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  2. The difference is that there was a time when there were living dragons around who procreated naturally, and then there was a time when all that were left were eggs of an extinct species. The fact that the Targaryens in the days of Jaehaerys I and Viserys I began to give dragon eggs to their infants doesn't mean this was necessary to hatch them. Aenys was given a hatchling, not an egg. And we know that six dragons hatched on Dragonstone during the later years of Aegon the Conqueror. There is no indication that people were involved in the hatching of those eggs - just as there is no reason to believe the wild dragons needed the help of mortals to hatch.
  3. Yeah? Do you have a link to this quote by George? As far as I recall, he considers there to be five main protagonists, and only one of those are a Targaryen; Jon is, and always will be a true Snow/Stark, despite his half Targ blood. I Know you think this story is about the all mighty Targs, and their "rightful" claim to rule the Seven Kingdoms, but you'll see (and be mighty disappointed, I presume), when the cold winds blow, and a time for Wolves has come.
  4. The only time in ASOIAF where incest and uncle X niece were mentioned together, is here: "The views regarding marriages between an uncle and a niece (or an aunt to a nephew) might differ between the Faith and the old gods. Although the High Septon protested against a possible marriage between Prince Maegor and his niece Rhaena,[3][13] in the north, Serena Stark had been wed to her uncle, Edric, while her sister Sansa Stark had been wed to her uncle Jonnel Stark.[7] " First sentence is not a quote from the World book, it's just a personal opinion of whoever was writing that entry in the Wikia. This is other entry regarding that same event: "In 24 AC, when Queen Visenya Targaryen proposed a marriage between her son Maegor and her niece, Princess Rhaena, the High Septon strongly objected. Instead, he suggested his own niece, Lady Ceryse Hightower. Maegor and Ceryse were wed in 25 AC in the Starry Sept in Oldtown,[3][1][2] with the ceremony performed by the High Septon himself.[3]" Thus High Septon objected to that marriage between Maegor and Rhaena, not because they were uncle and niece, but because Aegon's first son and crown prince Aenys I Targaryen, already has married with a member of Valyrian family (Alyssa Velaryon). And High Septon wanted for at least King's other son, to marry with someone from Westeros, and not with another Valyrian bride. Furthermore, he wanted second prince to marry not with some random girl from some random royal family of 7K, he wanted his own niece (High Septon's niece) Ceryse Hightower to marry with prince Maegor, and to join Targaryen family and their royal court, and become a princess. Rhaena Targaryen was already a Princess, and High Septon wanted for his own niece also to become a Princess. That's why he objected. He objected to Rhaena, not to incest, because there was NO incest in that uncle X niece marriage. Whether in the whole text, or in a separate sentence, the meaning of that line is the same and doesn't change - it was suggestion that they can accuse Selyse in having an affair with her uncle. And affair with her uncle is one crime - adultery. While Cersei's crime was double - her affair with Jaime was adultery and incest.
  5. I think you guys may be assuming the wrong thing. I also was pleasantly surprised, but googled the story, and it looks like it was the columnist who denounced Le Pen who was booed and escorted out. That said, all the sources I'm seeing are either far right rags, (Breitbart, Daily Caller) or of questionable worth. (Washington Examiner) The Examiner's article seems to indicate that columnist in question was booed and chased out sometime after her denunciation of Le Pen, when she criticised the way Republicans are content to ignore the abuse of women by right wing figures. Link. ETA: I have to say, it took guts on her part to stand up to her party and the crazies in it at CPAC. Since she's a right wing columnist I doubt I'd agree with her about much, but I applaud her willingness to stand up and tell the truth to people who are violently opposed to hearing it. Well done.
  6. I keep forgetting to mention Glen Cook's Starfishers trilogy. Go read it.
  7. Wow. That art isn't even that bad by today's standards. Heck I kind of like it. Edit: I'm sure Bean will pick him up once TOR drops his ass.
  8. Man, it's close to 20 teams. Have USA basketball team drop 20 teams worth of top players from their selection and I'm not sure they'd make it out of the group stage in the Olympics, let alone win a medal. It's more poor performance of the Russian ADA which saw a whole bunch of Russian athletes banned from competition.
  9. Early on, in the same section where the Redwynes are mentioned. The Crabbs are mentioned there, too, yet the Crackclaw Point folk don't do anything noteworthy, either, during the Dance. And thinking about the Redwynes - it is really a throwaway line that Aegon II 'had the Arbor, too'. That doesn't indicate the Redwynes were passionate Green loyalists. I mean, the smart people during that stupid war would have told those dragonriding pricks what they wanted to hear, lying through their teeth. The fools investing themselves and their own in this war died or severely suffered for their loyalty. Borros Baratheon was one of the smart ones - until he wasn't. Cregan Stark did it right, but Lady Tyrell and the Prince of Dorne clearly were the smartest of them all. If you look what people like the Hightowers, Lannisters, Mootons, Darklyns, Tullys, Freys, Blackwoods, etc. got for their involvement in the Dance it is really obvious.
