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Leaders of Houses in the End

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There's a topic for who will be on the Iron Throne at the end of the series. I'm curious what people think will become of each major house. And if the houses still exist at the end of the series, who will be the leader of each of them. Here are my picks:

Stark: Rickon will be in charge with Manderly and other Northern lords pulling the strings. Sansa will be in Winterfell also.

Lannister: Tyrion! Long live the dwarf! I think he'll find a way to take over Casterly Rock somehow.

Tyrell: I think Mace will be dead, so Willas I guess.

Martell: Doran doesn't have much time left it seems to me, with bad health and all, so Arianne. (I originally said Tristane with Arianne pulling the strings, but forgot that women can rule in Dorne.)

Arryn: Robert's a goner. Littlefinger's the king of manipulation, but I think Manderly will beat him in the quest for the north. He seems like quite the game player himself. So Arryn house doesn't make it, IMHO.

Targaryen: Might not sound popular, but I think this house will be gone. Too few left and Dany has too many enemies. She and her dragons will help defeat the Others, I think, though, before she dies.

Baratheon: I like Stannis, but I just don't see him making it through the series. Could he leave everything to Davos in a will? He would if he could. Otherwise, I think this house dies.

Frey: All the main ones will be dead with UnCat and Manderly after them. There are so many of them, though. I think Blackfish and Edmure beat what's left of them and take over the crossing, though there will be some Frey alive somewhere to keep the house going.

Tully: Blackfish saves Edmure and returns him to Riverrun. So Edmure.

Bolton: Dead dead dead. The North remembers.

Greyjoy: Theon most likely, with Asha to help, even though I wish someone would kill him and put him out of his misery.

Night's Watch (not a house, but equally important): I think they'll be disbanded after the Others are finally defeated. Jon will sacrifice himself in this battle after warging himself back.

Wildlings: They'll merge with the north. The wall will fall. The Others will be defeated.

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1. Stark - I agree that Rickon will become lord of Winterfell and Warden of the North but only Jon can raise him to be a true Stark.

2. Lannister - As much as I love Tyrion I see death for him in the end. Varys is hiding Tyrek Lannister for a good reason.

3.Tyrell - Willas is by all accounts a much better ruler than his father

4. Martell - Arianne is the heir to Dorne, not Trystane. If Arianne is made queen I can see Trystane ruling in her stead with the aid of the Sand Snakes.

5. Arryn - Harrold Harding is the likeliest choice. However, I'm going to take a wild guess and say that Sweet Robin survives. Little Finger can't kill the boy just yet, as the lords of the Vale would be quite suspicious. I think Sansa will come into her own, see LF for what he is and avenge her father. With LF and Lysa out of the way Sansa can marry young Robert and foster him with Bronze Royce. With time and luck he may become a true Arryn.

6. Targaryen - All hail Jon Targaryen, the first of his name. This is what I wish the most but fear Jon will choose to live out his life on the wall. Aegon will do (fake or no).

7. Baratheon - If the Targs don't destroy the house, I foresee a marriage between Shireen and Edric Storm. Shireen could even be given to one of the lords of the golden company for their service.

8. Frey - Too many to be extinct. I think Black Walder will find a way to take over and blame all of the atrocities on his kin. I can see him agreeing to cull his family by 2/3.

9. Tully - Edmure if he and his unborn child survives. If not, Rickon and Sansa have claims.

10. Bolton - Although I hate to admit it, this is an easy one. There is no way Roose and Ramsay survive. All the Northern lords know of the Red Wedding and other atrocities. The Boltons will be extinct and their lands divided up.

11.Greyjoy - Tough call. It could be Asha and Justin Massey or Victarian and Dany

12. Nightswatch - If Jon becomes King I think Allister Thorne will succeed him in a touch of irony.

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1. Stark: Rickon definitely, with Manderly or perhaps Davos by his shoulder depending on what happens with Stannis. If Jon dies he will have indcted in the cripts in some way. Arya isf she lives wont be back home, I think she is destined to travel and live adventures, she lost her home and the oldy Arya will never be back. Perhaps she might tke Gendry as a companion.

2. Lannister: Either extinct or Tyrek will come to fruition.

3.Tyrell: If loras makes it doubtfull perhaps he will be let go fomr the kingsguard. Or gone.

4. Martell: Ariannes and have the sand snakes as her council.

5. Arryn: Would like to see Robert grow up, but it seems unlikely at this point I think one of the lord of the vale will take it, Sansa will either be back in Winterfell or become Lady of the Vale.

6.Targaryen: Aegon perhaps, but maybe n one ant wil be left as tribute to a great family that came back from teh ashes to save the kingdom.

