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ASOIAF Twenty Questions - Registry Record

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First of all, thanks to DR Supporter for creating this wonderful game on July 8th, 2012.

Down below you'll find a registry record with the previous rounds, standings and other trivia. In addition to the registry record Jon's Queen Consort is keeping a alphabetic and categorized list the previous answer, for a quick look before starting a new round.

A quick overview of our rules in the spoilers below, created by Silver Spearwife, A Free Shadow, Jon's Queen Consort, Mym and Crown:

We're generally pretty laid back, but here are a few pointers to keep in mind when you play:

  • Anything from the series is game! This includes Dunk & Egg and the show. We've had everything from Theon Greyjoy to Willas' crippling to Renly's peach.

  • Animals are considered characters. So if you have an animal (or some other odd creature) in mind and someone asks if it's a character, you can just answer "yes".

  • Body parts are considered objects.

  • Dunk is considered a POV character.

  • The Iron Islands are considered South of the Neck.

  • Plants are objects.

  • Hints aren't mandatory. They're common, but if you want to challenge us, don't feel obligated to include one (or two, or three, as the case sometimes is).

  • Once we get to around sixteen questions, start conserving questions, to be fair to the other players.

  • Keep an updated list of all the questions in your post when answering.

  • It's customary to let the winner host the next round, although you can see in the registry that that's not always the case

  • Post a list of the host, answer and winner of the previous round in the registry thread. Crown keeps the registry and he will update the registry when he has time.

These are all pointers, but there are also some rules:

  • Don't choose something that's already been done. We've got a registry going, and it's updated every time a game finishes, so you can just check it. It's long, but don't feel intimidated.

  • You may ask one question, make one guess, or do a combination of a question and a guess. However, you can't ask more than a question or make more than one guess in the same post.

  • Editing old questions or guesses into new ones is not allowed.

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After Buckwheat's excellent work this list is now updated. THANK YOU BUCK!

I will keep updated it.

Previous answers (in categories and alphabetic order)


Human (male)

a king who eats frogs while standing on one leg

Aegon Frey

Aegor Bittersteel Rivers

Aemon Battleborn/Steelsong

Aerion Targaryen

Alequo Adarys

Archibald Yronwood

Areo Hotah

Arstan Selmy

Arthur Dayne

Arya's hypothetical lord husband

Aurane Waters

Balon Swann

Benfred Tallhart


Brynden Rivers

Catelyn's unborn brothers

Cersei's stillborn with Robert from the TV show


Denyo Terys

Devan Seaworth

Drowned man Emmond

Eddison Tollett

Elwood Meadows

Eustae Osgrey


Garin the Great

Gilly and Craster's son

Glendon Flowers (Ball) a.k.a. Knight of the Pussywillows

Gormond Goodbrother


Hallis Mollen

Harl the Handsome

Harmen Uller


Hazzea's dad


Howland Reed


Jacelyn Bywater

Jaime Lannister

Jaqen H'ghar's father

Jon as a flour ghost

Jon Snow


King Scab

Lewis Lanster

Lommy Greenhands

Lomas Longstrider

Lord Edgar Yronwood

Lord Magnar

Lucamore the Lusty

Lucas Blackwood


Maester Kedry





Ned Dayne's father

Night's King

Oswell Kettleblack

Oswell Whent

Petyr Baelish

Roland Crakehall

Ser Roland storm the bastard of Nightsong


Stalwart Shield

Stannis Baratheon

Strong Belwas


Rickon Stark



Sweetrobin (Robert Arryn)

The gravedigger at the Quiet Isle

The Great Walrus

the lord from Yrgitte's story who peeled the skin of Bael the Bards son and wore him for a cloak (character)

The Merchant's House's innkeeper's cousin

The miller's sons

The Mountain

The murder of Little Walder

The singer at the Red Wedding

Theon Greyjoy

The stableboy killed by Gregor Clegane

The unknown Liddle Bran meets

Togg Joth

Tyrion Tanner

Urathon Night Walker

Willam Stark

Willem (show-only, the man Yoren killed)

Wyllis Manderly

Human (female)

Alannys Harlaw

Allyria Dayne

Amerie Frey (Gatehouse Ami)

