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Ok, so I finished my global reread and timeline, and there are several points that I cannot remove (here is my spreadsheet file with relations between dates):

  • In AGOT, Tyrion comes back from the wall way too fast, and Catelyn moves up from KL way too slow, yet it is necessary for them to meet in in the crossroad inn
  • Cersei knows about Tyrion Waters some three months after he is born, yet, it's hard to compress the timeline further so the riots happened 3 months later.
  • In AFFC, Cersei burn the tower of the hand a lot of time after Tywin's funeral, that does not make much sense, yet it has to happen after ASOS Arya 13 and the rape of Saltpans.
  • Stannis arrives at the Wall extremely fast, considering when he gets the news, yet I had a hard time making it longer, as he needs to rescue Jon, and Jon cannot fight Mance for months.
  • Sam, due to the speed of ships, should arrive in Oldtown very late in year 300, yet by then, the captain of the huntress tells him that Cersei is still in command and the Redwyne fleet is still bogged down somewhere. I guess it could fit if Cersei were to somehow become free and reassign the fleet elsewhere, but it's a bit far fetched. Compressing time would mean, yet again, teleporting ships, and even then Sam needs to synch with Arya, and this means not being in synch with Cersei, arg....

As for the timeline in text format, for those interested:

26/03/283 Cat's Wedding

13/02/286 Joff birth

Year 297

22/04/297 Dany arrives in Pentos

25/05/297 Dany turns 13

22/10/297 Dany 1 Dany meets Drogo

15/12/297 Sansa turns 11

21/12/297 Dany 2 Wedding

Year 298


10/02/298 Joffrey's name day

24/02/298 Jon Arryn Dies


02/03/298 Prologue Waymar Royce dies

22/03/298 Bran 1 Gared caught

22/03/298 Cat 1 message from KL


01/04/298 Arya turns 9

10/04/298 Vyserys humiliated, Dany becomes pregnant


20/05/298 Ned 1 Robert arrives in WinterFell

20/05/298 Jon 1 Welcoming feast

25/05/298 Dany 3 Dany's Birthday (14) – other side of Dothraki sea

25/05/298 Arya 1 Crooked stiches

26/05/298 Cat 2 Decision to go South, Jon to NW


09/06/298 Dany 4 Vyserys mounted again – arrives in Vaes Dothrak

09/06/298 Bran 2 Things I do for love

14/06/298 Tyrion 1 Slaps Joffrey, wolves howling

22/06/298 Jon 2 Ned leaving WinterFell, « should have been you »

30/06/298 Cat 3 Assassin to kill Bran


02/07/298 Ned 2 News of Dany's wedding, Barrowlands

04/07/298 Cat 3 Cat leaving Winterfell

10/07/298 Tyrion 2 camp, not yet at the wall

21/07/298 Benjen leaving

23/07/298 Sam is 15 and kicked out of Horn Hill


15/08/298 Sansa 1 Ruby ford, Nymeria attacks Joff

19/08/298 Ned 3 Darry – Lady killed

24/08/298 Jon's birthday

28/08/298 Cat 4 Arrives in KL


02/09/298 Ned 4 Arrives in KL, talks to Cat

02/09/298 Bran 3 Waking up

07/09/298 Jon 3 News from Bran

08/09/298 Arya 2 Argument Sansa. « lone wolf dies, pack survives »

09/09/298 Tyrion 4 Jon practiced with his friend enough to see a difference

09/09/298 Bran's birthday (8)

11/09/298 First lesson with Syrio Forel

12/09/298 Cat leaves KL

14/09/298 Ned gets news of Bran

16/09/298 Bran 4 Tyrion arrives in Winterfell, Bran's birthday during last month

24/09/298 Ned 5 News from Bran already hired Syrio


10/10/298 Cat 5 Crossroad Inn, Tyrion captured

12/10/298 Tyrion 5 on the road

12/10/298 Ned 6 Every Inn full, Beric arrives, inquiring about Jon's death

15/10/298 Arya 3 Yoren gives Ned news of Cat arresting Tyrion. Arya overhears Varys & Illyrio talking about Dany's pregnancy

