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  2. Interesting points here, I've always wondered what Valarr and Matarys were like especially growing up in the shadow of their father, as well as Aelor and Aelora with their father being mad. Must've been a fascinating period. I hope we get more info on them soon
  3. First the Devils trade with the Rangers, now the Habs and Leafs...crazy times.
  4. It's pretty clear that California is moving about as far left as possible, so Feinstein has too much of an "establishment" vibe for a lot of California leftists plus being 84. She is about the least senile 84 I've ever seen, so I'm tempted to say that age ain't nothing but a number, but I think it lends to others thinking she's not helping the cause when someone like DeLeon is waiting in the wings. It just feels to a lot of people like now is the perfect time to step aside, so why not do it. I won't be surprised if she loses to DeLeon.
  5. Brienne on Oathkeeper: Even the sound of it is sharper than an ordinary sword. (AFfC, Brienne IV) This idea of a musical weapon may come together with several patterns that our host, @Curled Finger helped me to find through the "Brienne's Honor" discussion as well as @Faera's identification of the "Bran Hodor Conundrum": a single knight made out of the broken parts of people who would not be able to become knights on their own. (I began to explore some ideas about this chimera or patchwork knight but those are very preliminary ideas.) Here are the elements that I think are especially relevant: The Fool - Knight combination - Florian, of Florian and Jonquil fame, and Ser Dontos are fool/knight combinations. Penny and Groat (later Tyrion) may also fall within this category. Patchface wears a bucket helmet with antlers like the helmets worn by Robert and Renly. I want to say that singers and fools and mummers - maybe even storytellers - are all one category of people with wise but metaphorical insights about society, but that may be too broad a generalization. (I hope you can tell me the finer distinctions you see, if any.) It seems to be important that the knight is not really a knight - Dontos is stripped of his livery; Penny is female, short and she rides a dog; Patchface is a fool first and never engages in real combat. Nimble Dick, who sings snatches of songs on the journey to the Whispers, had a sigil patch on his filthy tunic but it has been ripped off of the garment - Brienne thinks he is a deserter. The singer / warrior combinations that have been presented to the reader are Rhaegar and Mance Rayder. Rhaegar is a singer first and takes training as a knight only because he thinks he needs to be one to fulfill a prophecy. Mance renounces his Night's Watch position to join the free folk. (I suspect a knight and a guard are different things - probably also sellswords and hedge knights - but maybe the differences will become clearer if we can sort out the fool / singer / mummer distinctions.) Feminine and Masculine qualities combined - (See the "patchwork knight" link, above.) In GRRM's recipe, I don't think Aegon could have succeeded with brothers instead of sisters. There is something important about the combination of the genders. And this may partly explain the links I'm seeing between Brienne and The Stranger of the seven gods. The Stranger is neither male nor female. Three heads - Aegon the Conqueror could not have consolidated the kingdom and ruled without the help of his sister wives. I think that their weapons (and dragons?) also had to work as a combination. Or - if you are right about the harp - the weapons are metaphors for the three parts that have to come together to create a successful trio: ice, fire and song. A Song of Ice and Fire. (Here's the post from a couple of weeks ago where I theorized that Longclaw might "complete" Dany's nine-lashed Harpy's Fingers.) If the idea of three heads and three rulers is correct, it might mean that our best clues about which Valyrian steel swords and other weapons will reappear will be to look for logical combinations - Truth, Just Maid and Ice would yield Truth and Justice, for instance. (I think that particular combination might be a little too trite for GRRM, but it's an example of what to look for.) Music and words combined with weapons - Some battles are won with swords and spears, others with quills and ravens. (ASoS, Tyrion I) The Hound snatched the end of the rope from the man holding it. "Let's see if