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[Book Spoilers] The Masked Lady

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There is a very popular interpretation of the prophecy, which says Dany must travel east through the sea, around the globe of the world and reach Westeros from the west. I am almost certain that Dany will reach Westeros this route.

George R.R. Martin also pointed out in an interview, that no one has ever tried to do such a travel yet in the world of SoIaF.

That is interesting. It's George's story... but lord with , what , 8 thousand years of semi-civilization, and 5000 of the sort of advanced Valyrian one , seems like a long time for someone not to think of it.

When Columbus did it he thought he was going somewhere else than a new continent.

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I liked her mask btw, really freaky and cool

That mask is one of my favorite costume pieces yet. I dont get the dress, but yeah, the mask is freaky

I liked the mask. Exotic and cool, yet unsettling.

unsettling is a really good word for it

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