20/10/298 Cat 6 Reaches bloody gate

21/10/298 Cat in Eyrie

25/10/298 Sansa 2 Hand's tourney

26/10/298 Ned 7 Final joust

28/10/298 Ned 8 Quarrels with Robert, quit being hand

28/10/298 Ned 9 Jaime ambushes Ned

29/10/298 Robb prepares war after Cat's message


04/11/298 Ned 10 Slept 7 nights, Robert goes hunting

05/11/298 Ned 11 Sends the BwB against Gregor

05/11/298 Jon 4 Enter Sam

06/11/298 Sansa 3 Sansa learns she has to go away from KL

07/11/298 Tyrion 6 in jail, ask for trial

08/11/298 Cat 7 Tyrion's trial – Bronn wins. Tywin amassing troops

09/11/298 Melisandre in Dragonstone

09/11/298 Tyrion 7 At the bloody gate

10/11/298 Dany 5 Dosh Khaleen prophecy – Vyserys dies

10/11/298 Bran 5 Osha, dancer

12/11/298 Ned 12 Ned warns Cersei

15/11/298 Ned 13 Robert dies

16/11/298 Arya 4 Escapes

16/11/298 Ned 14 Sansa runs to Cersei, Ned betrayed

18/11/298 Sansa 4 Talks to Cersei, writes letter

20/11/298 Battle of the red fork (beric killed)

28/11/298 Jon 5 night watch vows

29/11/298 Jon 6 Sam made brother, ghost finds hand

30/11/298 Sansa's letter arrives

30/11/298 Jon 7 News of Ned, Undead attack


01/12/298 Bran 6 Robb leaves Winterfell

05/12/298 Battle of the Golden Tooth

15/12/298 Sansa turns 12

15/12/298 First Battle of Riverrun. Edmure loses

16/12/298 Dany 6 Poisoning attempt, caravan arrived not long ago

17/12/298 Cat 8 arrives at moat caillin

18/12/298 Khalasar leaves Vaes Dothrak

18/12/298 Sansa 5 pleads for Ned's life

21/12/298 Ned 15 Varys coaxing him to admit treason

23/12/298 Arya 5 Ned Beheaded

24/12/298 Tyrion 8 Reaches crossroad Inn with clans – Masha Heddle dead

25/12/298 Cat 9 At the twins

25/12/298 Renly crowned king

31/12/298 Dany 7 Lhazareen – lamb city. Takes MMD as slave

Year 299


01/01/299 Jon 8 Given Longclaw, Robb is marching

01/01/299 Cat 10 Whispering wood

02/01/299 Bran 7 News of Ned's death

02/01/299 Second Battle of Riverrun. Robb wins

03/01/299 Cat 11 enters Riverrun – King in the North

03/01/299 Tyrion 9 Battle of the green Fork – Roose bloodied

06/01/299 Jon 9 Jon tries to escape

08/01/299 Tyrion 10 Hears news of WW and RR. Tyrion sent to court

08/01/299 Gregor, Vargo & amory unleashed

09/01/299 Dany 8 Rhaego dies, Drogo dies

11/01/299 Sansa 6 Joff showing her Ned's head

19/01/299 Dany 9 Khalasar gone

20/01/299 Dany 10 Dragons, comet

22/01/299 COK Arya 1 Leaves KL, almost kills Hot Pie

27/01/299 COK Dany 1 Goes east


01/02/299 COK Bran 1 wolves howling. Comet, Freys. – can happen anytime

01/02/299 COK Arya 2 Gold cloaks catch up – inn with ivy

05/02/299 Prologue Cressen dies

10/02/299 COK Sansa 1 Tywin Harrendal. Tyrion arrives in KL. Joff nameday (13)

10/02/299 COK Tyrion 1 Tyrion becomes hand

21/02/299 COK Arya 3 Left Kingsroad, toward god's eye, past briarwhite

24/02/299 COK Tyrion 2 sends Slynt to the Wall

26/02/299 COK Davos 1 lightbringer – sending ravens with tract

28/02/299 COK Arya 4 Reaches south of god's eye. Amory Lorch. Yoren dies


04/03/299 COK Tyrion 3 Stannis pamphlet arrives in KL

05/03/299 COK Sansa 2 Meets Dontos in Godswood – riot cause of tyrek's wedding

12/03/299 COK Arya 5 Captured west of God's eye

17/03/299 COK Bran 2 Vassals talking – Cerwyn arrives with news of Stannis' Letter

18/03/299 Dany reaches Vaes Tolorro

20/03/299 COK Bran 3 Harvest feast – The Reeds arrive

25/03/299 COK Theon 1 Arrives at Pyke


01/04/299 Arya turns 10

03/04/299 COK Arya 6 arrives Harrendal. After 8 days in hut + march

11/04/299 COK Theon 2 Meet Asha. Depart for war in 14 days.


