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Cast your favorite minor character/s

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This series is full of background characters that we take an instant liking to or interest in, but they often just don't make the cut in the show because the cast is so big already: Dacey Mormont, Garlan Tyrell, Mya Stone, the Weeper, Lady Smallwood, Tom 'o Sevens, etc.

As the title says, let's hypothetically cast minor characters we really like (or really don't like, whatever) that've been cut or merged into someone else. Or even if they still have the potential to appear but haven't been casted yet -- like, say the Sand Snakes -- this thread could be a catch-all for those smaller roles that you probably wouldn't make a thread for otherwise.

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Anna Shaffer as Sarella Sand.

Another good fit would be Jessica Sula or Ruth Negga (but she is a little old for a 19 year old at 29 but she could pass for 17 imo) all girls could Sarella's dual role well.

Astrid Berg├Ęs-Frisbey or Janina Gavankar as Nymeria Sand.

Freya Mavor as Tyene Sand.

Obara Sand is hard since I can't think off the top of my head of any broad shouldered women of dark colouring. My best bet is Gabrielle Reece, she's not dark and closer to 40 than 30 but she is as athletic as I imagine Obara to be.

I'd dream cast Ivana Baquero as Elia Sand but more realistically Clara Lago.

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Mark Shepperd- Pylos( He mostly play amoral characters.)

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Miriam Margolyes as Zahrina

Anna Shaffer as Sylva Santagar

Nina Young as Sybelle Glover

Lesley Nicol as Maege Mormont

Zoe Bell as Alysane Mormont

Caroline Chikezie as Kojja Mo

Vanessa Branch as Joanna Lannister

Dawn French as Genna Lannister

Gabriella Wright as the Dusky Woman

Clara Paget as Dalla

Sam Vincenti as Yandry

Hakeem Kae-Kazim as Xhondo

Joel Swetow as Tytos Blackwood

Tim Pigott-Smith as Ternesio Terys

Sasson Gabai as Rommo

Luke Neal as Ronnet Connington

Tamer Hassan as Qavo Nogarys

Mark Williams as Orton Merryweather

Sammy Sheik as Nurse

Robert Pugh as Nestor Royce

Sylvester McCoy as Meribald

Ray Stevenson as Lemoncloack

Vince Colosimo as Leathers

Eoin Macken as Hyle Hunt

Selva Rasalingham as Groleo

Ken Stott as Harry Strickland

Erick Avari as Grazdan zo Galare

Kenneth Cranham as Godric Borrell

Diego Luna as Garin

Vladmir Kulich as Daven Lannister

Douglas Booth as Cletus Yronwood

Jason Felmyng as Bloodbeard

Abhin Galeya as Andrey Dalt

Darwin Shaw as the Alchemist

Dave Legeno as Archibald Yronwood

What do you guys think??

Shaun Peters as Quhuru Mo

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