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GRRM - Hunters Run, signed, slipcased and custom remarqued by Bob Eggleton, 200$

GRRM and others - a Book of Swords , Signed, slipcased, $65

Joe Hill Nos4a2 IDW, Lettered edition, Fine, 825$
Joe Abercrombie Shattered Sea Trilogy UK 1sts, signed, slipcased, numbered matching, Fine, $230
Best Of Subterranean, Subterranean Press, Lettered, FIne, $450
Ready Player One, Subterranean Press, Limited, slipcased, Fine, $300
Connie Willis Crosstalk, Subterranean Press, Lettered, fine, $300 
Demon Cycle by Peter Brett, five books, numbered, UK 1sts, slipcased, Fine, $400

F&F plus shipping

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