Bellegere Otherys

Barsena Blackhair


Danelle Lothson

Danny Flint

Eddard's mother

Elaena Targaryen


Elia Martell

Elza/Ella the slave weaver

Ermesande Hayford

Gendry's mom

Graces (Meereen priestesses)




Jeyne Westerling

Jeyne Westerling who married Maegor the Cruel

Jorelle Mormont

Jyana Reed

Lanna (the pretty young whore in Braavos)

Leonette Fossoway

Lyanna Stark

Lynesse Hightower

Marya Seaworth

Masha Heddle

Mother Mole


Myrtle the spearwife


Septa Moelle

Septa Mordane

Serala of Myr


Red Jeyne

Rhaella Targaryen


Roslin Frey


The Clegane sister

The Dornishman's Wife

The grey girl that Melisandre sees in the flames

The ugly little girl

The white- haired woman that Bran saw in Bran III in Dance



Weasel's mother


Humans (group)

Alyssane and Gwynesse

Bowen Marsh and Wick

Brazen Beasts

Denys Mallister and Cotter Pyke

Gendel's children

Gendry and Edric Storm

Gerion and crew leaving for the journey

Jaime and Cersei


Lady Graceford and Lady Merryweather

Left and Right

Little and Big Walder

Porridge and Lamprey

Tanselle Too-Tall and Rohanne Webber

The characters on Arya's list

The Freys used in the Frey Pies

Tyrion, Harrold Hardying, Willas Tyrell and Joffrey

Varys' little birds



Blind dog at the Fingers

Briar's shadowcat

Coldhand's great elk

Dog called Dog

Drogo's Red


Honor (the horse)

Jon Arryn's favorite falcon

Kindly man's worm

Lizard lion

Loras' mare in heat

Mice at the Nightfort





Rhaenys' kitten Balerion

The direwolf dad

The direwolves' mother

the frogs the Reeds offer for harvest

The grave worm Arya plucks from the Kindly Man's skull

The last Direwolf seen south of the wall

The lion killed by Clegane's dogs

The lion sacrificed by Azor Ahai

The Lion Cersei touched at Casterly Rock

The mouse that Sam sees in the library (been done twice)

The one eyed mule that sees Jaime

The owl that lives in Winterfell

The shadowcat Jon hears in the Frostfangs

The stag that killed the direwolf mom

The vixen Arya sees when she is trying to escape the BwB

Three black swans Arya saw in the God's eye


White Hart


Animals (group)

Crunch & Pretty Pig

House Clegane's three dogs

Melisandre's leeches

Nymeria's pack

The crows at the top of the broken tower Bran didn't feed

The monkeys on Victarion's ship

Three black swans Arya saw in the God's eye

Tommen's kittens

Two fawns Tommen had as pets

Ravens at the weirwood at the Isle of Ravens


Old Man of the River

The god of tits and wine

The Maiden (been done twice)

The Seven

The Storm God


A trueborn child of Robert and Cersei


Grumkins and Snarks


Shadow wolves fighting on the wall

"Ser Daisy" (in reference to Loras)


The bravest person in the BwB Cave (TV show specific)

The cropse that stood at the prow of a ship in Dany's vision

The giant from 'The Last of the Giants' song

The greyscale man that dragged Tyrion under water

The mermaid the Grey King married

The Other slain by Sam

The shadow assassin born under Storm's End

The Valonqar



Coldhand's supper

Davos' onions

Hot Pie's pies

Joffrey's wedding pie

Mance's bracer with the ruby

Salt the Brotherhood used on Freys and other hanged men

Septon Meribald's oranges

Singer's stew

Renly's peach

The crabapple Arya threw at Gendry

The first Apple that Alleras hit

The flour Brienne buys in Duskendale

The lemons in Sansa's lemon cakes

The poisoned honeyed locusts

Tyrion's mushrooms


Arbor Gold

Dornish Red

Moon Tea

The milk that blinded Arya

The wine that killed Joffrey


Areo's axe

Asha's axe

Barristan's Kingsguard sword

Beric's flaming sword

Brienne's wooden tourney sword


Caggo Corpsekiller's Valyrian arakh

Gregor Clegane's Greatsword



Just Maid (the sword)

