Casterly Rock Why?

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On 12/7/2017 at 0:49 AM, Noneofyourbusiness said:

No, it's explicit in the books. Tywin planned for Tyrion to inherit Winterfell through his marriage to Sansa, and to convince Jaime to leave the Kingsguard and inherit Casterly Rock.

Yes but if he never quits the kings guard in the book there are still a ton of male lannister to take casterly rock. In the show it seems as if every lannister evaporates after season 3 or 4 to only tywin and his kids,kevan,and lancel. Thus in the show the situation is much more dire then in the books. That is what I am pointing out

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The real question is: Why didn't Euron just wait for the unsullied to come out of the Castle and then slaughter them all. Jaime could've left an additional 2,000 Lannister men hidden on Euron's ships and Euron must have at least 5,000 Ironborn in his army. The Unsullied were already weakened as a result of their battle against the Lannister soldiers protecting CR. It would make sense for Jaime to want to get rid of the Unsullied in order to weaken the Mad Queen and her army and to send her a message. "Fuck with the Lannisters, just know that we'll fuck you back twice as hard." 

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To be honest, Tyrion has been terrible at leading:

- Season 2 he lost the war it was only Tywin that came through and saved them

- Season 3 he lost his place and was deranked

- Season 6 he triggered a war with the masters

- Season 7 he started and advised Jon to go beyond the wall to capture a wight and then lead Dorne, Tyrells, the Unsullied and others into traps. 

He has been a horrible hand of the queen. 

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