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A silly one.

House Bob

Region: Reach

Seat: Appledown

Sigil: a green apple, floating in blue water in a brown half-barrel on a purple field

Words: We always rise.

War Cry: For Appledown!

Allegiance: House Fossoway of New Barrel

Religion: Faith of the Seven

Founder: Robyrto Baab

Current Lord: Ser Robert Bob

Heir: son Robb Bob 

Other family members: Lady Beatrix, son Roban, son Robar, daughters Roberta and Robina (twins).

Weapon: a longsword named Your Uncle


History: House Bob was founded by a foreign adventurer. The third son of a wealthy Braavosi family, young Robyrto Baab left home to seek prestige across the Narrow Sea, in the land of Westeros. Having been given a generous settlement from his family (thank you for leaving son, good luck in the world), Robyrto was able to travel through the Seven Kingdoms and meet many notable people. The Crownlands were too crowded for Robyrto, the Riverlands too humid, the Westerlands too hilly, the Iron Islands he skipped. The North reminded him a bit of home, which depressed him. Dorne was too darn hot. After much searching Robyrto finally found a place that was just right. After the cold and damp of Braavos, he found the Reach intoxicatingly beautiful and fertile. It was here that Robyrto would make his home, found his house, and climb to a position of power.

Being shrewd enough to know that he was not on the same level as the Hightowers, Tyrells, or Tarlys, Robyrto decided his best course of action was to seek alliance with one of the less ancient houses of the Reach. Eventually he found that he got on best with the green apple Fossoways, who were happy to welcome him to their lands and their family, binding the alliance by wedding their youngest daughter to Robyrto and assisting Robyrto in raising a suitable keep on the on the downs, hence the rather un-creative name of the castle.

Robyrto was knighted for leal service to his overlord, having saved Lord Fossoway from death/injury when an unsteady barrel rack collapsed. Knowing the barrels filled with premium cider would come crashing down, Robyrto pushed Lord Fossoway aside and took the brunt of the crash. Sticky and hurt, Robyrto was lauded as a hero. His broken leg mended well but the crushed ankle never fully recovered and Ser Robyrto walked with a limp for the rest of his life.

Robyrto Baab proved to be a shrewd businessman and investor. As the family fortunes grew, Ser Robyrto's greater ambitions came into play as he sought a larger degree of influence in local matters, with the eventual hope of being invited to court and offering great service to the crown.

The spelling of the house name was changed by the third generation, in order to appear less foreign. Ser Robyrto's family grew and prospered but to date has not achieved his great ambitions, the current family being content to exert influence on a local level and leave the politicking and its consequences to other houses. They continue to be House Fossoway of New Barrel's most loyal bannermen.

Historical members of note:

Lady Rowena Bob, a peerless beauty, the youngest child and only daughter of Lord Aldo Bob, who defied her father and announced her intention of wedding Ser Jaye of Saltpans, a hedge knight with a charming smile but limited prospects. When Ser Jaye was killed fighting on the loyalist side during the third Blackfyre rebellion, Rowena stoutly refused to consider another as husband, cut off her gorgeous raven hair, and joined the Silent Sisters.

Ser Fortyn Bob, fourth son of Lord Barnabas Bob. Ser Fortyn left one bright summer day to seek fortune and adventure and disappeared. To this day no word of him has reached House Bob, but the family stubbornly maintains that someday he'll pop up.

Lord William Bob, the half-moon lord. Lord William was the younger brother of Lord Hobarth Bob, and upon his brother's death William seized power with the help of a small troupe of sellswords from Essos. However, in his greed Lord William refused to pay his sellswords after the first installment, and ended up dying under mysterious circumstances, a mere fortnight after he had named himself Lord of Appledown. William was found at the top of the tallest tower at Appledown Keep, perched between two merlons with a hole cut in his hose, exposing his right buttock to the north wind. He was succeeded as head of House Bob by the rightful heir, his nephew Lord Hugh Bob.

ETA: sigil, religion, historical members. 

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House Barley of Six-Row

Heraldry: Yellow bundle of Barley on a Green Field.

Words: Fruits of Our Labour

Seat: Barncowl

Sworn to: House Oakheart

Culture: Andal

Religion: Faith of the Seven

House Barley was founded fairly recently, only scant centuries ago when a Hedge Knight called 'Ser Barley' won a tournament for the hand of Lord Oakheart held at Old Oak. Entering the competition meant for great and noble landed knights as Mystery Knight, the man of common stock born in Oldtown defeated all that stood before him, gaining not only the adoration of the crowd, but also impressing the Lord Oakheart greatly.

When he was declared victor and revealed his true identity, he not only wed to the Lady Oakheart, but Lord Oakheart also set aside some lands for him near the Ocean Road between Old Oak and Highgarden. Since then, House Barley has served as loyal knightly bannermen to the Oakhearts.

In recent years the House has been led by the grim and serious Samwell Barley, a hardened commander of Lord Oakhearts infantry.

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House Name: Van Nest

Sigil: Four Brown Mice resting on two fields, one field Azure, the other; Gold. (Per Fess Azure and Or, On top and bottom 2 mice brown Couchant.)

Words: With All My Heart

Unofficial Words: It matters not what you fight but what you fight for.

Founder: Lord Cameron Van Nest

Location: The Wet Steps. A small keep in the very North-Western corner of the Riverlands, North of the Cape of Eagles.

History: A very young house, being only 5 years old. The Wet Steps and its accompanying lands were rewarded to Cameron Van Nest by Lord Jason Mallister for saving the Lord's heir, Patrek Mallister, from an Ironborn hostage. He did so by releasing mice into the Ironborn larders aboard their ships, spoiling what little food they had left and forcing the Ironborn to bargain Patrek Mallister in exchange for their assured escape. House Van Nest has since pledged to be a bannerman to House Mallister, also a bannerman to House Baelish of Harrenhal.

The Wet Steps are named such because of the constant sea-salt spray that washes over the keep, making all of the staircases quite hazardous to climb.

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