7. If Stannis make again doubtfull he will finally have Storms End, or he will get it before dying therefor Shireen might get it.

8. Frey: Blackfish after kicking all of the out and punishing the conspirators. Open pie bussiness with Manderly afterwartds.

9.Tully: Edmure will take it back if he surives.

10. Bolton: Bol who????

11: Geryjoy: Asha or even Damphair. Victarion doesnt seem to make it imo...unfortunately great character. I see him as Stannis on a boat.

12: Nights watch. If Jon makes he will most likely stay there, maybe not as a lord commander, giving that position to his uncle Benjen if he comes back alive. Probably unite it with the wildlings. Plus bring the wall down.

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Stark - Rickon and Shaggydog

Clan Lannister - Tyrion, son of Joanna and Tywin, both of whom he slew.

Tyrell - Willas Tyrell

Martell - Arianne

Arryn - sweetrobin, he lives!

Targ - Dany

Baratheon - Gendry

Frey - Big Walder

Tully - Edmure

Bolton - turned to cloaks

Greyjoy - King Theon! Theon king!

Night's Watch - will survive and owen the oaf will become the new LC--with Pyp and Grenn as his stewards.

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Stark: Rickon

Tully: Edmure

Lannister: I agree with Stallion that Mounts Texas, Tyrion may be Lord of Casterly Rock for a brief time, but he will die in the end and maybe he had a son through Tysha he doesn't know about and he will become Lord of Casterly Rock

Tyrell: Willas

Baratheon: Gendry or Edric

Greyjoy: Toss up, could even be a new Lord Paramount of the Iron Islands, if that's the case, my money's on the Reader, as for Victarion, he's going to get his dumbass killed

Martell: Arianne

Arryn: Robert

Targ: Jon

Frey: Perwyn (eldest who wasn't involved in the Red Wedding)

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Stark: Rickon

Tully: Sansa

Baratheon: One of Robert's legitimized bastards

Greyjoy: Asha

Arryn: Extinct, passes to Harry Hardyng

Lannister: Tyrion

Martell: Arianne

Tyrell: Willas

Targaryen: Jon

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Stark: Rickon. *beats forks and knives on the table*

Lannister: Martyn is legally the heir of Casterly Rock, with Cersei's children being bastards, Jaime in the Kingsguard, Tyrion a traitor, Lancel in the Second Sons. But it probably won't be him. I'm putting my money on Lancel, Devan, or Tyrek.

Tyrell: Has anyone else noticed that not a single person from this house has died yet? Ugh. I guess Wylas or somebody.

Martell: Doran? Arianne? Is there an actual difference? Probably not. Yes, I'm aware that one is a blobby, gouty old man, and the other is a hot olive-skinned seductress.

Arryn: Harry the Heir, I guess. Or undead Jon Arryn.

Targaryen: Toast. Jon will die childless, defending the realms of man. Daenerys will just die.

Baratheon: Either Stannis or Shireen, and if it's Shireen I hope she marries lil bb Rickon and then the Houses will truly be united, like Ned and Robert wanted. I actually believe that Stannis or Shireen will sit the Iron Throne, as well. You may call me a dreamer, but I'm not the only one.

Frey: Hopefully we get a Rosby-Frey leading them, because they all seem pretty cool. Maybe Olyvar?

Tully: Edmure, or the Blackfish temporarily and then extinction.

Bolton: Toast.

Night's Watch (not a house, but equally important): Oh, they'll still be there. History is cyclical. I personally am hoping for a Jorah Mormont-led Night's Watch but a Jamie Lannister-led one would be pretty cool, too.

Wildlings: Resettled on the Gift and maybe going back North if the Others are defeated.

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I would like to see the following, some might be wishful thinking: -

The North (House Stark): Brandon Stark the King In the North, called the Winged Wolf.

Rickon Stark would be the new Lord of the Dreadfort, with one of Lord Wyman Manderly, Brynden Tully or Davos Seaworth as his regent until he's old enough. The Boltons would be dead.

Arya Stark would return, and after kicking some serious Frey/Lannister behind be Bran's Mistress of Whisperers & the Lady Commander of his Kingsguard.

The Riverlands (House Tully): Edmure Tully, restored to his rightful seat and titles.

The Freys would largely be executed/exiled.

The Riverlands would also be sworn to Winterfell.

The Vale (House Arryn/Stark): Robert Arryn, but with Sansa Stark & her husband Harrold Hardying as the Lady & Lord Protectors.

Sansa would beat Petyr Baelish at his own game.

The Vale would also be sworn to Winterfell.