17/05/299 Quaithe & co arrive at Vaes Tolorro from Qarth

25/05/299 COK Jon 1 One day before ranging. Comet visible by day

25/05/299 Dany turns 15

25/05/299 COK Cat 1 Comet visible by day – Cleos Frey sent


02/06/299 News of Roose occupying Ruby ford for Arya

16/06/299 COK Arya 7 Chiswyck dies.

24/06/299 COK Tyrion 4 Send offer to Doran. Allister Thorne

25/06/299 COK Tyrion 5 Cleos Frey arrives – prepares wildfyre

26/06/299 COK Jon 2 Ranging, reach whitetree (4th village)

26/06/299 COK Dany 2 Arrives in Qarth. Dany is 15. News of Robert's death


10/07/299 COK Theon 3 raiding near thorren's square.

14/07/299 COK Tyrion 6 Cleos Frey leaving. Answer from Doran. Allister Thorne gets an audience

15/07/299 COK Tyrion 7 Cersei still indisposed

24/07/299 COK Jon 3 Craster's – 7 villages crossed


04/08/299 COK Cat 2 Arrives at Bitterbridge – News of Stannis besieging Storm's End

05/08/299 COK Dany 3 Meets pureborns. Meets fire mage. Got gifts

08/08/299 COK Dany 4 Undyings

10/08/299 COK Dany 5 Kicked out of Qarth – meet Barristan

13/08/299 COK Jon 4 Fist of the first Men. Finds horn

24/08/299 Jon turns 16

28/08/299 COK Cat 3 Renly's Peach

29/08/299 COK Cat 4 Renly dies. Fleeing with Brienne to RR

29/08/299 Battle of Oxcross

29/08/299 ASOS Dany 1 Becalmed on ships 6 days


04/09/299 COK Sansa 4 News of oxcross (happened 6 days before)

05/09/299 COK Tyrion 8 News of Renly's death. After Sansa 4

06/09/299 COK Arya 8 Tywin marching (to RR) news of oxcross. Weese dead

07/09/299 ASOS Dany 2 Reaches Astapor

09/09/299 ASOS Dany 3 gets Unsullied

09/09/299 Bran turns 9

11/09/299 COK Bran 4 News of Ramsay raping Lady Hornwood. Rodrick leaving. Bran 9.

14/09/299 COK Davos 2 Ultimatum rejected by Cortney Penrose

19/09/299 COK Tyrion 9 Myrcella sent to Dorne. Penrose still holding. LF amply time to reach bitterbridge

21/09/299 COK Tyrion 10 News of Penrose death

23/09/299 COK Jon 5 Qhorin arrives late. Jon joins him when he leaves

24/09/299 COK Bran 5 News of oxcross. Rodrick comes back with Ramsay

28/09/299 ASOS Dany 4 Yunkai yields


01/10/299 COK Bran 6 Theon taking Winterfell

06/10/299 COK Tyrion 11 Shae with Lollys. Old letter from Doran warning of Storm's end's fall

08/10/299 COK Cat 5 arrives from Storm's end

08/10/299 COK Theon 4 Bran & Rickon escape

10/10/299 ASOS Dany 5 Meereen 173 miles posts with children

11/10/299 COK Sansa 5 Kingswood on fire. Stannis Van below. Sansa's first period

14/10/299 Battle of the Red fork (Tywin repelled)

16/10/299 Robb 16 – should be before Jon?

19/10/299 COK Theon 5 Asha comes and goes. Dream Robb entering hall of the dead

19/10/299 COK Tyrion 12 News of Bran's death. No word from BitterBridge

19/10/299 COK Cat 6 receives news of the Battle of the Red fork

20/10/299 Robb takes Crag. Sleeps with Jeyne.

