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5 minutes ago, Roose Boltons Pet Leech said:

You are aware that that is deliberate on the part of the author?


Yes,  Im well aware of this.


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On 10/18/2013 at 9:40 AM, Hound Dog said:

I'm currently reading "Mordant's Need", my first ever try at Stephen R. Donaldson, and I just love it. Has anyone else read it, and if so, what'd you think? (No spoilers, please!)


I am definitely going to check out more Donaldson books, Gap or Thomas Covenant, and I'm wondering who else has read them? I generally prefer SF to fantasy, although if Thomas Covenant is the same sort of fantasy as is Mordant's Need (limited and yet very unique magic that is believable in its given system), I would be thrilled.



I've heard Mordant's Need is the most "accessible" series by Donaldson, so I'm not sure whether the Gap or Covenant series would suit me better for a next read. Any Donaldson fans who can suggest which would be better, or does it not really matter?



As an extra, does anyone know of any other books like "The Mirror of her Dreams" (Mordant's Need #1)? Somehow it reminds me a bit of "Doomsday Book" by Connie Willis, which I also loved... someone from "our time" going back to a medieval-like setting. I get lost in books like this and would be so happy to know of more like this!


Thank you :)



I know this is 4 years old, but I loved Mordant's Need. I found Mirror of Her Dreams at a garage sale in the late 80's and paid 10 cents for it, then scoured every used bookstore in my area until I found A Man Rides Through. I still have them, and I read them at least once a year. I still have a huge crush on Artagel. LOL 

I always felt it was more like a cross between King Lear and Chronicles of Amber than The Doomsday Book personally. :) 

I read The Doomsday Book many years ago when it was first published as part of the Science Fiction Book Club. Wonderful story! 

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