. 

It smells like a payoff is coming. 

I think there might be a reveal thats relevant. The color blue is sometimes associated with the north. What other character is associated with blue fire?

As for the impact on the storyline south of the wall, revealing the identity of the secret "friends" Varys mentioned in season 5 will have far more relevance. 

5 hours ago, Zapho said:

...his reproductive organs...

"Junk".  The technical term is "junk". 

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On 9/6/2017 at 8:55 PM, balerionsteel. said:

He is useless. Something major has to happen to save his character. He literally serves no purpose by his existence in the show. His only contributing factor was his network of spies which they reduced to simply being there with choclates for children and its up for grabs. Unless there is an impeding betrayal of Dany, or it comes out that he is the one who started "The Lie" that became Roberts rebellion. They have reduced his character to whining about dany going about winning to harshly.

The next season might reveal why Varys is supporting Targaryens. As for now, he is an advisor to Dany, who doesn't know much about westeros and it's inhabitants. Dany having more than one advisor who is familiar with KL, cersei and the politics of KL makes sense. And with Mel saying he has a part to play, he is likely going to die doing something important.

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