Do you see the red God becoming popular in Westeroes?

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42 minutes ago, Lady Dacey said:

@Lucius Lovejoy there's another thread about religion happen right now I think you'd enjoy! It's about R'hollorism and the Others.

Thanks @Lady Dacey - I threw my 2 cents in early on that thread and haven't checked back.  I will look back at it and see where the conversation has went.

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I don't see it becoming popular, save for port cities. The issue for me with the Red God is that it is more like a sect, guarded by priests who are very secretive with their liturgies. The faith of the seven is a more practical religion, in which a peasant, a knight and a lord can fit all the same, since you actually pick the aspect of the god you wish to worship and that's linked to your everyday life. The Red God and its apocalyptic struggle it's just too abstract for the westerosi folk.

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