Jaqen's finger knife

Lady Forlorn

Meera's frog spear


Oathkeeper, Ice and Oathbreaker

Obara's whip

Poison on Oberyn's spear

Red Rain

Ramsay's flaying knife

The arrow that killed Ygritte

The dagger Cat used to kill Jinglebell

Waymar Royce's sword

Widow's Wail


Arya's Bolton garb

Arya's dress from Lady Smallwood

Brienne's Rainbow Guard cloak

Cersei's dress that Osney ripped

Cloak made out of the skin of a King in the North

Daenerys' Wedding Dress

Damphair's loincloth

Dareon's boots

Jalabhar Xho's cape

Morna's weirwood mask

Ned's gloves handed to Jory

Sandor Clegane's Kingsguard cloak

Sansa's wedding dress

The hidden Night's Watch cloak on the Fist

Tycho's fully hat

Tytos Blackwood's cloak


Brynden Tally's blackfish brooch

Dany's amethyst collar

Chella's ear-necklace

Lyanna's laurel of blue winter roses

Maekar's signet ring held by Aegon V

Melisandre's necklace

Ned's badge of office

Robb's Crown

Sansa's hairnet

Theon's golden chain that was mocked by Balon

The pin of the Hand of the King

The scarlet silk patches in Mance's cloak

Tobho Mott's Sapphire Necklace

Tormund's gold armband

Viserys' golden crown


Bran's padded armour

Chainmail of Edwyn Frey felt by Catelyn at the Red Wedding

Dunk's shield

Oswell Whent's helmet

Rattleshirts Giant Skull Helmet

Renly's armour

The Hound's helmet

The Knight of the Laughing Tree's shield

Yohn royce's armor

Body parts

A piece of Baelor's brain

A piece of Theon's flayed skin

Aerys' uncut nails

Arianne's nipples

Arya's first new face

Bittersteel's gilded skull

Brandon's penis

Brandon's wolfblood

Camel's C***

Danaerys' ass

Daven Lannister's beard

Drogo's braid

Edmure's floppy fish

Euron's smiling eye

heads whispering good counsel to old Crabb

Gregor's Head

Grey goose feathers

Grey Wind's severed head

Jaqen H'ghar's face

Jeyne Westerling's changing hips

Joanna's tear in Jaime's dream

Jorah Mormonts Demon Face Brand

King's blood

Lady Webber's braid

Lemore's eyes

Lemore's stretchmarks

Leslyn Haigh's half ear

Lock of hair on the purse of the dead soldier

Longspear Ryk's half ear

lord Nestor Roice's mole

Margaery's maidenhead

Ned's bones

Nissa Nissa's heart/breast

Qhorin's missing fingers

Rickon's hair

Sam's fat

Sandor's scar

Stannis' balding head

Straw streak in Gerris Drinkwater's hair

The black Baratheon hair

The black streak in Darkstar's hair

The blood Cersei gave to Maggy the Frog

The bottoms that polished the Stark seat

The childs head that was cut off and brought to Cersei

The fake Davos head hanging in white harbor

The heart Dany eats

The Lace Serpent's tongue

The septa's teats Biter chewed off

The Webbed Fingers of the Borrell family

Theon's flayed penis

Tormund's member

Torrhen's knee

Tyrion's eyes

Tyrion's nose

Selyse's mustache

Valyrian purple eyes

Vargo's lost ear

Varys' balls

Victarion's burned hand

Wyman Manderly's lifesaving fat

Ygritte's hair


Rhaegar's book with the AAR prophecy

Songs and Stories from the Seven Kingdoms (Jorah's gift to Dany)

The book Tyrion gifts to Joffrey

The Seven-Pointed Star

The White Book


Davos' letter to Marya

Letter Ned contemplated sending to Hon while in black cells

Lyanna Mormont's letter

Ramsay's letter

Stannis' letter

The Contract between Stannis Baratheon and the Iron BankThe letter Theon burned on the show