she can dance," . . . She screamed a word. (AFfC, Brienne VIII) We know that oaths and vows and spells are important. What if songs and lyrics are a kind of spell necessary to making weapons effective? I'm thinking that some weapons could be activated by music or lyrics. The attack at the Red Wedding was signaled by the song The Rains of Castamere. There were unique songs composed for Joffrey's wedding feast. If music is a weapon (or it activates weapons), that could also explain this line from Littlefinger: You see, if the pie is opened, the birds begin to sing, and Varys would not like that. (AGoT, Eddard IV) A music / weapons combination could also explain why Jon Snow found the obsidian cache and the "broken" horn in the same bundle. If music and lyrics are essential to complete certain weapons, this could also explain why GRRM specifically describes ear injuries for certain characters - for some reason, those characters are supposed to have impaired hearing abilities. Other characters have lost their tongues or were silent from birth. Or, like Brienne, do not sing. I think her unwillingness to sing is linked to that moment when she finds her voice and screams a word, however. I really like the idea that Mormont gave Jon a sword from Jon's own ancestry, not the sword of House Mormont. When Jeor dies, his last words are about forgiving Jorah. It always struck me as odd that the Lord Commander would give the family heirloom to Jon while still having it in mind for Jorah to return to Westeros. Instead of Dark Sister, though, I am thinking that the Mormonts might have been charged with keeping the original sword Ice for safekeeping, for some reason, until the right Stark descendant emerged to take it in hand. The VS sword that was melted down for Oathkeeper and Widow's Wail is important, and I think the "waves of night and blood" in the blade fit with the idea of combining pieces to make one super-knight or chimera. But that Ice was a replica of the original Ice, a sword that Catelyn told us was lost generations earlier. Jon only ever wanted the sword Ice. He may have the original already and he just doesn't realize it.
  6. Toy Story - 0- Toy Story 2 - 15 The Incredibles - 18 Ratatouille - 21+ Up - 12 Toy Story 3 - 10 Inside Out - 18
  7. I think that the Ghost of Highheart is Rohanne Webber. So could be that Jenny was fifth child, and only daughter of Gerold Lannister.
  8. It seems to me you are struggling w/ the concept of someone ducking under something.
  9. It's my guess as to where the storyteller is headed based on what he's already said. I might be right, or I might be wrong. My wife tells me I am wrong all the time, so I probably am.
  10. I'm always reminded of good ol' John Chaney when I hear goon lol. The time he publicly admitted that he sent out his goon post-game against the St. Joe's was classic.
  11. Any decent and honorable man would have had second thoughts when considering whether to support a turncloak and traitor. Bittersteel had accepted King Aerys I's pardon. If he had not, he would have been executed. This is an important thing for most Westerosi noblemen. It is one thing to have a difference of opinion about who should be king, and quite another to take the black and then run away. But I certainly agree that Bittersteel being an bitter old man in 236 AC, carrying ragged banners and propping up a pretender who had not even been born in Westeros would have had a great impact on the popularity of the Blackfyre cause, too. That is pretty much obvious.
  12. lol wow.
  13. I don't think this is possible. Unless the Wall is held by some slave army, every soldier in Westeros has a family. And most have sisters or brothers, the rich houses have tombs and history books. They keep track of the appearance of their members and their features. They have extended family trees and all the shield hanging in the great hall of the Nightfort. Yes, there is Bloodraven and Aemon, both should have watched the decline of the Watch and should be able to tell us more about it.
  14. Aspirin is absorbed into the stomach, passed to the bloodstream and builds up in the affected area. This is a completely different process than putting poison directly onto the affected tissue. Same with anesthesia: absorbed into the lungs and passed into the bloodstream. You don't apply anesthetics directly to the brain. See my ammonia analogy above. You can swap out any other contact poison: bleach, acid, poison ivy...