21/10/299 COK Theon 6 Theon falls. Winterfell burned. Rodrick dies

21/10/299 COK Sansa 6 Stannis' sails. Battle of the blackwater

21/10/299 COK Davos 3 Battle of the Blackwater

21/10/299 COK Tyrion 13 Battle of the Blackwater

21/10/299 COK Sansa 7 Battle of the Blackwater

21/10/299 COK Tyrion 14 Battle of the Blackwater

22/10/299 COK Sansa 8 Battle of the Blackwater – end – dawn

22/10/299 COK Arya 9 Weasel soup. Roose met mummers; Arya is 10

22/10/299 COK Bran 7 WF burned down. « I'm not dead either »

23/10/299 COK Sansa 9 Tywin made hand. Marg arrives in 30 days – LF gave dontos the hairnet, dontos gives it to Sansa

23/10/299 ASOS Dany 6 In meereen. Corpse in Plaza ripe. Took in less than a day

25/10/299 COK Cat 7 News of Bran's death. Free Jaime

25/10/299 COK Jon 6 meet Ygritte

26/10/299 ASOS Jaime 1 escapes RR

27/10/299 ASOS Cat 1 Judged, news of Robb taking the Crag

27/10/299 COK Arya 10 News of WF discussed. News of Robb's marriage arrives

27/10/299 COK Jon 7 Milkwater. Contact Bran in the crypts

28/10/299 ASOS Arya 1 escaping Harrendal.


01/11/299 ASOS Davos 1 Starving on a rock

01/11/299 ASOS Jaime 2 Arrives inn of the kneeling man, leaves boat

02/11/299 ASOS Bran 1 moving north – separated from Shaggy « many hunts »

03/11/299 ASOS Davos 2 arrives on Dragonstone

04/11/299 ASOS Cat 2 Robb returns

06/11/299 ASOS Arya 2 arrives dead village, meets anguy

06/11/299 ASOS Cat 3 Tyon & Willem Lannister murdered

06/11/299 COK Jon 8 Kills Qhorin

09/11/299 COK Tyrion 5 Dreaming, healing

09/11/299 ASOS Arya 3 Travels with BwB, 3 days

10/11/299 ASOS Davos 3 in cell, fever, Alester Florent sent in, talks to Mel

11/11/299 ASOS Davos 4 Stannis throws leeches in fire

12/11/299 ASOS Prologue Chett. Others attack. Sam releases ravens. Wildlings 40 miles away

13/11/299 ASOS Tyrion 1 Awakening from fever

14/11/299 ASOS Tyrion 2 Tyrion trying to get up to speed

15/11/299 ASOS Jon 1 Arrives wildling camp on Milkwater

16/11/299 ASOS Jaime 3 Captured by bloody mummers. Cleos dead, Jaime loses hand

19/11/299 ASOS Arya 4 Lychester->village->high heart->acorn hall

20/11/299 ASOS Sam 1 not slept since the fist. Killing Other

22/11/299 ASOS Sansa1 Margaery in KL

24/11/299 ASOS Jon 2 Counting giants, arrives on the fist

25/11/299 ASOS Sansa 2 Dead cleared. Meet QoT. Measures taken for gown

26/11/299 ASOS Tyrion 3 Small council. News Tarly vs glover. Balon offering alliance

27/11/299 ASOS Bran 2 twisted mountain valleys

30/11/299 ASOS Sansa 3 Gets new gown, marries Tyrion. 13 when moon turns


02/12/299 ASOS Arya 6 Hound's trial: hollow hill. Same day Arya 5: hound still drunk

02/12/299 ASOS Arya 5 Stoney sept, the Peach. Sandor capture

03/12/299 ASOS Sam 2 At crasters

04/12/299 Balon GreyJoy dead – confirmation by ghost

04/12/299 ASOS Arya 7 Attack on bloody mummers. Otw to RR

05/12/299 ASOS Cat 4 Hoster dead.

05/12/299 AFFC Aeron 1 (The prophet) News of Balon's death on great Wyk

06/12/299 ASOS Jaime 5 Harrendal bathhouse. Dine with Roose this very day

06/12/299 ASOS Arya 8 High Heart + 1: caught by Sandor

06/12/299 ASOS Jaime 4 Reaches Harrendal

08/12/299 ASOS Jaime 6 leaves Harrendal, comes back gets Brienne

08/12/299 ASOS Jon 3 bottom of wall.

09/12/299 ASOS Jon 4 scaling the wall

12/12/299 ASOS Sam 3 Fleeing Crasters, meet CH

12/12/299 ASOS Arya 9 Crosses Trident at Harroway.