Iron Victory

Mummer's ship in Braavos

Sea Bitch

Storm Crow


Trees, plants & flowers

Acorns in the grave of a NW recruit

Flowers Daario brought Dany each night of their trip from Yunkai to Meereen

Moss in the south ear


seaweed in Damphair's beard

The fruittree Robert mentions

The grass of the Dothraki Sea (Hranna)

the pine trees in Braavos


A Cyvasse trebuchet

A mummer's dragon

Aemon's blindness

Aeron's waterskin

Beric Dondarrion's 9000 golden dragons' note

Blue Bard's lute

Brass Plate Dany and Mormont use in Qarth

Cersei's drawing of herself with Rhaegar on a dragon

Daario's golden tooth

Dragonglass candle


Drops of rain at the Red Wedding

Eddard Stark's bed

Edmure's gallow

Egg's Green Dragon Egg

Egg's signet

Euron's dragon egg

Gargoyles at Dragonstone

Gyles Rosby's handkerchief

Iron Throne

Jaime's golden hand

King's decree giving Riverrun to Emmon Frey

Longclaw's pommel

Patchface's helm

Poisoned coins of the House of Black and White

Quaithe's mask

Renly's Grave

Rhaegar's rubies

Robb's will

Robert's "Breastplate stretcher"

Sansa's bloodied and burned bedsheets

Sansa's Hair Dye

Sansa's snowcastle


Snowflakes in Robb's hair

Stannis' ram for the King's Gate

Statue of young Illirio

The Bear Pelt Tormund takes off the She-Bear in his story

The candle that can't replace the sun

the cask Tyrion was smuggled from ship to Illyrio's villa in.

The cedar chest containing envoys heads sent to Dany from Mantarys

The coin in the dungeon in King's Landing

The contracts Tyrion signed for the Second Sons

The Crone's lantern

The cup Aerion used to drink wildfire

The different coat

The direwolf on the Stark sigil

The ditchdigger's shovels

The doll that Arya rips apart

The dragonglass cache from the Fist of the First Men

The featherbed in Tom o' Sevens song

The Iron Throne

The leather cord that strangled Brandon Stark

The Liddle's green and white cloth

The mammoth toy

The foot manacles put on Asha after being captured at Deepwood

The Myrish carpet in the Selhorys brothel

The poof of smoke Arya vanished in

The sphinxes at the Citadel

The Wall's elevator

The wywern and the hellhound (gargoyles at Dragonstone)

Theon's chains

Tyrion's goblet at Joffrey's wedding

Tywin's smile

Valyrian steel link of a maester's chain

Varys' powders

Weirwood leaves

Weirwood Throne of the Eyrie

Wex's carvings

Ysillia's spoon









Daznak's pit

Inn at the Crossroads

Lowest level of Wintefell crypt

Sept of Baelor

Starry Sept

The Dragonpit

The Drunkard's Tower

The Peach Inn

The privy Tywin died in

The septs in Winterfell

The Warrens




The ancient stone bridge that Bitterbridge is named after

The black cells

The bridge at the Twins

The doors of the painter woman's house

The house with the Red Door

The Moon Door

The Skycells

The staircase in front of the House and Black and White

The switchback stair at the Wall

The Wall

Titan of Braavos

Natural locations

Alyssa's Tears


Drogon's lair

Glass gardens in Winterfell

Godswood North of the Wall

Jon and Ygritte's cavern



Ragman's Harbor

The godswood at Raventree

The Island of Ravens

The Jade Sea

The Shadow

The Spears of the Merlin King

Womb of the World



Arya Underfoot


Lord Commander of the Night's Watch

The title "Master of Whisperers"

Warden of Stone Way

Warden of the Soutern Marches


Arthur Dayne killing the Smiling Knight of the Kingswood Brotherhood

Arya becoming no-one

Arya being bathed and put in girls clothing while with the BwB

Arya bitting her lip

Arya saying that Robb and Catelyn wouldn't want to ransom her

Arys and Arianne sexy time

Ashara Dayne giving birth to a dead girl

Aurane making away with the ships

Barristan Selmy taunting Drogon

Battle of Redgrass Field

Beric's seven deaths

Blind Arya knowing who was hitting her by warging into the cat

Bran The Builder building The Wall

Bronn cleaning his nails with his knife

Brynden telling stories from the war of the Ninepenny kings

Cersei and Loras' betrothal in the show

Cersei channeling Robert during her sex with Taena

Cersei crying at Tommen's wedding

Cersei exploring the "myrish swamp"

Cersei's walk of shame

Cersei throwing wine in Kevan's face

Cersei twisting baby Tyrion's penis

Cortnay Penrose being killed by a Shadow Assassin / "committing suicide"

Daenerys' hair burning off

Daenerys meeting the Khal Jhaqo and the Dothraki at the end of Dance.

