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Would this be a bad idea for a sci fi TV show?

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In this sci fi universe there would be huge interstellar powers that are like America, Europe, Russia, China, Japan, Brazil, etc. Along with these huge interstellar empires there would be lots of solar systems that are independent of these superpowers.

One of the solar systems is in chaos and is experiencing a civil war fought by different factions.

The show would focus on a rebel cell with a spaceship in a rebel group funded by one of the superpowers.

Star Wars Rebels for adults! Firefly with a touch of Game of Thrones? Mass Effect meets EVE Online?

Also the ending would be the interstellar superpowers space nuking each other into oblivion or the galaxy or human space would be more united and freedom and democracy would flourish!

What would you think? Bad idea? Boring? Would it be controversial?

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