The Westerlands (House Lannister): Tyrion Lannister, with the assistance of the Second Sons & Daenerys he is given what is his by right & birth.

The Westerlands would be sworn to King's Landing.

The Reach (House Tyrell): Willas Tyrell, he seems like a nice, decent Lord-In-Waiting. I think Lord Puff-Fish will be dead sooner rather than later.

The Reach would be sworn to King's Landing.

Dorne (House Martell): Arianne Martell, I don't think her father will long survive the news of Quentyn's death.

Dorne would be sworn to the King's Landing, in spite of some bad feeling over what happened to Quent.

The Stormlands (House Barratheon): Edric Storm would be legitimised and made Lord of the Stormlands.

I think Stannis is going to die fighting the Others.

The Stormlands would be sworn to King's Landing.

The Crownlands/The Iron Throne (House Targaryen): Daenerys Targaryen the Queen in the South.

Aegon Targaryen would be the Prince of Dragonstone and her heir, despite having a better claim he doesn't have the Dragons!

Ser Barristen Selmy would be the Lord Commander or her Queensguard.

Tyrion Lannister would be Hand of the Queen.

The Night's Watch: Jon Snow as the 1000th Lord Commander, after a brief interlude where Jon is 'dead' and Bowen Marsh is LC. Jon's seat would be a restored Nightfort.

I would like for Jon to find out his parentage (Rhaegar & Lyanna) and set it aside becuase he is a sworn brother of the Night's Watch and his duty is more important.

Ser Jorah Mormont would be the Commander of Castle Black and the chief training officer of the Watch. Jorah would take the black to atone for his betrayal of Dany and to honour his father.

Samwell Tarly would be the Watch's chief Maester (as Aemon was).

Tormund Giantsbane would be First Ranger.

The Wildlings (House Rayder): Mance Rayder, as the Lord of the Gifts.

The wildlings would be given (gifted) the Gifts by Jon for their assistance against the Others, and much as he'd hate it, Mance would be their Lord. His seat would be Queenscrown.

His son/heir Aemon Battleborn/Steelsong would be returned to him.

Okay vast swathes of this are wishful thinking, but it'd be nice...

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Stark: Rickon is the likely choice, the only Stark that actually stands a chance of returning and ruling.

Lannister: we would all love to see Tyrion as the Lord of Casterly Rock - therefore, it will probably never happen. I agree Varys may have plans for tyrek, but I don't see him as the new lord. It's unlikely Jaime will survive, but he's smart enough, so who knows? My guess would be that either Tommen or, most likely, Myrcella, gets the Rock.

Tully: I hate Edmure, so I'm hoping he'll have some disgusting end. but I agree he's more likely to get Riverrun back - although that actually depends on who gets the Throne in the end. If I had to choose, I'd love to see Blackfish as the new lord.

Arryn: Robert is a goner, too sickly to survive, with or without Littlefinger plotting against him. So I'm betting on Harry and Sansa.

Baratheon: is it that impossible that someone would legitimize Edric Storm? But, again, I think that depends on who gets the Throne at certain point, although it's not impossible Stannis might leave a will legitimizing him. Just like it's not that impossible Stannis himself survives (wishful thinking?). If Shireen survives, chances are Edric marries her, but it's very unlikely.

Tyrell: Wyllas, the only one who seems to have some sense there. Unless he gets involved in the wars somehow, and ends up dying, then I'd bet on Garlan.

Martell: I like to think Arianne will be the new ruler, but she might die on the way, so her little brother would be the new lord.

The Targaryens: either Jon survives and gets the Throne in the end, or the Targs will be extinct. I don't see Daenerys responsible for its perpetuation.

The Night's Watch: once they get to an agreement with the wildlings and the Others are defeated, will it really be necessary? And it the Wall actually falls, and no one has the knowledge to erect a new one, how would there even be a Watch? I think it will either be a small patrol force scattered around the North, or it will simply cease to exist. As to the new LC, I'd bet on one of the guys Jon put on command of the "new" castles on the wall. But what I'd really like to see is Jorah as LC...

What I'm really curious about is the marriage alliances. How things will be, which house it will be worth marrying into, because right now I really don't have a clue! All I know is that as long as the Lannisters have gold, they're a good catch, but the rest is just as unpredictable as usual.

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Stark - Rickon is too obvious . Martin loves leading us to event that never happend ( like Sansa should have escaped KL with the Hound , .. ). Bran will return. The winter is going to be worse - I don't believe that he will remain in the north side of the wall.

Lannister - Tyrion, Tyrion , Tyrion. No argument, no but, no Tyrek , no nobody. Tyrion and this is final.

