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  2. I am baffled. Why did Mike play his idol if him and Joe were both voting Cole? Might be the dumbest thing I've seen on Survivor in a long, long time.
  3. What? How in the world IS Robocop cyberpunk? What's cyberpunk about it? Dystopian future != cyberpunk.
  4. But that’s not the point - Ned was only checking the Baratheon/Lannister unions, not every Baratheon ever born. We don’t know about the other couplings (eg Targaryen/Baratheon) because that’s not what Ned was researching:
  5. Oh, By the way, after re-reading, I am also totally in the theory that Nettles is a children of forest. She might be Leaf, or simply a COTF like Leaf. And she is very likely the ancestor of GOHH.
  6. I need to share this with someone. I just finished watching a movie where a time traveler goes back in time and fucks himself and then she gives birth to herself and then he takes her to an orphanage so that one day she can meet up with him and fuck himself and give birth to herself. In the background there was a song playing that said "I'm my own grandpa". I can't stop laughing, but it wasn't a comedy.
  7. I think of it as the work which popularized the genre, though.
  8. Oh goodness I finally picked up this this paperweight doorstop today... been rereading the last dozen chapters or so of WoR over the past week, so I think I'm ready and caught up. Here we go ETA: Love the interior cover art. Not sure who is who yet, but it's a very nice touch, along with the rest of the artwork.
  9. the world is Robocop not cyberpunk? That's kind of what the folk at reddit asked when this was brought up. Ditto Akira.
  10. I know the city was evacuated during the Doomsday fight, but there had to be some civilians buried in the rubble. In the comics when Superman died, when he came back, Clark was fished out of the rubble at the same time. The comics played it as though survivors were still being found in pockets of the wreckage, and Clark was one of them. It kind of worked there. I suppose it could work with any bit of storytelling here too. They even covered Clark's long hair (because Superman came back with a mulltet) with a one liner. Jimmy was like, "Hey Clark, love the hair." Clark says, "No barbers in the rubble." And then Jimmy thinks to himself, "Well, I guess everyone's wearing the 'Superman haircut' nowadays, Clark might as well too." I really feel like it's not hard to cover this stuff.
  11. This is why you should get your appendix removed now before the apocalypse happens.
  12. Melisandre is a good example of a girl who has read a nerdy book (we only have proof of one, but perhaps there were more), yet isn't nerdy. She quotes from a text that Maester Aemon, and Rhaegar, and even Jon (at Maester Aemon's especial behest), and maybe Sam has read, one that is not much read - a book that in Westeros is a nerdy book. But Melisandre quotes it as part of the catechism of her faith, and insists the words in it are true because they are written, that it is proof of divine revelation - that Stannis is the Word Made Flesh and Dwelt Among Us. Septon Celador can recite parts of the seven pointed star from memory, and when Jon puts the corpses in the ice cells, he can remember reading disturbing prohibitions in it about speaking to the dead, but he is not a nerd just because he has read the tenants of the faith he has trained to practice, the books that everyone in his business must learn somehow, no more nerd than Thoros, or Aeron (although the Drowned God might have an oral tradition). Sallador Saan is no nerd, and no great believer either, but he knows that story of Azor Ahai that the worshippers of the Red God tell. Melisandre is portrayed as particularly missing the intellectual activity that reading has created and nurtured in Maester Aemon. She quotes from the Jade Compendium about Lightbringer, claims that Stannis is Azor Ahai reborn...and he notices that the sword is a glamour, most likely of her own creation, that her fiery sword has none of the warmth of fire. Even Jon, on having the 'born in salt and smoke' quote foisted on him by Melisandre after he has read the book once, can point out that Stannis is only Lord of Dragonstone, not born there, can point out Melisandre is blind to things that don't fit her pre-conceived ideas. She insists that there is only good and bad, light and dark, that a half-rotten onion is a rotten onion. Like Aeron, her zeal becomes more zelot-like as her doubts grow - there is a desperation in her belief, that it must be right because if it was not, what was happening, what she was doing about it, what she had already done, would be too horrible to contemplate. Maester Aemon and Rhaegar read the prophecies in a way that allowed them to doubt, and to toss around alternatives: (AFfC, Ch.35 Samwell IV) Marwyn, whose extensive reading includes this one book Melisandre quotes from, understands the value of doubt: (AFfC, Ch.45 Samwell V) But Melisandre clings to her faith and pushes her doubts away. Fwiw, I also think AA reborn is likely to be female - to be Arya, reborn as No-one, at the Saltpans, when she paid her passage in the Titan's Daughter. But even if there is no AA, Melisandre is more likely to be Nissa-Nissa for Needle, than a nerd.
  13. Also as wert said, Cyberpunk is older than Neuromancer
  14. I live downtown in a huge city. My best survival option is to stay put and rely on the city center receiving assistance sooner than the sprawling suburbs. Density has its benefits. It's not like I can have a rainwater trap or a vegetable garden or even a power generator. Zombie movies suggest I shouldn't even attempt to drive out of the city at the same time as millions of others. I have thought about keeping a month supply of rations in our storage unit but the real problem is water. If Chicago municipal water supply stops, no purification tablet in the world will make the Chicago River or Lake Michigan potable. And if there is a long lasting break down in civilization as imagined in so many movies, all these people with bug-out bags are kidding themselves. I hope they enjoy the self-reliant pioneer fantasy while they're all safe and cozy. If any civilization-ending disasters actually happens, none of them will be able to sustain themselves and their families much beyond the end of their prepackaged rations. Subsistence farming is much tougher than most realize, especially as stored gasoline degrades within a year. It's one thing to grow some crops to supplement food supplies, it's another to maintain crops for a sustained period as your sole source of food.
  15. Yes because a ruptured Appendix results in massive infection and when that happens , Its game over.
  16. Robocop is not even remotely cyberpunk. Neither is Akira.
  17. Youre fucked pal
  18. Anton Khudobin absolute beast mode for the Bruins in an 11 round SO win against the Devils. He gave up 1 to Hall, but after that he was unbeatable. Poke checking, flashing the glove, etc. Gotta tip my hat to that performance.
  19. Which film in this category are your favorite and why?
  20. Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale is back so it's a great night to be me: you'd be drinking it and making merry and basking in the joys of this wonder brew.
  21. Just occurred to me that assuming Bran can't/won't have children, this is the end of the Stark line.
  22. What if you can't find a Doctor? Its not like you remove the infected Appendix on your own.
  23. Glad to see my instructions helped.
  24. Find a doctor and hope she saves your life
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