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So, I love the idea of HBO making a mini-series on the events leading upto and after Robert's rebellion. I've seen threads on general castings, but in regard to the Aerys' Kingsguard, who do you think would fit?

Lord Commander Gerold Hightower 'The White Bull' : Stephan Lang, I think he works really well, age-wise he fits yet he also has that 'hard-guy' look that goes with being in the Kingsguard. https://upload.wikim...ge_Skidmore.jpg

Arthur Dayne 'Sword of the Morning' : Henry Cavill, he's not perfect but I think he could work. OR Ben Barnes, he had more of a 'Dornish' look to him but him being cast is pretty unrealistic. https://s3.amazonaws....jpg?1278319777

Jamie Lannister 'Kingslayer': I think Alexander SkarsgÄrd would work as a pretty decent Jamie. I know he's a little old and Jamie is supposed to be sixteen but I like him as a younger Jamie.

Barristan Selmy 'The Bold' :Ian McElhinney would be fine to continue playing Ser Barristan. If he's given a shave, a bit of colour to his hair and the odd bit of make-up then he would be fine. Besides, keeping the same actor provides a bit of continuity. https://twimg0-a.aka...19229/image.jpg

Prince Lewyn Martell: Oded Fehr is perfect for Lewyn, he really looks like a man who hails from the sandy dunes of Dorne. http://www.rainmanag...ded-240x300.jpg

Oswell Whent: Karl Urban, yep I know it's predictable but I went there. and http://images.huffin...1-19-0KarlUrban

Jonothor Darry: Vincent Regan I think he could work. Meh. Don't really have much else to say on him.


Aside from the Kingsguard some people who I fit certain roles are:

Rickard Stark: Jeremy Irons http://filmsplusmovi...al62to2_400.jpg OR VIggo Mortensen

Brandon Stark: Eoin Macken

Lyanna Stark: Sarah Bolger http://www.jokersupd...oat-aurora1.png OR Katie McGrath https://gs1.wac.edge...dxjzho1_400.jpg

Hoster Tully: Christopher Plummer http://images.starpu...r Plummer-2.jpg

Edmure Tully: Jon Foster I know he is like ten during the Rebellion but if they increased his age a bit then he could work. https://theresapoint.../jon-foster.jpg

Petyr Baelish: Sam Claflin http://cdn.bloody-di...Sam-Claflin.jpg

Jon Arryn: Anthony Head http://www4.images.c...ead-profile.jpg

Joanna Lannister: Charlize Theron, she has actually said that she'd love to be in Game of Thrones. This role is perfect as she'd only be in a few episodes at the most and she really can pass off as the mother of Cersei, Jamie and Tyrion.

Okay, that's all I can think of now. Who do you think would suit a particular role and while castings do you agree/disagree with?

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