Tyrell - Because this is the strongest house right now - I think they have the highest chance to be extict. Since the Reach did not get much focus so far - it should get some. I think Aegon and the Martell will surround the reach , the ironman will take their part and the Tyrells are gone.

Martell - Arianne . no argument

Arryn: Martin has a tendency to keep the weak alive. Robin will survive

Targ - Dany will sit in the iron throne.

Baratheon - Stanis will bend the knee. Maybe will be the hand of the queen.

Frey - This will be the "candy" Martin will give the reader, like Janos Slynt execution , and maybe like Harennhal, the dragons will destroys the twin , burning lord Walder inside.

Bolton - the bastard will remains because you cannot have too-happy ending

Greyjoy - Asha will rules. Victarion will kill craw-eye and blow himself somehow

Night's Watch - the wall will fall. This is inevitable. Mance will have the north

Blackfyre: Aegon Blackfyre ( previously known as young Griff ) will have the Reach, and keep plotting to take the throne. If he is realy Blackfyre he will wed Arya , and if he is by any chance just Targaryen - than Sansa

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Stark - Rickon is the obvious choice, but Bran might return as well. GRRM made an offhand comment years ago about how if Bran became King at like age ten, then so be it. (this in connection with the 'five year gap' which was supposed to be between the third and fourth books). I do not see Manderly as surviving the next book.

Lannister - Tyrek. Tyron might survive, but not as a ruling lord.

Baratheon - one of King Roberts legitimized bastards. (I see Stannis as being unlikely to survive the next book).

Arryn - Probably not 'Sweet Robin' and probably not 'Harry the Heir' - maybe Littlefinger? He orchestrated the death of Joffery, and I would not be surprised if his plans include the extinction of the legitimate Arryn's as well. Maybe Sansa?

Frey - extinct. They *really* ticked off most of the north with the Red Wedding, eventually one lord or another is going to do something about them.

Bolton - extinct. Ramsey is just the sort of person to do something *really* catastrophically stupid out of blind arrogance - I take the conversation between him and his father as a bit of foreshadowing here.

Tyrell - Willas is the obvious choice...but I wonder.

Martell - Arianne

Targ - Dany probably survives, but being barren, she becomes the last legitimate Targ. I suspect that Aegon, real or fake or Blackfyre has the best chance of being seated on the Iron Throne - though I suspect the nature of that seat will change.

Nights Watch - the Wall comes tumbling down, and the Watch along with it. I do not see Jon surviving to the end of the series, or possibly even the end of the next book.

Greyjoy - Hmmm...Euron is flat out insane and likely to die in some weird occult way soon. Victarion has a dang good chance of getting himself killed. Theon was only technically a Greyjoy in the first place and Asha would never be accepted. Maybe the priest?

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Stark: Rickon, married to Wylla Manderly, bringing in a new age of northern cannibalism. But seriously Rickon's wild so the Starks will be much greyer than at the start of the series.

Lannister: Tyrek. I think Varys has been hiding him away somewhere.

Baratheon: Edric Storm will be legitimised. Stannis will die at some point, and Shireen's greyscale will come back in full force.

Arryn: Will be extinguished. Replaced by House Harrdyng, with Harry the heir and Sansa Stark as the head.

Greyjoy: Could be extinguished I feel, with the Iron Isles passing to House Harlaw and Rodrik the reader in charge.

Martell: Arianne. She seems much more competent from what we've seen of TWOW and I think she'll make it.

Targaryen: Dany and Aegon Blackfyre. They will sit the Iron Throne but it will be one kingdom of many.

Tully: Edmure will return triumphant. Gotta have some happy endings.

Frey: Wiped out to a man. The Blackfish will be given The Twins until it passes to one of Edmures younger children.

Bolton: Extinct as well.

Night's Watch: Jaime Lannister will be its 1000th LC. Don't know if it will still be there after the war for the Dawn though.

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Stark: Rickon

Lannister Tyrion

Tyrell: Some far cousin

Baratheon: Extinct

Arryn: Extinct or Robin survives.

Greyjoy: Asha

Martell: Some legitimized Sand Snake or Trystane survives

Targaryen: Son of Jon and Dany

Tully: Sansa

Frey: Olyvar

Bolton: Extinct

Night's Watch: Disbanded

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Stark: probably extinct

Lannister: Lancel

Tyrell: no clue, really. Maybe Loras?

Baratheon: Edric Storm

Greyjoy: Let's not forget Theon had his man-parts flayed off by the bastard - he can't rule a house like that. Asha is a woman and can't rule. Euron and Victarion will be killed, maybe by each other. Kingsmoot and then the reader would be awesome.