13/12/299 ASOS Tyrion 4 LF sailed north 14 days before. Bird from bowen marsh: mormont under attack at fist

15/12/299 Sansa 13

18/12/299 ASOS Tyrion 5 Meets Oberyn

21/12/299 ASOS Cat 5 Marching to the twins

22/12/299 AFFC prologue Pate dead. News of Dany everywhere

23/12/299 ASOS Cat 6 Green Fork, arrives twins

23/12/299 ASOS Arya 10 Arrives at the twins

23/12/299 ASOS Cat 7 Red Wedding

23/12/299 ASOS Arya 11 Red Wedding

23/12/299 AFFC Asha 1 (Kraken's daughter) Preparation for Queensmoot. Meets Rodrick "the reader" Harlaw

26/12/299 Nymeria fishing out Cat from river

27/12/299 AFFC Victarion 1 (The Iron Captain) Preparation for Kingsmoot

28/12/299 ASOS Tyrion 6 News of Red Wedding

28/12/299 AFFC Aeron 2 (the Drowned Man) Kingsmoot. Euron King.

29/12/299 ASOS Jon 5 Queenscrown, escapes

29/12/299 ASOS Bran 3 Queenscrown. Synchro with Jon


01/01/300 ASOS Tyrion 7 Morning of Purple Wedding

01/01/300 ASOS Sansa 4 Purple Wedding. Joff hacks a book

01/01/300 ASOS Tyrion 8 Purple Wedding. Joffrey dies

01/01/300 ASOS Sansa 5 Escapes KL

03/01/300 ASOS Jaime 7 Arrives KL

06/01/300 ASOS Bran 4 Nightfort, had dream about RW nights before

07/01/300 ASOS Jaime 8 At Tyrion's trial, reads white book

08/01/300 ASOS Davos 5 Saan news of KL -> red wedding

09/01/300 ASOS Tyrion 9 Oberyn proposes Tyrion to be his champion

10/01/300 ASOS Davos 6 Edric escapes. News of Purple Wedding

11/01/300 ASOS Jon 6 Leg stiff. Buckwell came back from Crasters 14 days ago

11/01/300 ASOS Tyrion 10 Shae at trial, day after, Duel Oberyn

12/01/300 ASOS Jaime 9 Sends Brienne find Sansa

12/01/300 ASOS Tyrion 11 Escapes, kills Tywin

13/01/300 AFFC Cersei 1 Night of Tywin's death

13/01/300 AFFC Cersei 2 Tywin's funerals

13/01/300 AFFC Jaime 1 Tywin's funerals

15/01/300 ASOS Epilogue Merret is Hanged. Interrogated about Arya

21/01/300 AFFC the Captain of the guards News of Oberyn death in sunspear

21/01/300 ASOS Jon 7 Mole town burning. Aemon sent ravens

22/01/300 ASOS Arya 12 stays and leaves in village mountain of the moon

24/01/300 AFFC Brienne 1 Rosby, then two days to old stone bridge


05/02/300 AFFC Brienne 2 Duskendale. Pod joins.

06/02/300 AFFC Soiled Knight 14 days ago, merchant for KL killed (because of Oberyn's death)

07/02/300 AFFC Arianne 1 (Queenmaker) I am of the night. Myrcella wounded.

09/02/300 Sandor lays dying alone

09/02/300 ASOS Sansa 6 KL->finger, leaving for Eyrie

13/02/300 ASOS Jon 8 Mance attacks

16/02/300 ASOS Arya 13 Crossroad Inn. Tickler. Leaving Hound. Riding to Saltpans. Getting aboard Titan's daughter

22/02/300 Rape of saltpans

23/02/300 ASOS Jon 9 still in battle. Mini 4 days

23/02/300 AFFC Brienne 3 Maidenpool, meet Dick Crabb, News Lysa dead, news hound raping & pillaging

25/02/300 AFFC Cersei 3 Tommen's wedding. Burning the tower of the hand

27/02/300 ASOS Jon 10 in jail four days. Stannis arrives

27/02/300 AFFC Jaime 2 Kevan, Olenna and Mace gone.

29/02/300 Stannis arrive at the Wall


08/03/300 AFFC Cersei 4 Storm's End besieged

09/03/300 AFFC Arya 1 Reaches Braavos

13/03/300 AFFC Brienne 4 Cracklaw Point. I'm too droll to die.

15/03/300 AFFC Cersei 5 Hear about Doran punishing Arianne's accomplices. Sends man kill Bronn.