Daenerys' nibbling on everything

Dunk's trial of the Seven

Gared's execution

Gendry ringing Bella's bells

Gods' trial on Dunc

Great Spring Sickness

Gregor's migraines

Jaime and Brienne taking bath in Harrenhall

Jaime getting his head stuck in his helmet at the Hand's Tourney in GOT

Jaime sending Edmure's son with a trebuchet

Jaime waiting for Genna to pinch his ear

Joffrey kissing Sansa

Jon Connington showing Rhaegar the Roof of Griffin's Roost

Jon giving Ygritte the Lord's Kiss

Jon Snow nearly having sex with Ros (TV)

Jon thinking about messing up Arya's hair and call her little sister

Lord Motoon being imprisond by Randyll Tarly

Lyanna pouring wine over Benjen's head

Mormont's raven saying 'Jon Snow'

Mummer's farce (Wyman)

Mycah's death

Myrcella's maiming by Darkstar

People believing Dany was dead in Dance

Petyr taking Catelyn's maidenhead

Ramsay knocking out and breaking Theon's teeth with a hammer

Renlys coming of age tour

Robert slapping Cersei

Roose Bolton being leeched

Sandor's bed catching fire

Sansa pleading for Ned's life

SanSan's UnKiss

Serry's death at the hands of Victarion

Serving when serving was safe

Stannis eating a peach

Stannis grinding his teeth

Stannis' nod of approval

Stannis' silences

Strong Belwas shitting at Meereen

Sweetrobin's seizures

The Battle of the Bells

The battle of three thousand

The birth of Dany's dragons

The Dance of the Dragons

The Doom of Valyria

The drowning of Sawane Botley

The Iron Fleet capturing ships during the voyage to Slaver's Bay

The sailors telling Arya their names

the shipwreck of windproud

The Unsullied bathing in the sea to be purified by their goddess

The War for Cersei's cunt

The War of the Five Kings

Theon's arrival at Winterfell as a ward

Theon's "bending" to his task

Theon burning the letter (TV show)

Tyrion fixing the drains of Casterly Rock

Tyrion pissing off the Wall

Tyrion playing cyvasse with Young Griff

Tywin being mistaken for a king by Baratheon brothers

Tywin teaching Jaime how to read

Wedding ceremony between Dany and Hizdahr

Wex throwing his dagger at Skagos to show where Rickon went.

White Fawn branding Merret Frey

Willas' crippling

Ygritte slitting the throat of the man Jon refused to kill


House Seaworth

"House Silverfist"

House Stark

House Uller


Fifty-Four Tuns

The Bear and the Maiden Fair

The song Sansa sings to the Hound


"A boy becomes a girl"

''A pox to both your gods'' (Asha)

''A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only once.''

"And now it begins"

"Better not let her lord grandfather host the wedding?"

"Bugger you all"

''Bugger that.''

Daenerys' titles

Euron's order to trade captives from Shields.

Fallen Leaves

"For hundreds of years the men of the Citadel have opened the bodies of the dead, to study the nature of life. I wished to understand the nature of death, so I opened the bodies of the living."

Gendry apologizing to Arya for becoming a knight

Half of the Ullers are half-mad, and the other half are worse



"Her cunt became the world."


"He has a song... he is the prince that was promised and his is the song of Ice and Fire." (conversation Dany overhears in the HOTU)

"Hot Pie!"

"I am alive, and drunk on sunlight."

I am not Robert. But we will march, and we will free Winterfell... or die in the attempt.

I can be your family/You wouldn't b my family

''I dreamed of you.''

"I saw your birth, and that of your lord father before you."

"I took her castle, and she took my heart."

“It ends in blood, as it began" “It ends when Casterly Rock is cracked open, so

the sun can shine on the maggots and the worms within. It ends with the utter ruin of Tywin Lannister and all his works.”

