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  2. Personally I have a theory about the Starks and the Others and how they relate; and how that in itself leads to Jaime being TPTWP/AA and how this whole conflict will be solved through democracy - but it's also possible that this story will simply end with everyone dying. Not the whole world, but all the great houses and nobility. I'm going to use the show material for a second but when you think about all the great houses are dead or dying. The Baratheons are gone, the Tyrells are gone, the Starks have no male heir that isn't a bastard/Targaryen or a weirdo warg; the Lannisters are on their last legs and almost gone and the kingdoms are barely being held together through monarchy. Westeros ushers in a democracy with the death of the last dragons and the lords and ladies that ruled over them for thousands of years - we effectively lose all the characters we were invested in for so much time but the world is better off for it.
  3. First sorry for my bad english, but I guess google translator would have been even worse. Building 1000 ships in 6 monthes is impossible for Euron. There are major issues in how you demonstrate it is. Total Iron Islands population It's definitively not 1,5M. At least 3 reasons for that : This number is based on a ratio military forces/total population applied for all the kingdoms. But Ironborn have a so specific way of life which means their ratio is also specific. When most kingdoms get their ressources from trading, cultivating, hunting, Ironborn get theirs mostly by reaving. So their permanent military forces are far greater than in any other realm. Geography: Iron Islands aren't very large, nor able to welcome a great population density. One exception is Harlaw, but even there there is no town, just lord 's castles,villages and small harbours. The previous calculation gives for the North a 4M population, even if there are large empty locations there, it's not realistic that there are not even 3 times people in a 100 times largest surface. (and there is at least one great town in the North, White Harbour). History : Ironborn suffered 2 great war defeats in the last decades, which has an impact on demography So, my estimation for the population is about 500 000. 2. Ratio new fleet workers/ total population Of course it is very far from 100%:) children, too old people ------> -40% dedicating the entire active population to one single task is impossible. The people need at least to eat so fishermen can't help, most of reavers neither because who would get all the supplies needed then ? So if 10% of the active population can be assigned to the ships building it is already a huge war effort . Euron took power by killing Balon. Maybe many Ironborn accept that and follow him, but certainly not all of them. In the books Harlaw is ruled by Ashas (Yaras) uncle and he isn't Euron's friend... That's leaves us with a maximum of 20000 workers. 3. Drastic increase of building capacity Let's say there are before Euron dreams of its 1000 ships 10 shipyard in the IR, each buidling 1 ship per month. This seem reasonnable, it allow to maintain a fleet, replacing old or destroyed ships. To proceide the 1000 ships building, they would have to multiply this capacity by nearly 20 . Even if they had enough workers, building those new shipyards would take time, not days but weeks, if not monthes. Shipyards aren't the only issue. Your countless workers could cut countless trees thats true. But you don't build ships with tree trunks (except the masts). So as for the shipyards you have to build sawmills too. Same for smithies (metal parts), weaving workshops, rope factories, …. Being optimistic, I would say you can make your new production capacity operational in a year. But within that year, you would have built no more ships than before. Last point, your comparaison with US Liberty ships in WWII isn't a good one. As your source wrote, the first was built in 230 days. The delay was greatly reduced after by using many prefabricated parts built all over the country, and welding these parts in the main shipyard , instead of riveting them like all other ships were in that time. The result was a great quantity of ships, but very low quality. These can in no case be applied to wooden ships.
  4. I enjoyed it. It didn't feel groundbreaking, but it was fun - I was never bored, except during the extended scenes of klingon speechifying. I don't have a Trek background at all, and don't have a fixed idea of what it should be, which may explain why I liked it. It would have been lovely to have a sci-fi show that's dialogue and idea driven, but there may be room for it to go in that direction later - the first two couple of episodes were always going to be space battle and explosion heavy in order to attract the interest of the widest possible audience. Liked Saru a lot, both in personality and design. And Michelle Yeoh was great - Burnham reminds me strongly of some of my Bioware protagonists. Weird feeling. My mouse finger keeps twitching as I try and select her dialogue options.
  5. KICK or some kind of movement anyway.
  6. No wonder nobody remembers that, considering that they share the screen for a nanosecond and are separated by two guards and she never even looks at his direction. And if that was a problem to film, it explains why Lena used her diva status to put the clause in the contract. Again, that says it all about how serious Game of Thrones truly is. Just imagine how some real-deal showrunner would react to such a request from an actor. I'm constantly surprised that anyone might think that a TV show shaped by actors' personal issues and grudges can be in the same universe with ASOIAF. And of course, thanks for the link.
  7. I was thinking more along the lines of Sansa using the catspaw dagger to slit Littlefinger's throat.
  8. Vargo's ridiculous because of what exactly? Because of lisp? Or because of zorse? And for some reason Locke, whose arc stopped making any sense the moment it departed from Vargo's role in the story, is not ridiculous? His hunt for Bran is... what.. intelligent? He enlists in the Night's Watch and swears an oath which is, you know, for life, and breaking of which is punishable by death - that makes sense to you? That's somehow smarter than Vargo Hoat and his story, which I don't see anything ridiculous about to be honest, unless you mean that his speech problem and/or his mount are ridiculous?
  9. Allow me to take the contrarian stance here - I bloody loved Taboo. Tom Hardy had a BIG part to play in that since he's my favorite actor and his presence can elevate most things he's in IMO - but the it was a good show. Not without it's flaws, mind you - that whole PTSD angle did nothing for me and it's the central ''BUT LOOK HOW SMART WE ARE'' bit of the show. The promise of a despicable protagonist that's hard to root for isn't quite delivered on the way I hoped it would be; but overall it's a pretty great period drama. Sets, atmosphere, cinematography, acting all are ace and it has genuinely great moments.
