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52 minutes ago, Bael's Bastard said:

I suppose it is possible there were multiple anti-Targ factions at the Citadel, but I don't see why there would be, and think that sounds convoluted. I don't see the Starks, Baratheons, Arryns, Tullys, or Lannisters as having consciously taken part in any plot against the Targaryens. Barbrey makes some good points in general about the Citadel and maesters, but I think she gives Walys too much credit for Rickard's ambitions, and I think most peoples' interpretations of what Rickard's ambitions actually were couldn't be further from the truth. The last people you would have plotted against the Targs with would have been Steffon Baratheon and Tywin Lannister, even after the relationship between Tywin and Aerys had deteriorated. The Baratheons were as close to the Targs as it got, and Tywin himself was still trying to marry with the Targs up until Aerys named Jaime to the KG, long after their relationship had deteriorated. I think Tywin would have gladly contributed to replacing Aerys with Rhaegar, but overthrowing the Targs? I don't think that entered the equation for him until well into the war, perhaps even weeks before the Sack.

Hmm. So is it just that you think the Southern Ambitions are over blown or are you also against the Citadel opposing the Targaryens? 

And Tywin couldn't marry into the Targs up to Jamies induction. Only up to Rhaegar's marriage. Which was a couple years before the war broke out or even Harrenhal. Unless he hoped to marry Cersei to Viserys who was much too young, but possible given Maergery and Tommen. She just wouldn't be able to consummate the marriage for some years. Given all of this, that is plenty of time for the Maesters to plant the seeds of the Southern Ambitions. Though to what ends the Southern Ambitions were i honestly couldn't tell you as i've never seen any one conclude anything that i can recall. Robert didn't want to rule and Ned and him hadn't given much thought to who would rule, it would seem, or did they? It is interesting that the war began over the Starks and ended with Robert on the Throne. It may be that the Citadel hoped Eddard or a Stark would take the throne. Yet this is just random speculation. Eddard could have taken it too as pointed out by Cersei. The marriage pacts all united the Starks/ Tullys/ and Arryns with no mention of Lannister marriage suggestions. 

If Walys is a Hightower, it is interesting there was no Hightower marriage put forth either. Nor any other of the Reach, which would be a strong force to have behind you for the rebellion.  

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I forgot this quote by Pycelle to Tyrion about Tywin as well:

"For the realm! Once Rhaegar died, the war was done. Aerys was mad, Viserys too young, Prince Aegon a babe at the breast, but the realm needed a king . . . I prayed it should be your good father, but Robert was too strong, and Lord Stark moved too swiftly . . ." (A Clash of Kings - Tyrion VI)

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