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24 minutes ago, Bael's Bastard said:

Excellent, @Widow's Watch! I never even considered that the men Rhaegar defeated would have met him to ransom their things. Definitely something to take into account and consider, particularly in the case of Brandon.

And it's an interaction that would be hidden in plain sight and a bit of an "oh, shit!" moment. 

13 minutes ago, Faera said:


That is brilliant! I never thought about this before. God, I wish I could be the fly on the wall for that meeting...

You and me both. It dawned on me following a post by @PrettyPig in the Harrenhal thread. I wonder what kind of state Brandon left that tent in. I think him wanting to drop Rhaegar after the crowning and demanding that he comes out and die when he arrived at the Red Keep might be telling of the interaction in that tent. 

I hope Jon Conn has more than two chapters in Winds.

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