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  2. Huh, isn't not caring and/or acknowledging others emotions the definition of a sociopath?
  3. Yeah from what I've heard they had a decent film then the studio cut it to shreds.
  4. Mind you, the Dark Tower business confuses the hell out of me. They had an entire series of book to adapt that were a license to print money and chose to utterly butcher the story, thus making no point to it. My crazy theory is the executives couldn't imagine it succeeding with what Roland does at the end of the first book.
  5. Yeah, I like the cap hit being spread out. Were it not for that, it would be really hard to drop a big contract.
  6. Pretty much what Kal said with the addition that for someone who doesn't care about "teh feels", he's awfully sensitive.
  7. No reason.
  8. I saw mentioned in another thread that there is an idea floating around that the Valyrians didn't build Dragonstone, and that they just found it. Much like the Iron born found the Sea Stone chair. I think this is a very intriguing idea and has merit given Dragonstone is referred to as ancient. Which 600 years isn't ancient. The only castles newer i think mentioned were Harrenhal, The Twins, K.L. and another one. Though if true, brings even more question about the Sept.
  9. So guys, I think it's important to frame this conversation with this statement. MC doesn't care how anyone feels. About anything. The only thing that matters is his viewpoint. Consent is simply a subjective value that he doesn't agree on, and essentially the only universal lack of consent he would recognize is someone actively preventing someone else via force doing things. But grabbing someone's genitals without their permission? That's fine as long as they don't immediately strike back or further prevent you. That's who you're dealing with. The notion of other people's feelings mattering in any way, shape or form are essentially an alien concept. And the notion that other people should not have their body violated is also an alien concept. If you want to spend time attempting to address that with him, go at it - but keep in mind that's where he's going with this - that unless you have the strength to stop him, anything is permissible. Good luck.
  10. The general cleanliness of Sydney in comparison to a comparably sized American city was something that stood out to me when I visited there as well. Also some very kind BwB people and a killer meal of Malaysian food that I still think about sometimes. For another type of cultural exchange, and also in the YouTube vein, last week I stumbled upon a channel where these two black dudes do a listen and react/review to all kinds of different music that is outside of thier hip hop comfort zone. Most of the videos that they’ve done as far as I can tell were older metal. The War Pigs one had me giggling and they both loved it, though Slayer’s Raining Blood was a bit much for them (which I can understand).
  11. a·poth·e·o·sis əˌpäTHēˈōsəs/ noun the highest point in the development of something; culmination or climax. "his appearance as Hamlet was the apotheosis of his career" the elevation of someone to divine status; deification.
  12. The scenes with the guy investigating Larry were hilarious.
  13. The only tangible thing I see in in recent posts is the notion that NW might not be able to repay their loan... And with prior posts that the IB, never, ever, loses money. Rephrasing myself from up-thread... Yet IB was very willing to offer terms to the NW... Why does IB extend a loan that, on its face, will never be repayed? Because they are faced with the Lannisters defaulting, and the lose of $$$$, but separate investments in NW and Stannis might reduce their loses to $$ - this is how the Medici operated 600 years ago and how modern financiers operate now. Things are bad - cut your loses. Hells, bells, if you're lucky you might actually profit after all. but otherwise you cut your loses and move on... Cheers,
  14. Anyone else find it funny that the troll who argues semantics constantly doesn't seem to actually know what a troll is?
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  16. Any advice on terrible urban fantasy/paranormal romance I should avoid. I mostly read ebooks available from my library and the selection is ok but not great. I recently borrowed a book that was terrible, I couldn’t finish it, it was misogynist, had terrible dialog (bad slang from the 90s maybe), terrible names and was generally not good. It was a black dagger brotherhood book and I’m very happy I didn’t spend money on it, but kind of disappointed in my library for spending money on it. So now I’m hoping to know any other terrible series I should avoid (I know tastes vary).
  17. 51 harder. I say he makes it.. Weird there to risk a play...ATL timeout.
  18. Seattle saved by an injury to Poole there. FG range ... with Blair Walsh. Whew
  19. The Targaryens weren’t exiled - they left prior to the Doom because of Daenys the Dreamer’s visions, and took up residence on the Valyrian outpost of Dragonstone. “Exile” implies they were banished or had to flee to escape justice/persecution. I don’t recall reading anything about the Targs not being in good standing with the Freehold.
  20. What's the point of sexual attraction without implicit sexual prospects? It's not hard to understand; you just haven't done a good job convincing me. Why? Okay, I'll indulge this: why? Why? When? We became more sensitive with the passage of time, too. No. "We" don't understand what's really required to consent. When it all boils down, establishing consent is often subjective. To remove these subjective constraints, feminists have attempted and currently succeeded in legally objectivizing the establishment of consent by demanding arbitrary rules like explicit verbal consent. Yes Means Yes Law.
  21. I'm so embarassed I didn't see that you are the OP of both topics! I usually look at avatars to remember forum members, tbh. There are a lot of people with very similar names and whatnot. If you ever feel like getting you should find your favorite picture of a "Planetos" gargoyle from artwork! Or some other element from your Purple Eyed Liar post! And I wouldn't call everything tinfoily in your Purple Eyed Liars topic. You provided ample evidence that established something is at least wrong about what we believe to be true and then provided your own thoughts and theories about it. It's a topic I like to look back at every now and then. My views on the gargoyles are in tune with yours, I believe. While I don't know what to say about the Inn, I think the odd and inconsistent details about both the First Keep and Dragonstone connects them in a mysterious way that can't be coincidence.
  22. Falcons gonna Falcon. Punt to the Hawks with 1:55 left
  23. Right, that why I said "allegedly" in the original post. I believe it was LF who informed him. Not only is LF's word, at minimum, questionable, in the end it is just heresay. He could have embellished. But we can reasonably suspect that she gave the order to kill Robert's bastards because she was regent and it was gold cloaks looking for them. I'm not saying Cersei isn't capable, I'm just saying the fact it's a story from LF makes its credibility limited.
  24. I've always been free to put you on ignore. And if I wanted to, I could have. But despite "popular belief," I don't put everyone on my ignore list. Only the demons who attempt to have me waiver and stray from the righteous path that GAWD has set for me, his lamb, are deserving of the SMITING HAND of the ignore list... You're fine.
  25. “Adaptability” is probably low on the priority list of studio executives who decide what shows/movies get made. ”Profitability” tops the list. Managing the marketing expense is one of the keys to profitability. How to market cost effectively? Adapt the books with the largest readership. Harry Potter, 50 Shades of Grey, Lord of the Rings, Stephen King novels... So which fantasy novels will be headed to the screen next? Probably something from Brandon Sanderson... not because it is “adaptable” but because some studio executive believes it might be profitable.
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