“It’s death and destruction I want to bring down on House Lannister, not scorn”

Jon lying to Ygritte that Castle Black is a real castle

Jorah’s talk about the common people

"King Robb is warring, my lord. Not playing at tourney."

''Little Bird.''

"Love is madness and lust is poison"

''Maybe I told the Great Stallion to fuck himself.''

Men call me Darkstar, and I am of the night

''My husband is the king and the king is my husband.''

"Now sheathe your bloody sword, or I'll take it from you and shove it up some place even Renly never found"

"Only Cat."

"Phantom fingers"

"Play with her arse."

"Sword" by Brienne

The rumours swirling on how Robert died

The story about the boy who hated stories

The Tickler's questions

''There are no men like me. There's only me.''

"They are quite a pair, Stannis and Renly. The iron gauntlet and the silk glove."

"Too Tully." (Littlefinger about Lysa's/Sansa's dress)

"War and Woe and the screams of burning men"

"we should start back"

''What is dead may never die, but rises again, harder and stronger.''

" 'What if wolves come?' 'Yield' "

"Wherever whores go."

"You don't want to wake the dragon, do you?"

"You swore a vow to guard the king, not to judge him."


A drop of honour Littlefinger has

A cliffhanger

A Song of Ice and Fire (the books).

Arya's thought that she should whisper Hot Pie to Jaqen

Blackfish's guess that Tywin was behind Jon becoming Lord Commander since Cat didn't trust 'the boy'

Crown's debt

Davos pride at his sons ability to keep their ships in line

Doran's gout

How Arya should stick 'em

Ironborn Culture *

Jon's dream where he is armoured in Ice with a burning sword

King of Tormund's Hairy Butt Crack

Maester Aemon's handwriting

Meereenese knot (TV)

Meribald's speech

Pod's Sexual Prowess (TV show specific)


Sansa's love for Joffrey

Seven Hells

Stannis' flaming heart

Storms at Storm's End

Talking like Jaqen H'ghar

The best claim to the throne

"The boy" in Jon Snow

The Crone's lantern

The custom of exchanging cloaks at weddings

The Game of Thrones

The Iron Price

The last harvest before winter that will probably not get done

The End

The only officially known way to kill a dragon

The place where Arya hides Needle

The real name of Jaqen H'ghar

The Red Comet

The theory that Sarella is Alleras

The things Jaime does for love

The word Brienne shouted to Lady Stoneheart

Tyrion's love for Shae

Water Gardens' game

What's behind Euron's patch?

Wherever Gendry will reach land on the TV show

Words that rhyme with Rek

Year 282 AL

*The asimilation of Andal culture and religion in the Ironborn one following the Andal conquest

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Added round 17:

Host: Jon's Queen Consort - Answer: Munda - Winner: A Free Shadow

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Oh my god, this game became serious. Like really serious. I still love the * at the end of the list.

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Host: Liar - Answer: Euron's dragon egg - Winner: Reek the Turncloak

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Added round 19:

Host: A Free Shadow - Answer: The last harvest before winter that will probably not get done Winner: -

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Host: A Bear Covered in Fluff - Answer: Wedding ceremony between Dany and Hizdahr

Winner: Ledlevee

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Um, who won the "last harvest" then?

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Um, who won the "last harvest" then?

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Host: St. Arya of the Knife


"They are quite a pair, Stannis and Renly. The iron gauntlet and the silk glove"

Winner: Volonqar

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Host: St. Arya of the Knife


"They are quite a pair, Stannis and Renly. The iron gauntlet and the silk glove"

Winner: Volonqar

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Host: Volonqar- Answer: The poisoned honeyed locusts. - Winner: Liar

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Host: Liar. Answer: dog called Dog. Winner: TheMalcolm.

Host: TheMalcolm. Answer: black cells. Winner: Liar.

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Host: A Free Shadow Answer: Hot Pie's pies Winner: Chelly

Host: Chelly Answer: "King Robb is warring, my lord. Not playing at tourney." Winner: eddard of the house stark

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Host: A Free Shadow Answer: Hot Pie's pies Winner: TheMalcolm

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You were the winner!

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Host: eddard of the house stark - Answer: ''Maybe I told the Great Stallion to fuck himself.'' - Winner: Chelly

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