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I enjoy Tyrion and Arya's chapters the most, probably because I can relate to them the most. I like Danny's chapters and how the events going on in Essos contrast with the rest of the POV characters, reading about the Dothraki and their oily braids and Illyrio's shiny jeweled rings. Reading the Eddard chapters is interesting in seeing Ned having to adjust to a new environment in his ongoing investigation of the Jon Arryn murder plot.

It's been interesting how re-reading the book in Chinese has made my dislikes stand out even more. Reading through some of Catelyn's chapters  is like wading through a bog.  Jon's chapters are pretty hit and miss for me. I don't really like the character Sansa, but so far her chapters have been pretty fun to read.

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pls delete

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didnt notice I was in 'still reading' forum

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