21/03/300 AFFC Arianne 2 (Princess in the tower) Fire and Blood

23/03/300 ASOS Sam 4 Arrives Wall. 10 days of voting for LC

23/03/300 ASOS Jon 11 training, proposition by Stannis

24/03/300 ASOS Sam 5 election LC

24/03/300 ASOS Jon 12 elected LC

28/03/300 AFFC Cersei 6 Accepts rearming of the Faith.

30/03/300 ASOS Sansa 7 Only cat

31/03/300 AFFC Victarion 2 (the Reaver) Attack of the shield islands


01/04/300 Arya turns 11

01/04/300 AFFC Jaime 3 Arrives in Harrenhal. Brienne, if it please smy lord. Brienne the beauty

03/04/300 AFFC Cersei 7 News of the Shield Islands. Loras sent to take Dragonstone.

04/04/300 AFFC Brienne 5 Leaving Maidenpool. "And the man breaks"

05/04/300 AFFC Sansa 1 Nestor Royce visits the Eyrie

07/04/300 AFFC Jaime 4 Arrives in Darry. News of Faith militant. Lancel leaves next day.

08/04/300 AFFC Brienne 6 Arrives in Saltpans, then to quiet Isle.

08/04/300 AFFC Sam 1 Sent away from Castle Black with Aemon

08/04/300 AFFC Arya becomes Novice

11/04/300 AFFC Brienne 7 Crossroads Inn, kills Rorge.

15/04/300 AFFC Jaime 5 Arrives near Riverrun.

15/04/300 AFFC Jaime 6 "with a trebuchet"

16/04/300 AFFC Sam 2 Leaves Eastwatch

17/04/300 AFFC Brienne 8 Trial. Cat has Ryman's crown. "screamed a word"

17/04/300 AFFC Sansa 2 (Alayne 1) Lynn Corbray is a man of simple tastes

19/04/300 AFFC Cersei 8 News of Dragonstone's fall, Lancel is in KL.

23/04/300 AFFC Cersei 9 Rosby dead. Sends Osney to "confess"

25/04/300 AFFC Cersei 10 Thrown in jail, sends letter to Jaime

27/04/300 AFFC Sansa 3 (Alayne 2) Leaving the Eyrie

28/04/300 AFFC Jaime 7 Letter from Cersei. "put this in the fire"


08/05/300 AFFC Arya 2 Arya hides Needle, becomes Cat. "Valar Morghulis, Valar Morghulis"

19/05/300 AFFC Sam arrives in Braavos


28/06/300 AFFC Sam 3 Arya meets Sam, Sam meets xhondo.

30/06/300 AFFC Sam leaves on Cinnamon Wind (first stop Pentos)


24/08/300 AFFC Sam 4 Aemon dies. "fat pink mast"


23/09/300 AFFC Sam 5 Sam arrives in Oldtown

Year 301


04/03/301 AFFC Arya kills Dareon, becomes blind

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Impressive work. The timeline broadly agrees with my own rough timeline I threw together pre-AFFC, although I didn't go anywhere near into this level of detail. I am relieved to see you concur that the bulk of AFFC takes place over 5 or so months. I was seriously bemused by people saying it was closer to 1 year if not more as I didn't get that from the text, but I did pick up on the extremely slow passage of Sam. If Sam had travelled non-stop from Eastwatch to Oldtown it's possible the journey would have been more plausible, but throw in the lengthy stop in Braavos and it becomes impossible.

If you want a challenge, try to sort out the Malazan timeline. On second thoughts, don't. It's not worth the price of your sanity ;)

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Great work, EB. Can I give few corrections I can see on first read? Arya is born early in the year, not in November as you list. She certainly turns 11 in year 300 because we know she is 10 at Harrenhal in year 299, and she is still 10 when she boards the Titan's Daughter in year 300. However because she is already 9 at the welcoming feast (or at least during Robert's visit and before Bran's fall) we know her name day has already taken place in year 298. This puts her name day before Myrcella's, Bran's, Robb's, Jon's, Margaery's, and Sansa's. While it can't be pinned down if her name day takes place before or after Rickon's, Joffrey's, Tommen's, or Daenerys' it is clear she has a early year name day.

Also, you have Jon's name day taking place before Bran's and therefore Robb's. I have Bran's taking place before Robb's because of he is 9 well before the fall of Winterfell and his and Rickon's supposed deaths - the news of which reaches Riverrun only a few days after Robb turns 16. Jon obviously has his name day celebrated after Robb's because Catelyn thinks Jon was conceived after Ned leaves her pregnant and goes off to war in the south.

edit: also the first time we read of the comet is in Bran's last chapter in A Game of Thrones on page 610 in the US hardback, not in Daenerys' chapter where she burns Khal Drogo and MMD. That is not to say it is earlier, but it is not first mentioned for Bran's timeline in ACoK.

