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5 hours ago, Morin said:

As a small sidenote: The Enigma was never really considered to be uncrackable. German mathematicians knew very well how it could be attacked. This is bit of myth, caused by the immense difficulties the Allied forces had in decyphering Enigma encoded messages.

Enigma was sufficiently difficult to crack with available computing power and the number and intended length of messages.    It was a balance between code strength and practical requirements to have it distributed throughout the navy.  Enigma was a system more than just a code: underlying code, machines for encoding/decoding, one-time day pads, etc.  Even when the underlying code was known (the Allies seized an Enigma machine in May 1941) they still struggled to decrypt many days of messages.  It was the sloppiness of longer messages and especially repeated phrases (“Heil Hitler”) that reduced the computational permutations that allowed Bletchley Park to routinely decrypt the daily volume of messages using a custom-built decryption computer.   

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