  15. Nonsense. If the information was provided by Lyanna herself, Ashara, Ethan Glover, Benjen or whoever else has been theorized to, they have no connection to KL that should trigger a reaction from Ned. Whereas, if Ned received the note in KL, from Varys or anonymously, there is no way he wouldn't be reminded of it and he should be wondering what else Varys or that anonymous person might know. Well... I'd think that if they weren't here or there, the conclusion that they could be with Lyanna is pretty obvious - last time she was seen, she was with Rhaegar, and Dayne and Whent were Rhaegar's personal bodyguards. Either way, Rhaegar wouldn't have left Lyanna unprotected, so even if Ned didn't expect the KG there, he should have expected some guards. Besides, the dream is not to be taken literally and the real dialogue may have been completely different. That's rather exaggerated. Being BFFs no more doesn't equal to hating each other. Yeah? And where are we presented with such information? Robert has won, even has some Targ blood, and Tywin is looking to ingratiate himself with him. That is nonsense. At this point, with Lyanna still missing, the marriage with Cersei is NOT on the table yet. Besides, if Lyanna reappears and the individual is found knowing all along, they are in a great deal of trouble. Again, putting the cart before the horses. At this point, Robert is betrothed to Lyanna and wouldn't want Cersei, and Tywin cannot use her as his trading card. You mean personally, I suppose. He should have those reactions either way, but when dealing in person, you can try to get some satisfactory answers. With an anonymous note, all you have is the paranoia. Oh? Do you really think that Ned could reasonably be expected not to act on the information where his sister is? You mean, Ned is going to renege on the word given by his father and say no to his new king? Seriously? Right after he had found out how ruthless this new king can be? Sorry, I don't see that. Only, the marriage is not on the table yet, remember? Exactly - Ned didn't react at all, even though just a moment ago, he had a jaw-dropping moment how Varys could have learned what he had discussed with LF. Seeing Varys know about a very private conversation should trigger an alarm when Varys mentions Jon, yet this never happens.
  16. ZaZa should be done for the season. It's absolutely inexcusable, and it's a huge threat to the business of the league. That goon taking people out costs the league millions of dollars. It's just a terrible look. You would think a team full of stars wouldnt' be okay with a guy intentionally trying to injure fellow stars. That's a precedent you don't want to set.
  17. In a way, yes. Her bad parenting did it.
  18. When I do see errors in arguments and ideas, either textually or logically, I point them out. I don't just fall back on "stop ignoring what's written in the books and making things up." Many secrets have yet to be revealed, as Martin himself has said, very clearly and very plainly. Many things that have been written in the books have turned out to be false, and many truths are unwritten until, suddenly, they become written and we all say "ah, so that's how it all makes sense." So, yeah, I see problems with Cersei being the poisoner, either accidentally or intentionally, and Illyrio hiring the catspaw (although Illyrio supporting Littlefinger and the Littlefinger putting the idea in Joffrey's head to kill a Stark? Both of those are possibilities). But heck, to believe the wine you have to ignore the book and make things up over and over again, so try practicing what you preach friend.
  19. Subtle. Okay. Choosing her three bloodriders. She chose three good boys.
  20. I don't think Bittersteel being with Daemon III after escaping from joining the NW had anything to do with the lack of support the Blackfyres got once they landed in the 7K. The houses that had been supporting them were probably too weak to fight another war or figured it wasn't worth it.
  21. I grew up in a gun owning culture. And as such, I had always been a rather moderate on gun control. But, what I grew up around was very different than some of today's fuckin' gun nuts. Some of these gun nuts are borderline mentally deranged, to put it bluntly. I mean they are just fuckin' obsessed by guns and block every attempt to get reasonable gun control done. And frankly, it's hard not to get extremely pissed off with them. I mean some of these goddamned gun nuts just seem to me something very different what I grew up around. Guys I grew up around owned rifles and shotguns and used them to go hunting or maybe do some occasional target shooting. And when the guns weren't in use, they were locked and stored away securely. And certainly the gun owners I grew up around certainly didn't feel the need to own semi automatic weapons. Nor were they the types to carry around handguns when they when they went about their business in public. And it seems to me or at least I've read, that most Americans are rather moderate on guns. But, a few mentally deranged and obsessive gun nuts seem to dominate the debate as far as gun control laws are concerned. And these don't seem to be the sorts of people that keep some shotguns and rifles around for hunting or maybe some occasional target shooting, but rather a few flamin' nuts that think they need to have easy access to high powered semi automatic rifles and easy access to handguns whenever they please. I've said this before and I think this bears repeating again: The thing about firearms is that they are a big responsibility. If you carry one, you always have to be thinking about the safety of others. And that is the reason I do not wish to have to carry a fire arm in public, just to feel safe. I mean it's pretty ridiculous for people to feel like they have to pack heat just to go to the grocery store. The gun crazies always talk about their rights to carry guns. But they seem not to have any respect other people's rights not to carry firearms. Every time we have one of these shootings, the gun crazies say, "well everyone should just get a gun, no problem". Except it is a problem. I don't want to carry a gun in public. And I'm sure many others feel the same as well. It just seems to me that handful of crazies have been able to dominate the debate about gun control in the US.