Anyway, that's my first read of it. Wonderful work, if I see anything else I'll post it later. Perhaps I should post a thread on the work I've done on name days? Anyone interested?

OK, I went ahead and posted a new thread on character ages. Hope someone else finds it interesting.

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Thanks for the kind words.

SFDanny, You are right for the comet. Good thing I put the two chapters in the same month. :)

I know about Jon having his birthday before RObb, but to synch everything with bird travel times, comet appearing, and Tyrion coming and going, it had to happen like that, but I will try to see if there isn't a way to move that again.

About Bran, I believe my estimations are right, since there isn't much space for error with both his birthdays firmly delimited. Robb cannot be wrong either, since he turns 16 when he takes the crag.

Right again about Arya, oh dear, that means she actually thinks of putting down Ned Dayne by saying she killed a man when she was younger than she really was. That would make her birthday happen in march/april/may but no earlier (since she isn't 11 yet when boarding the Titan's Daughter) and no later (since the welcoming feast in winterfell is late in may.

I say she was born start of april 289, or even late in march (let's take into consideration that Ned was warring against Balon Greyjoy nine years before the winterfell welcoming feast, so Arya had to be conceived before he left). That would make her 12 or near when she becomes blind in Braavos.

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Amazing! One thing I'm skeptical of is Ned leaving Winterfell as late as June 22. Robert had earlier complained about "summer snows" but he must mean the multi-year summers ('capital S Summer) at this point, since it wouldn't have snowed in several years south of the Neck. I can see the North having essentially normal seasons equivalent to northern Europe during 'Summer', with snows from maybe November to April or something, much longer all the way up at the Wall (and snow all year round during 'Winter' years).

But there was snow melting in Jon's hair the day the two parties left Winterfell, June 22 seems awfully late for that in a Summer year. On the same note, I would have thought the snows in the Eyrie and Riverrun toward the end of aFfC would have indicated that they were into the waning months of 300, but you've probably got a more solid basis for those dates than mere weather, so maybe the onset of Winter is happening much faster than my first guess.

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Yes, it's all synched to Joffrey's wedding, which happens the first day of year 300, so I cannot shift the timeline by 6 months or so.

I just pretend that the seasons in Westeros are not the same as in reality. Even the month names are for easy understanding, after all. Maybe summer happens between november and may, and they don't have normal months but a lunar calendar following a strict 30 days decoupage. There are some other inconsistencies, but I can live with them :)

Anyway, we can wave that away with the irregular seasons of Westeros. Summer snows apparently happen anytime they feel like around Winterfell, and the month doesn't matter as much as the big seasons you're in.

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You appear to have Robb in October and Jon in August. Would they have been close enough as infants for their relative ages to be confuseable if they were two months apart? (This is connected to the who's older debate but I thought it was enough of a standalone to be worth pointing out.)

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Yes, it's an inconsistency, I know, but I have a hard time doing differently, look in the "character ages" thread in this same subforum for my explanations, and some arguments against and for. I chalk this up to an error from GRRM, giving us Jon's real birth date, or something like that. Robb should indeed have his birthday before Jon's.

However, they would have been close enough in age for their difference to not be noticeable, especially since they were not together since birth but had at least some months to grow apart.

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Maybe Jon could have been premature by a few weeks - which would go explain a traumatic carriage by Lyanna and would make his "biological" age lower than Robb's.

Completely wild speculation of course.

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The problem here isn't biological age, as this can vary as much as we want, more or less, Robert's rebellion or Dany chapters not being that well delimited in time, but official age and here Jon ought to be thought to be younger than Robb, and what he thinks his birthday to occur after Robb's. Not the case in my timeline, but as I said I'm not exluding a mistake from me or from GRRM, I'm just stumped, as it were.

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The aFfC prologue seems terribly late compared to Tywin's death. Armen the Acolyte thinks Varys is still part of the government, and his suspicious disappearance should have traveled hand in hand with Tywin's death. Would it really take more than four months...1-12 to 5-23.. for that news to reach Oldtown? I think something needs to be adjusted there.

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Yes, it's true, I'll look into it.