  10. Heh - an interesting notion, which IIIIIIIIII, do not shaaaaaaaare
  11. I just don't talk to people about tennis. It's kind of easy since a lot of them have lost the will to talk about it anyway and I've lost the will to talk to most of our fellow countrymen about it long before so it's not a problem. Everything's going as was predicted long ago - once Djokovic retires everyone will stop watching tennis. This injury (or injuries) have just given us a taste of what's to come. The worst part will be hearing everyone say "I knew he'll win again" when/if his injuries are taken care of and he gets back to his winning ways.
  12. With one slim little text problem. The hammer is only mentioned 3 times so far. I quoted all 3 mentionings above and they all take place in Moat Cailin, nowhere else. The arm of dorne is never directly used with hammer of water. The connection is "dark magic". Bran VII - aGOT I was talking about the inner Wall in the oldest part of Winterfell. I actually don't know the material used in the rest of Winterfell. And conveniently both castles are over 10000* years old. So they have the same building period and as Cat mentions share the same wall height. *at least that's what the wiki says. Must be world book information.
  13. I saw D&D as Dan & Dave. If you don't mind, may I add the Dungeons and Dragons alignments as well? I have come to see a lot of the characters' differing views as alignment conflicts. Fun topic! Lawful Good Neutral Good Chaotic Good Lawful Neutral True Neutral Chaotic Neutral Lawful Evil Neutral Evil Chaotic Evil
  14. So I started watching this Origins thing. It's really really bad. There's fanmade stuff that looks better than that. You can see that they had a very small budget.
  15. I finished A Fire Upon the Deep. Like others, I preferred A Deepness in the Sky more because it was a little more grounded in reality and had far more compelling antagonists. Both novels felt structurally similar in that there is a long buildup to a relative fast and epic conclusion though I think A Deepness in the Sky pulls it off better. I swear both of these books have increased my vocabulary more than all of the other books I've read over the last 10 or 15 years. Spoilers for both books below:
  16. Arrg, that's what i get typing late, punched in his date of rule on accident. Ill fix that. Does change a little as far as Aegon as that thought came later staring at my stupid mistake, but still worth looking at and posing questions into who hatched him. And yes, i can never keep F*cking track of their dragons lol least wise those two. Too close in name for me. I forget peoples names easily. Though, despite my error, id have to completely go against your suggestion that the dragons just hatch them selves. That's like your not even reading the books. If it were just a matter of the dragons hatching them selves, then there would be nothing about them being stuck into peoples cradles, or people trying to use fire to hatch them. Serious? Aegon V's egg's weren't pertrified either so what's your story there? Not meant to sound sarcastic either haha i know tone doesn't come across well always, Im legit trying to pin down this event and what may or may not be happening.
  17. George himself told people everything is about Jon and Dany. And that is pretty much obvious. Everything else is very advanced, very detailed window-dressing that has spun out of control. And Daenerys and Jon Snow are Targaryens. As to the original question: I hope and expect there to be some more dragon eggs. Both ancient ones (like the ones that Vermax supposedly left at Winterfell) as well as new ones, produced by either Viserion or Rhaegal (or both) in the new future. If we got some new dragon hatchlings things could get more interesting and confusing - they would likely not be worth much as weapons, but they could be used as symbols of powers, as a way to confuse people and lead them astray. Euron, Aegon, Stannis, or all of them ending up with a dragon that wasn't Drogon, Rhaegal, or Viserion wouldn't be uninteresting. I also like the idea that the burning of Winterfell and the spilled blood there caused a dragon egg there to hatch back in ACoK. Such a hatchling could have grown to considerable size in the last months and would make a fine mount for Jon Snow. If he had a dragon before Daenerys even got to Westeros he could indeed become a great power in his own right. And as he himself says - a dragon could come in really handy at the Wall.
  18. So Terry Goodkind decided the cover to his latest book was garbage and set up a competition on Facebook to attack the artwork and the artist. The artist got wind of it and posted a public response. He's also made it clear that he's made a formal complain to Tor. The composition isn't great but the artwork itself is perfectly fine and better than a lot of that on his books. Not sure why Goodkind decided this was the hill to die on, but this is unprofessional and crass behaviour. Goodkind has been on thin ice with Tor for a while (especially now his sales have dropped off so massively). Interesting to see how they handle this.
  19. Isn't his name Jaime? Now, on topic. He would definetely be suspicious. I think that if Aegon threatens Myrcella and Tommen, he would be against him. Now, i don't think he would reveal him truth about his grandfather.
  20. Yeah, if your identity is entirely wrapped up in either the "gamer" or the "Alpha" label, you're quite likely to be depressed. This is just the latest round of neofascists recruiting lonely depressed young men into their ranks.
  21. Heroes gets a few references as well in the movie. I think it's the first time Jones used his father's music directly in a movie.
  22. Context is very important in the books and it determines how things are to be interpreted. We very much disagree then as to how the books are being written if you feel that line can be pulled out the context and given that meaning.
  23. No, i am suggesting that they have wives.
  24. I was tempted to pick up Zero Zero Zero the other day while at the bookstore. I've never read any of his books, so I'll probably start with Gomorrah.
  25. I agree. Where is Tarth mentioned in the text?
  26. Ugh I slept one hour last night before work and the workday hangover was brutal today. Just had a beer when I got home but I'm so dead to the world I can't finish it. Searching the house in optimistic futility for a straw I know doesn't exist.
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