  22. Uh-huh, yeah. You're trying to sell a used Yugo diesel for the price of a new BMW 750 with your argument. Someone's hair burned down to the scalp and she didn't have severe burns on the scalp. That's a miracle or it's fire resistance.
  23. We do have some evidence of the Northwest being important - Mance looking in the Frostfangs for the horn, and the ruins at Sea Dragon point. But nothing within the last 300 years, and as I said this is at odds with what we know about the Wildlings. But a threat in the North explains the rise and fall of Night's Watch, and as I said, those writing history could have reason to deliberately change it. Pax Targanyan being the reason the watch weakened is a reason, not one I agree with, but it is something. On the other hand, we have no other explanation for the garrisoning of the Wall thousands of years after whatever it was originally used for.
  24. It wasn’t the Drowned God he made sacrifices to. He made blood sacrifice to the Storm God. The Ironborn recognize two gods. The Drowned God is the holy god, and the Storm God is their devil.
  25. Timewise, yes. If you drank a straight shot of ammonia, would it burn you instantly? If you poured it into a large glass of water and drank that, would it still burn you instantly but not as badly, or would it take a few minutes to reconcentrate in your throat and then burn you? If you placed a tiny drop of ammonia into a large glass of water, would that burn you instantly, if at all, or would it also take a few minutes and then come back and burn you. Simple, basic scientific principle: dilution does not delay the attack of a contact poison like the strangler, it merely weakens it. Apparently they don't, considering neither Lady O nor Margaery know a thing about what Joffrey has said or done until Sansa explains it all to them. And no, Littlefinger did not say anything to the Tyrells about the king's proclivities; he was the one singing his praises while his men were telling the truth. So apparently it was on his word and his word alone that they agreed to the match. So now we have a situation in which Lady O, despite all the available sources of information, including her own grandsons, for everything that Joffrey has done to his formerly betrothed, finally learns from Sansa that Joffrey is a monster. And what does she do? She puts her full faith and trust in the very liar and backstabber who got her into this mess, who hasn't even admitted his lies until confronted, and she continues to trust him right up to the point where he has her dropping poison into the very gift that the Tyrells gave to the couple, which can only serve to delay the poison long enough so that Margaery will likely drink from it as well, all in front of 1000 onlookers and at a time when the entire Tyrell family is surrounded by Lannister guards. And where is the known liar and backstabber in all of this? He's safe and sound on his boat out in the bay, ready to split for Essos at the first sign of trouble. If nothing else bothers you about the wine, this ought to at least give you pause. Where do you get the idea that Lady Olenna Tyrell is this utterly naïve? So you don't think part of the Tyrell plan was to wait until Tyrion became cupbearer first? The idea was to poison him at any old time using the very chalice that the Tyrells gave as a gift with no one there to take the fall? And this plan makes perfect sense to Lady Olenna, who has no idea who among a thousand people might spot someone reaching to the top of a three-foot chalice just before the king drops dead? Honestly, to paraphrase Tyrion, what kind of imbecile would intentionally create such a difficult obstacle for themselves when their entire family will likely face the block if they fail? Come on, I can tell you are a smart guy. Put yourself in Lady Olenna's head. Why would she intentionally make things more difficult for herself, and choose this particular time to do it? Does she think Margaery is not going to survive the night with Joffrey? If not, then why would it not make more sense to wait until she has born the next heir to the Iron Throne (or two), and then remove Joffrey so that she can rule as regent? Wouldn't ruling in their own right within a year or two be a far better outcome for the Tyrells than trying to influence Tommen when he ascends the throne five years from now?
  26. Sure, miracles do happen all the time. Not. Regardless, just read the scene: Drogon spits fire at Dany, and she ducks under the flames. And again, she burned her hands. That's not fire resistance. Like, not at all.
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