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  2. Pick Toy Story 3 Flick Ratatouille Toy Story - 8 Toy Story 2 - 11 Monsters, Inc - 9 Finding Nemo - 9 The Incredibles - 14 Ratatouille - 11 - WALL*E - 3 - Up - 11 Toy Story 3 - 9 + + Inside Out - 9
  3. Toy Story - 8 Toy Story 2 - 12 + Monsters, Inc - 8 - Finding Nemo - 9 The Incredibles - 14 Ratatouille - 12 WALL*E - 3 - Up - 11 Toy Story 3 - 8 + Inside Out - 9 Pick Toy Story 2 Flick Monsters Inc
  4. Jon Snow - Mya Stone. The Stark/Baratheon families united through their bastards. Robb Stark - Myrcella Baratheon. May help heal some Stark/Lannister tensions while uniting the Stark/Baratheon houses. Edmure Tully - don't care; didn't read TWOIAF so don't have many ideas, but one of the daughters or a Riverlands lord would be nice. Arianne Martell - Willas Tyrell. If the Martells could accept a marriage with Myrcella then surely they could make good with the Tyrells (who also supported the Targaryens) and shore up the deep south.
  5. As a thought experiment: if Trump decided to ban bump stocks and the NRA changed its mind and said it actually doesn't want them banned, who'd win the political game?
  6. I am completely certain this would boost his standing. The narrative would change from denying that he cheated on his wife to saying that she clearly deserved it because she was unfaithful, too. I do agree that releasing the pee tape will be unremarkable, other than Trump would feel embarrassed. The fallout might be funny but his supporters will simply turn on Putin for a while then not care. The only sex scandal that could have Trump unstuck is if it was homosexual, paedophilic or incestuous. Those would see him burn, and the latter two quite rightly. The former because his base are bigots.
  7. Oh, well, isn't Foxnews explicitly not part of the Disney deal?
  8. Forum readers are bored with R+L=J being solved.
  9. There are dozens of us! I mean it deserves to be toward the bottom of any ranking but it's not the dour mess people often make it out to be. Main problem was the villain got like no screen-time or development at all. I liked the ending of Dr. Strange a lot. Not really MCU, but this website with all(?) the old Marvel cards from the 90's brought back a lot of memories. I had forgotten about so many of these characters.
  10. Lord Arryn should have matched Baratheon swords equal to the Lannisters and made sure the city guard captain was a Valemen he could trust, also speaking of Valeman he can trust he should have brought another Vale Lord he can trust to KL and inform him of his twinces suspicions after all Jon Arryn is old and his death can look natural. If Jon Arryn is poisened his loyal bannerman returns to the Vale and raises the bannerman in Jons name, this isn't a game you need to take precautions before you look into something that could have Cersie and her children all murdered and thus Tywin going to war. If Jons bannerman is killed or imprisoned then the Valemen back home will know something fishy is going on and when Robb asks for help I think not even Lysa keeps the lords of the Vale from joining.
  11. Would have been better than slowly dying from poison OR watching your daughter be held by the Lannisters and then executed after watching Robert die in front of you.
  12. Dems flip Kentucky HD-49 by a 86-point swing (not a typo).
  13. What do you think a culture like the one of the iron islands demands of its warriors? You think anyone would count it not as a cowardly act to not seek to punish this woman who dared allowed Victorian's own kin to lay with her? You don't think they'd brand her a whore and that they don't put a wife would do that not a whore?
  14. Good question @Alex Gu. I don't think Cersei could have been as easily set aside as others here seem to think - it would cause a bit of a scandal (assuming the twincest was not revealed) and Tywin would not take the slight lightly at all. To reduce Lannister influence, the following steps ought to have been taken... - Thank Pycelle for his duty then send him back to the Citadel and kill or imprison Varys. They are part of the old guard and know too much - neither could have been expected to be loyal to Robert first. - Joffrey should have been sent to Storm's End or Winterfell long before Jon Arryn died - Robert wasn't actively doing much kingin' and Joff could have had a better example of how to be a man and a ruler by being outside of court for a time before returning in his mid-to-late teens to learn at court. - Diversify the sources of debt such that the crown is not so dependent on the Lannisters. - Robert has, what, 7 kingsguard compared to a few dozen Lannister house guards Cersei has and the 100 men Ned brought with him? The gold cloaks are meant to be a police force, so there should be some other sort of royal guard a tier below the Kingsguard comprised of men equally representing the 7 (9) kingdoms. - If it cannot be Robert Arryn then name Stannis Warden of the East - NOT Jaime Lannister. - Get Robert to quit provoking Jaime by having him be on guard during his wenching. - Given the circumstances with Jon Arryn's death, it was imperative that Ned speak to Stannis directly. Ned knew what Pycelle, Varys, and Littlefinger were - selfish men with their own motives and ambitions beyond protecting Robert. Ned sort or half assed his attempt to bring Stannis to court and needed to go full ass, getting Robert involved if necessary.
