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Who are the Faceless Men impersonating?

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We already know of one “Pate” who meets Sam in ‘A Feast for Crows’



“My thanks.” There was something about the pale, soft youth that he misliked, but he did not want to seem discourteous, so he added, “My name’s not Slayer, truly. I’m Sam. Samwell Tarly.”

“I’m Pate,” the other said, “like the pig boy.”


However Arya meets at least eleven at the Faceless Man Meeting


Eleven servants of the Many-Faced God gathered that night beneath the temple, more than she had ever seen together at one time. Only the lordling and the fat fellow arrived by the front door; the rest came by secret ways, through tunnels and hidden passages. They wore their robes of black and white, but as they took their seats each man pulled his cowl down to show the face he had chosen to wear that day. Their tall chairs were carved of ebony and weirwood, like the doors of the temple above. The ebon chairs had weirwood faces on their backs, the weirwood chairs faces of carved ebony.


 After three hours of wine and words, the priests took their leave … all but the kindly man, the waif, and the one whose face bore the marks of plague.

The Kindly Man = Jaqen H'ghar

The Waif = The Waif

The Priests = ?

The one whose face bore the marks of the plague = ?

The Lordling = ?

The Fat Fellow = ?


Currently rereading the previous books to see if I can figure out who they are and if there are other Faceless Men hidden in the chapters.



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