It was put at this date as there are rumors of Dany in Meereen floating around, and Dany conquered the city a mere 140 days before or so, I estimated that rumors had to travel and spread, and the meereen/Oldtown trip takes roughly two months in my estimate.

Of course, on a re-re-read, it appears that not only Armen speaks about Varys, but Pate thinks about how Tywin will smash Stannis and mount his head on spikes, and does not even mention Ironborn raiders, which, considering Sam's last chapter, he should.

I guess I would have to put it somewhere around the end of January 300 and consider that those sailor's tales about "Dragons in Meereen" mean my Dany timeline ought to be compressed and lose at least two months.

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Great work, I have no idea how much effort was actually involved in this. I once started making a list of all dreams and profecies and got really bored and stopped.

That's why I hate to have to bring up an error I spotted

19/09/299 COK Tyrion 9 Myrcella sent to Dorne. Penrose still holding. LF amply time to reach bitterbridge

27/02/300 AFFC Jaime 2 Kevan, Olenna and Mace gone.

In COK Tyrion 9 Lolys is raped by the mob

In AFFC Jaime 2 Lolys gives birth

Therefore they should be nine months apart. Only five and a bit in your timeline.


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schpat: I know, but Jaime 2 has to come shortly after Cersei 3 ( two days max) which itself should be right after Tywins funerals, which are just after Tyrion's escape which itsellf is extremely close to the Red Wedding. I don't think I can put 4 months more anywhere

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Dont finger me for being stupid or anything because I missed this and I may have missed it even in this thread because I didnt read all the replys, but how do you know that she went blind so long after all the other events. Is there something in that chapter that clued you in that it had to take place the following year. I have never reread Feast, but on my first read I got the impression Daeron was killed shortly after Samwell left him.

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We talk about it in the AFFC Re-Read project - Arya thread, but to sum it up, Arya's life in Braavos follows the cycle of the moon, which is roughly 30 days long. She brings back 3 new things to to kind old man with each new moon, and we have a list of what she brought back. There is also some interpretation based on what she learned and who she knows, on when she meets Sam, and on FM rituals (for example, the estimation that it took her near 2 months to throw her things out and be sent in the world)

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Good point EB and very nice timeline then. The only things wrong you either fixed or theres too much speculation for it to be wrong or right, so your pretty spot on, which I would never be able to do.

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EB, I know you don't need anymore headaches over this stuff, but I'm doing a reread of AGoT and I noticed this marker mentioned in Jon's chapter (7 I think) that deals with the turning of the Year to 299.

The Old men called this weather spirit summer, and said it meant the season was giving up its ghosts at last. After this the cold would come, they warned, and a long summer always meant a long winter. This summer had lasted ten years. Jon had been a babe in arms when it began. (AGoT 467)
bold emphasis added

Combined this with this earlier quote by Lord Mormont in a conversation with Tyrion in which he says the following:

This summer has lasted nine years, Tyrion, and a tenth will soon be upon us. Think on that. (AGoT 175)

and what we have is the year turning from 298 to 299 between the two, with it occurring much closer to the Jon's chapter. I note that you have this chapter taking place on November 30, 298, so I thought I'd point it out. Hope this is helpful.

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Ha, yes, but surely summers and winters do not begin or end with the new year. Equinox, on Earth, is in September :P

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Ha, yes, but surely summers and winters do not begin or end with the new year. Equinox, on Earth, is in September :P

Right, but in Martin's world the seasons don't seem to be tied to any specific dates in a given year - hence we have a summer that last 10 years, 2 turns, and 16 days instead of three months each year. Instead of being tied to a date in which the Sun's apparent path is at a specific point in the sky relative to the celestial equator, the seasons of Martin's world look to be tied to dominant weather patterns that function for years on end in changing cycles. I would think Westeros must have a yearly vernal equinox, or winter solstice, for example, but it just doesn't mean the same thing relative to the turning of seasons as it does in our world.

However, what I was trying to get at in the quotes above is that both Mormont and Jon are looking at this from the perspective of the turning of the year, a term that seems to mean the same thing in Westeros as it does in the real world, instead of marking when the anniversary of the start of this long summer took place nine and ten years ago. If they were maesters like Cressen, we might interpret it that way, but Mormont and Jon are surely looking at this from the changing of the new year and marking it as another year of summer. At least, that is what looks like to me. Take it for what it's worth, but I'd say it's an indicator that the year has turned from 298 to 299 between the two chapters.

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