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House Frey should be respected (part 2)

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2 hours ago, Agent Orange said:

Making an alliance with Robb will only be safe if the Lannisters are completely wiped out.  The Freys had little choice because Robb arrived at their doorsteps with thousands of armed northmen.  If Walder had refused and the Tullys are still standing when the war ended, there would be hell coming their way for staying neutral, which could be seen from Tully side as the equivalent of siding with the Lannisters.  So when Robb announced his plans to retake the north, those who supported him must have started to panic because Tywin is still alive and hell is coming their way.  It was for the best interest of their families that the Freys and the Westerlings jumped sides.  Robb may have been a good general but he was inadequate as a leader.  

“For a moment her anger flared. “If you were strong enough to climb your own battlements, Lord Frey, you would see that my son has twenty thousand men outside your walls.”
“They’ll be twenty thousand fresh corpses when Lord Tywin gets here,” the old man shot back. “Don’t you try and frighten me, my lady. ”


“One glance was sufficient to tell Catelyn that the castle would not be taken by storm.”

“The Greatjon began to curse and swear as soon as he saw what awaited them. Lord Rickard Karstark glowered in silence. “That cannot be assaulted, my lords,” Roose Bolton announced.”

“Nor can we take it by siege, without an army on the far bank to invest the other castle, even if we had the time. Which, to be sure, we do not.”

“I must have that crossing!” Robb declared, fuming. “Oh, our horses might be able to swim the river, I suppose, but not with armored men on their backs. We’d need to build rafts to pole our steel across, helms and mail and lances, and we don’t have the trees for that. Or the time. Lord Tywin is marching north …”


Walder was quite safe at this point. More beyond this, we know that the Mallisters are also still at home. They are the two farthest bannerman away from RR, and Mallisters are hardly out of favor. At this point Jaime has alreadyd taken RR as we know from Brynden, with Edmure and Hoster as hostages. Walder could easily have not let Robb pass and just let Tywin take care of them. He gambled (because he knew he was going to get a pardon either way).

2 hours ago, Agent Orange said:

It boils down to this.  The Freys had only one good option after Robb betrayed them and started making stupid decisions.  That was to change sides to ensure their safety and continued wealth.  No sense in risking it all and losing it all for the Starks, who clearly had no respect for the Frey family.   

They also could have remained neutral and approached Tywin for peace like the Pipers and Vances did.

2 hours ago, Agent Orange said:

To some eyes, the Freys will look like they have no honor.   But that's not enough to keep people from doing business with them.  Everybody has to cross the river and the Freys have the only bridge around.  It will be business as usual.  If anything, people will be sure to honor their deals with the Freys from this point forward.  

With most everyone still hating them. Imagine if they had refused Robb safe passage and he had to cross down by the Ruby Ford in between Gregor and Tywin/Tarly. That would have sent the same message and not sullied the name.


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8 hours ago, Agent Orange said:

Walder and the Freys would have stuck with Robb if the Starks had honored their oaths and married one of the Frey girls. 

Martin said that they would still betray Robb, but less bloodier. My guess is that Robb, would be imprisoned.

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