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Hightowers and Six Fingers of Jahaerys

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Jaehaera was tiny and slow to grow. She did not cry, she did not smile, she did none of the things a babe was meant to do. Her brother, whilst larger and more robust, was also less perfect than was expected of a Targaryen princeling, boasting six fingers on his left hand, and six toes upon each foot.

We expect some abnormalities to show up in children from incest marriages, where rare traits could be inherited from both parents. But Jahaera and her brothers were born not only from Targ incest but from Hightower incest too – Aegon II and Helaena both were half Hightowers.


Among Targaryen abnormalities polydactyly and emotionless were never mentioned elsewhere. I think these traits came not from Targ‘s, but from Hightower‘s bloodline.

Hightowers are one of oldest and most mysterious families in Westeros. 

And if rudimentary wings of Targ fetuses hint on kinship between Targs and dragons, then six fingers maybe hint on kinship of Hightowers and some non-humans. For example, CotF had four fingers, maybe some ancient race had six.

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