Arryn: Robert

Martell: Arianne

Targaryen: Dany

Frey: they will all be killed by UnCat and her merry men, with Walder Frey the last to go. He was always bragging about his plentiful offspring, so it's fitting he sees them all die.

Bolton: Extinct or I will RAEG!

Night's Watch: Did someone say Lord Commander Tormund Giantsbane? Alternatively, Dolorous Edd or Sam.

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That's right I forget women are aloud to rule with the Martells. I switch my choice for house Martell to Arianne.

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Stark: Sansa. I don't think Rickon is coming back to Winterfell.

Lannister: Tyrion will figure out a way to get it back.

Tyrell: Wyllas will still have it.

Baratheon: Trystane--he'll inherit it from Myrcella and be Lord Protector until their children are of age.

Arryn: Extinct. Robin is too sickly to survive even if LF doesn't try to kill him, and LF is too close as it is.

Greyjoy: extinct.

Martell: Trystane

Targaryen: Son of Jon and Dany

Tully: Edmure Tully

Frey: Extinct-Edmure Tully is Lord Protector.

Bolton: Extinct-Sansa will have the Dreadfort, Winterfell, and the Eyrie.

Night's Watch: Reformed under Brienne. Long story.

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I don't know, I see Tyrion as one of the most likely characters to survive. He's clever, manipulative, and lucky. These are the things that help you survive in Westeros. Obviously brawn, courage, and fighting ability don't help (Ned, Robb, Sandor, Gregor, etc.). I wouldn't be surprised if Tyrion has the last line in the series.

PS: Maybe I could see Varys doing him in, or possibly Littlefinger, if Tyrion is in the way of one of their agendas. They're the only ones who may be able to outsmart the imp.

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Stark: Rickon

Lannister: Tyrion

Tyrell: Wyllas

Baratheon: Edric Storm

Arryn: Sweet Robin may yet survive...Sansa rules though

Greyjoy: Asha

Martell: Arianne

Targaryen: Aegon if he survives

Tully: Edmure Tully

Frey: Extinct - Edmure Tully is Lord Protector

Bolton: Extinct - Rickon Lord of the Dreadfort

Night's Watch: The Old Bear's dying wish, Ser Jorah Mormont

Iron Throne: King Jon and Queen Daenerys

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Stark: Rikkon is the only male heir that can father a child

Lannister: Jaime because Tyrion wants the rock and he neer did.

Tyrell: Garland Tyrell since Willas dies fighting Iron Born

Baratheon: Extinct because Dany can't really let this house survivie regardless of whoever else she pardons

Arryn: Harrold the Heir-Robert is probbably Little Finger's bastard

Greyjoy: Victarion, because Iron Men are idiots and he is the prototype. Plus he will have fame from his conquests in the free cities for the next moot.

Martell: Arianne after she doesn't end up marrying Aegon

Targaryen: Jon & Dany

Tully: It will be Edmure who survives but his son and heir will actually be Black Walder's so this will really be the Freys now.

Frey: Will be house Tully by name

Bolton: Mance will hold his lands

Night's Watch: Disbanded

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I'm going to be happy in the end if:

1) A Stark sits in Winterfell

2) Ned and Robb's bones are returned to the Stark Crypts

3) Arya completely kicks some @ss and ends up something awesome after rejoining her wolf and the huge pack.

4) Lord Frey dies in a horrible, terrible, painful way after seeing his entire house remorselessly destroyed

5) Same as #4, insert "Bolton" in lieu of "Frey"

6) Sansa beats Littlefiinger at his own game and ends up on top someplace

7) Tyrion ends up with Casterly Rock and finds his Wife Tysha

8) Samwell gets some courage and takes over House Tarly

9) Jon is alive, rides to the rescue, sweeps the North to victory over Freys and Boltons (See #4 and #5 above) and discovers that he isn't a bastard, but is highborn himself, and finds out who Mommy is

10) Cersei gets what she deserves

11) Jaime and Brienne realize they care about each other and get a room, get married, and then end up fighting together to win a major battle that determines the end

12) Varys doesn't get away with everything

13) Dany just goes away and we never speak of her. It is known.

14) Jorah Mormont just goes home already

15) The red lady freezes

16) Stannis does not end up on the Iron Throne, but maybe helps in the fight

17) No more Bran in the weirwood stories: boring!

18) Davos gets to go home finally after faithfully serving

19) Barristan the Bold reassumes the Commander of the Kingsguard (after Jaime leaves to marry Brienne as he is released from duty by the King)

20) Rainbows, Unicorns, and Dragons; everybody lives happily ever after. (Except Freys and Boltons, see #4 and #5)

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