  10. The CDU have enough MP's that no government can be formed without them. The problem is that no coherent majority government can be formed with them. The most coherent government would be a CDU/FDP minority, on the basis that they still outnumber the parties on the Left, and AFD probably won't vote against them most of the time, but my understanding is that Germany doesn't go in for minority governments.
  11. Haven't watched the latest episode yet but this has been the most consistent season, easily.
  12. Nowhere in the post you quoted is Red Snow using this as an excuse for Pat blowing the deadline for TDoS. What it says is that he should take some time off from work to be with his family. What about this sentiment do yo have a problem with?
  13. Let's see. According to Memory Alpha the Enterprise was launched 2245. It had its first five-year mission under Captain April till about 2250, then under Captain Pike till 2265 when Kirk took over. The Cage takes place in 2254, so yes you are about right, since Discovery is supposed to take place at 2256, then it is just two years after The Cage and Spock should already be on the Enterprise, laughing his ass off at silly flowers. Interestingly enough, Kirk joined Starfleet Acedemy 2252 and remained for five years there, so he could have a cameo as a dashing cadet.
  14. Jon Snow is a terrible character. An Aragorn-like archetype in a world devoid of said archetypes. There are so many interesting characters in the story - flawed, real people like Jaime and Jorah and Tyrion and Sandor and even Ned; but Jon is the one who's essential to the story.
  15. This. There are definitely characters who have special snowflake status (Jon, Dany, Arya), which is annoying. Yes and yes. Personally, the mere idea of tasting your own milk disgusts me, so all those scenes are hard to read (breastmilk fetish might be more common that I realize and that's fine, I just don't want to read about it). And Sansa is a girl who would never be caught with grease running down her chin. I'm sick of reading about Tyrion shaking off the last drops. To be fair about the male/female balance, Cersei did have a memorable pissing scene in Baelor's sept.
  16. I think Jaime was truly loyal to his vows as a Kingsguard and that's what drove him to kill Aerys. It would have been easy to be complacent and take political sides but by forsaking his honor to do the right thing he's the real hero of that day; not Tywin Lannister and his unfettered brutality or Ned Stark and his wielding of honor like a hammer. Arthur Dayne, who's already been mentioned. Aegor Bittsersteel was dedicated to the Blackfyre cause till the very end. I'd love to see/read more about him. Aemon Targaryen, the dragon knight, was another person who truly embodied knightly virtues. To die for a king that despised you for being all that he is not takes true dedication.
  17. wait, so would Transformers buy life insurance or auto insurance?
  18. Feysal - I suspect that "Seven Kingdoms" could be as much a geographic name - e.g. Balkans, as much as a political denominator.
  19. I actually think the broad strokes and us not 100% knowing those details makes both worlds feel more real in their own way
  20. I'd rather be in Merkel's shoes than May's. She's got the Chancellorship as long as she wants it, because of the incredible weakness of the SPD and its refusal to deal with Die Linke. Germany is in this quite awkward situation of being unable to change its government (a la Cold War Italy).
  21. Well, most of their votes are probably their old base, the fans of good ol' neoliberalism, after all, their agenda is basically the same that it used to be. But the additional voters who got them back into parliament (and government) were probably swung by the hipster posters and paroles. Yes, I DID take "Digital" to mean just what you said; I just take the second part to be very revealing (well, and the language/ grammar aspect): Bedenken = anti social warrior code for rules, protection of people or the environment, anything ... like with climate change, you know. Lindner jsut told us that they are all for meeting the goals regarding the prevention of climate change, just without any rules, because The Free Market will take care oft it. Genius! 'Cause anything regulation or state is "shared irresponsibility". GAH. I don't know why these people annoy me even more than the AfD right now... Speaking of which, Frauke Petry is happily continuing her destruction of the party from within, claiming she's more for a moderate party. Yeah, right. Anyway, you go girl!
  22. I definitely agree with this and i'm holding out that there is more to the Others/the apocalypse than what we've been told and shown. ASOIAF is ultimately fantasy and that means it will have fantasy trappings and conventions but if the way the show is going down is how the book is going down i'll be very disappointed in the overall story. I just am not really invested in the overarching danger and only care for some of the character relationships and the more flawed, down to earth people e.g Bronn, Sandor, Jaime. I think something good could come out of it if it's used as a vehicle for a larger subversion, but if by the end it's really just Jon Snow wielding light bringer in a world ending confrontation it'd be more than willing to flip the channel or grab another book from the shelf.
  23. Actually, I was responding to this:
  24. I agree, although I do think GRRM makes some effort in this area. Asha thinks about what she finds attractive in Qarl. There's also Brienne who, whenever she remembers her bath with Jaime, only thinks about how hot his naked body was and never about his Kingslayer origin story. What's more, Dany sometimes randomly sexualises herself (thinks about how her breasts are moving as she walks, and it's unrelated to her comfort), which makes me roll my eyes. And while this is a minor gripe, I find it a little ridiculous that while most male POVs are average-looking guys (like 95% of people in real life), the female POVs are either extremely beautiful or extremely ugly.
  25. I can't see them ending up together no matter how much I dig Sandor - I think they'll meet again though. I'm certainly hoping it happens soon in the show.
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