  15. It's why your points against the guy being dishonorable are absurd: "he mocked a guy who was raped by his crew" "He made some human sacrifices out of innocent people" This in no ways shows him as honorble given what he is from(the Ironborn). In terms of what his culture is, his society, this is commendable behavior.
  16. Massive cheating on his wife, grandiose plans never followed through on, delegated governance to his Hand, trying to cheat the iron bank and then fight it It's not bad and ignoble but in no way shape or form is it good and noble. I mean there's a reason you left out the rest of that sentence and the succeeding one.
  17. Let me repeat once more honor=/moral or good by necessarily any of ourmodern standards.
  18. Again Euron, the sparrow, Oberyn I don't find them particularly good people-I'm talking in regards to their honor.
  19. Because Fox News is the worst, and at least partially responsible for Trump. I'm just not willing to give up the Marvel movies and to a lesser extent Star Wars to put a tiny dent in Disney's (not Fox's, mind you) profits. I'm not saying he has to be quiet, I just found it odd and wanted to make sure I was thinking of the right person. If I was quitting Star Wars for political reasons I'd probably have to go cold turkey and stop being invested in the franchise. But then I know I'd also crack once a good one came out.
  20. So I finally watched the movie yesterday and I actually liked most of what they did differently from the book. The Ritual movie and book spoilers:
  21. I can't remember the exact story that is given about his brand in Avengers 2, but could be that he spent time in Wakanda prior to his big score with the vibranium and was branded for an earlier crime.
  22. We know he learned how to actually use poison at the citadel-way after his duel with lord Yronwood. There are a ton of rumours surrounding Oberyn-a lot them have clearly embellished the truth to make it more entertaining to listen to-if Oberyn did poison Lord Yronwood, it's doubtful a 16 year old boy who'd have no hands on teaching on how to this-would be able to craft a poison that would perfectly mimic the symptoms of a superficial cut that had been treated badly or not at all. Simply put we don't know if he did poison Lord Yrwood or not (given Yrnwoods never called for his life likely even they truly doubted Oberyn had poisoned the blades that killed their patriarch-come the Dornish forgive a slimeball thing like this? The blood feud would likelylast for generations), or if did and is simply taking inspiration from this tale about him to come up with a way that insures Justice upon the man who'd brutally murdered members of his family. The people of Dorne will believe what Oberyn did justice-he was a proud son of Dorn who'd lost his life trying to avenge the slights that had been wrought on it-they will see it as honorble. A person' actions speak for his or herself. What we know a person did matters more than what is said of them-Ned was honorble-he was a perfectly competent at his job as lord paramount and overall a really nice guy. He was just not extremely so in my mind given his actions his actions in AGOT.
  23. ....
  24. You make some very good points here, I can see how it could go that way. That said, I don't think Jon will be the king of the 7K (could be wishful thinking, b/c I really don't want to see him as such!) and if he does it won't be for long. I think Jon's role is in the North as the King of Winter.
  25. "What the rest of the world thinks" I'm sorry what? You think the rest of the world has this one culture and share the same exact views for what is and isn't honorble? Seriously? The cities of slavers bay have the same exact views of what is honorble to that of the northern province of the 7 kingdoms? How about the Dothraki? You honestly think Victorien being the big angry brute he is wouldn't fit right in? You think what he's done would cause the masters of slavers bay to react with horror? You think a lot of the wildling tribes and hill men wouldn't say the Ironborn's ways are honorble? He left a highborn lady in the hands of a merchenary company to raped and by them -due to Briene's rank she'd be entitled to the same protections guaranteed to any highborn POW. Quite simply put Roose for all intents and purposes Roose should have confined her to quarters befitting her station and to where her safety is secured. That is the honorble course of action. Roose aided a rebellion against the crown, betrayed the man he'd allighned with and was complicit in the worst violation of guest rights in the recorded history of Westeroes.
  26. This might be where Varys' dependence on the commoners might come in. He seems to have some sort of understanding with the KL commoners at least. Maybe Varys' say-so is sufficient in some cases? ACOK Tyrion I "Do be careful, child," Varys urged. "King's Landing is not wholly safe these days. I know these streets well, and yet I almost feared to come today, alone and unarmed as I was. Lawless men are everywhere in this dark time, oh, yes. Men with cold steel and colder hearts." Where I can come alone and unarmed, others can come with swords in their fists, he was saying. As for the rest of the kingdom and maybe the role in the story, rightly or wrongly, I’ve had the idea in my head all along that RLJ will be more about giving people who might otherwise not support him as King, LC, otherwise undefined leader in the North which he seems to be now, the excuse to do so. As we’ve seen with TWOTFK, the Dance with Dragons story, etc, people support who they think will benefit them if the eldest trueborn non-crazy son is off the table and will make up whatever reasons to justify that if possible. If Southerners want to support never-been-south-of-Winterfell-Jon for whatever reason (he’s local as opposed to foreign, seemingly sane, fighting the Others is in the Starks’ wheelhouse, the North is the first line of defense for the rest of the kingdom, etc), then proclaiming that they believe RLJ will allow them to rationalize that choice. This seems more in line with Jon's wildling arc.
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